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    Where are you from? That will decide on what we can recommend as different places in the world have different brands of food etc I'd scrap the puppy pads , start as you mean to go on and take pup out every hour and straight after, eating , drinking , sleeping etc and every couple of hours during the night Crate , get the biggest but get a divider so he doesnt use one end as a toilet and one end as a bed Indi-dog, cant recommended them enough, go for the vari-fit version (medium) as its fully adjustable and will last till your pup is at least 6 months then upgrade to a large which will then last forever
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    We've taken ours camping for years (and don't go on holiday without the dogs). Notable occasions have been when the remnants of Hurricane Bertha came in in West Wales (our triple pegged tent survived but many didn't in the campsite - dogs were totally relaxed throughout. We weren't!). As you can see, crated overnight (and stakeout line in the day) More recently, caravan where dogs come in with us overnight (can't beat a blanket of Husky!) and stakeout in the awning during the day (if somewhere with distractions, we put up windbreaks so they can't see) And our first trip this year will be Husky camp at The Lakes at the end of May - can't wait 😀
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    Sorry for your loss, @wolfpup - as you say, you had a good 14 years Suggestions for Marley? As mentioned, plenty of attention and anything to take his mind off his loss - and time. Time can be a great healer
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    Very sorry for your loss, run fast Lunar......run free.... Marley is grieving and it will take time but try doing things to take his mind off it, other than that I don’t know what to suggest. Hope you’re ok. Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    have gone camping for a while with mine if in the caravan they are in a crate, tent they are tethered at all times.. when not in the tent or caravan they are on a stake out...
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    So sorry for your loss I can't imagine how painful this must be and poor Marley. No idea what you could do to help him [emoji20] Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    Fantastic Pics, thanks for sharing
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    Very nice pictures....great to see pups having fun...

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