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    Its taken 4 1/2 months, four rounds of different antibiotics, probiotics, prebiotics, healthy dog gut bacteria, testing, re-testing, £2,960 (and counting) but yesterday his last test came back free of salmonella! Have another appointment on Monday with his usual vet - now we can tackle the ulcers properly (not bleeding any more) - get stuff to get rid of the H pylori completely (the bacteria that causes ulcers), - next its the leaky gut to heal totally - have already been doing this throughout his treatment using colostrum, grass fed beef bone broth and goats milk kefir - and Marley's other (homeopathic) vet will be able to give me some stuff I am sure. Once the leaky gut has been healed completely a lot of his allergies should go away. I am currently undergoing a course on healing a leaky gut (USA based). I may even be able to expand his diet a bit - although chicken and pork must stay off his menu for life because of the soya. Can now see a light at the end of the very dark tunnel we have been in for so long. The other bit of good news is that whilst he has been so ill - he has not had another epileptic fit - from 5 fits in the first 9 weeks of 2018 - then I put him on cbd oil in March of 2018 - and in the last YEAR (less 7 days) he has only had 3 fits - his last one was 144 days ago. His homeopathic vet says she can stop them completely - and is 100% positive of this, but wants to get all his other problems sorted first (yes I am now using allopathic and homeopathic remedies at the same time) - neither medication interferes with the other but work in different ways. We literally felt as if we had won the lottery yesterday when we got the news.

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