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    Gorgeous pup - yes huskies are a very challenging breed, they will constantly keep you on your toes - but believe me there is no better dog on the planet. I've been raw feeding for about 12 years - and yes it scared the pants off me to start with - but nowadays you have complete raw food suppliers that have done the hard work for you. If you are in the UK you must give Paleo Ridge a try. My husky has severe food allergies and they were the only company I approached with his problems that could guarantee four of their foods contained none of the 9 things he is allergic to. I acknowledge that a kibble food is easier (for us) and from what I have learned here the Taste of the Wild is one of the better ones. If you continue to feed kibble - add a tin of sardines (in spring water or olive oil NOT sunflower oil) - once or twice a week - it contains every vitamin and mineral your furbaby needs - its more nutritionally complete than a raw egg - and that's saying something. If on the other hand you really want to learn about raw feeding I can send you loads of links to give you a very good grounding.
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    As much as my boy Floki loves the snow, he sure did have a ball in the ocean last summer! ❤️
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    Lovely pic! Bear’s not s fan of the Warner weather at all but Ice loves a spot of sunbathing.

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