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    Hi guys I am Chad Owner of 8 huskies Here is a video of one of my huskies Malia Swimming.. I put in sounds of Jaws have fun watching LINK TO VIDEO - YOUTUBE I will make other videos of my other huskies
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    Hello to all, Im a single morher with a 10 year old awsome daughter. Thanksgiving day I decided that We needed an animal as I have been so lonely after our cat was killed in August. I started really looking and was unsure of what I really wanted. I wanted to rescue but also I wanted a brand new baby. An oppurtunity had opened up and I saw a friend on next door neighbor app post a “rehome 9week husky”. I set up the time for a meet and greet. I started watching utube videos and trying to research the internet. After a few hours of that I thought “oh my god” no way! I called and cancelled the meet and greet and after hanging up I found myself crying. First I thought what the heck is wrong with me, im nuts!!! I called the meet and greet back a few hours later and agreeded to me her. You can see....Im here with the husky group for a reason....She came home with me that night. Holy Moly, I am worn worn out with this girl. Im in love, she is smart, but she has a little bit of sas. She is rebellious and is testing her limits. She goes for her 3set of shots tomorrow. I want to take her out to run but parvo outbreaks are bad in my county. Her health is first. She is digging, she is running thru the house 100 mph. She keeps nipping at us and at guest. Ripping our clothes. She is crate trained. Great at night. Bad durning the day. She is going backwards with the potty training (which is really pissing me off) she is a thief, which it was funny til she got my carlos santana heel at chewed the crap out of it, She has the worst gas I almost throw up. I blame my daughter and she cries cuz I dont believe her. She sits. She shakes she lays down and she fetches balls and drops. Yesterday she all of a sudden jumped in the shower with me I got out and she chased her tail for in the bathtub for a good 45 mins. Oh my....that was a good laugh. I look forward to discussing guidance from you all. I am proud to be a nee husky momma to Jaida ALicen. Michelle Fogle Bakersfield CA usa
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    I am the proud owner of a 2yo female Siberian and in the process of adding a new Male Siberian pup in a couple of weeks. Thank you for the add!
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    Hi .. I am Anila, from Doha.. I got a Husky puppy 2 months back. Her name is Ice.. she is now 3 months old. I am a new pet owner and totally clueless. Looking forward for some information and advice from this forum😊
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    Thank you, I agree they are pretty stinking cute. Lol. Thanks for all your input. I realize all dogs and situations are different but hearing others similar stories are helpful. So it’s definitely appreciated I know in the video of the dogs playing rough it shows Kobe between my legs hiding. But he was there because he was being ordered to go home and he did not want to go home. He was hiding not necessarily from my dog but from my daughter who was wanting him to go home. So as far as the rough play goes, I’ve been keeping an eye on them a lot more. When things get too rough (because I do see blood on my dog periodically-that’s what started this whole thing in the first place ) but anyway I distract them with treats which are usually just their dog food kibble. It seems to calm them down at least for a little while enough time to disrupt and distract from the rough biting. 🙂
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    Welcome to the pack! They are beautiful!
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    Welcome! love your girl, she is beautiful!
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    Hey, I am Nush and my husky is a 35 day old boy. He is Grey and white and has beautiful blue eyes.

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