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    If you have read my posts I am a goldpanner and prospector. Of the 4000 minerals on earth Ive found one of them it was identified as La Ce Po4 So3 a lanthanide rare earth actually found in North Wales its comprised of small ovoid purple metallic lenses. Identified by Dr Hillary Pritchard a world expert on platinoids. (she used a electron probe) I find new gold rivers yearly There are over 100 hundred goldmines in North Wales check out the story in Goldmines of Merioneth by G W Hall. Id recommend you discount any of his theorys on how to locate the lodes or rock involved he was the prospector for Gwynfynydd ( welsh for white mountain)(the white been quartz which was found to be shot through with gold but not initially)But his knowledge was brought into question and he was replaced by geologist Professor Black . Intrestingly the book has a photo of Miss Gunn a geological student of Prof Black taking a sample off the wall of the mine. The photo is a real photo as she was a total disaster im told by miners who were there at time. Her job was to run assays on all the rock they mined through. Prof Black came on his monthly visit to check on progress and as he walked through the workings they came across a sheet of marcasite. he asked if Miss gunn had assayed it she said no. They rushed off with a sample to assay and he found it was supersaturated with gold. He asked the miners what had happened to the stuff taken from the mine. They told him they had tipped it down the dump. There had been 6 wagon loads and for two weeks he had the dump excavated for all of it. Fact was they had only tipped 2 load over the side of the dump and buried 4 loads in the waste heap as they had suspected that it was something special. It was estimated they had lost gold in the marcasite to a value of £2000000 . I got to know Jack Williams of Clogau and became friends so much so he gave me the location of his secret goldmine that he used to operate when he not prospecting in Clogau. He built his house at Bontddu initially from his first working there. His daughters wedding and other important family events. Ive al;ready said the area holds great intrest for me as lots of things can be found in the area including uranium molebdium copper and in places vast if staggering amounts of gold.
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    The brand is Select Pets. I use Select brand for my CBD and other things so I went with them for the dogs CBS as well. They have 4 flavored and 1 unflavored. Right now mine are using the bacon one and are really liking it. Select Pets
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    I do embroidery and painting, also a bit obsessed with decorating my house (my bedroom gets redecorated once a year!) Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    I think me and Alpha are spirit brother and sister [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Thank you I work term time so will do my best to come where possible. Little Zeus needs some friends Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    I give my dog cbd oil for epilepsy - it is working extremely well for him - from 5 fits in the first 9 weeks of last year he has only had 3 fits in the one year (less one day) since. I use a human cbd for him.
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    You need to pick a food and stick to it, changing his food up all the time will make him fussy. Have you tried to raw feed? Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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