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    Welcome! I would Husky proof your backyard. Now he knows he can get out. I have found it best not to go after them. It is a game to them. Get a very high value treat and kneel down in the neighbor’s yard and call out to him in a very playful voice. Then once he comes DO NOT scold him or he will never come to you again. Start training him first in the house then in the back yard. Randomly calling him to you and then giving him a very Tasty treat that will only be given for recall. Once he is 100% in the house move to the backyard. While he is out playing, randomly call him. When he is 100% there take him out front on a long line and randomly call him back and treat him with that very special treat. No matter how well he responds to this, I would never let him off lead. LOL Luckly I have two so I use the other as bate. 🤣
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    All pups go through a bat ear stage , they do grow into them, huskies can have a variation of coat be it short , plush or wooly I wouldn't worry that she doesn't seem as fluffy as others As a pup Bat ears And now Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    I do think she’s a husky, they change so much though you’ll have a better idea when she’s fully grown. Also as above coats differ between huskies, Astro had quite a fluffy coat but his sister was a lot shorter haired Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    I learned from a professional - Vicki Pullin of Arctic Quest very near me, who races her hounds & huskies for GB : Do not run dogs within four hours of eating food ... OR feed them within one hour after running. Start building muscle and stamina with walks, brisk, and gradually lengthen distances. If bikejoring, scooter or rig running, start with 1/4 mile sprints. Rest and repeat. Increase after 5 days, if continual runs are daily. Carry water, always. Check pads when home for any injuries, cracked pads or sore feet. Paw wax is useful to protect as is coconut oil. Good luck! Dark tongues = low 02 levels. Enlarged pink/darker pink tongues are normal, these help them cool off. Adding water to food (esp with kibble) will definitely help ensure they are hydrating. Temperatures NOT to run in: if over 12°C [53.6F], too warm. if T + Humidity =100 then not safe. Humidity over 60/80 will make your dog struggle because there is much less oxygen present. Running them with a motorised scooter is fine, but avoid prolonged periods on hard, paved or concrete surfaces as this is bad for their joints. Variable surfaces are good eg, paved/concrete, grass, packed earth...gravel may prove uncomfortable plus unstable.
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    Hi, I am the proud owner of 3 beautiful Huskies. Freyja is the grey alpha and 6 going on 7 years old. Black Loki is 3 and is my middle child, but always my sookie baby boy. Fenrir is my newest addition, white and tan and my biggest trouble maker at the moment. I've been looking for chat groups as I am struggling a little with fenrir, so fingers crossed other can help 😁

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