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    OMG I thought I had it bad - Marley just ate the arm off an armchair and another arm off my settee ! Lunar cost me around £3,500 in damages in his first three years, - tried to dig up the radiator pipes in the hallway, (I put down laminate flooring after that) took all the wallpaper off the hallway and stairs then started on the plaster, ripped off the stairs carpet, ripped up the carpets upstairs - took them all away from the walls, he ate through our fence gates and escaped with his buddy - luckily the neighbours caught them (I was at work) and I had to replace my front door as he could open it at will At least they never ate anything that caused a vet trip. However in the last couple of days Lunar has taken to eating rotting wood and inch thick twigs then immediately sitting down and trying to vomit - so harshly that the sides of his abdomen go in so far that they almost touch. He does not bring anything up though. I think this might be his dementia causing this behaviour as he has never done anything like this before (he's 13 - almost 14 ).
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    They are a picture of innocence when they’re that young! I will advise lots of research, in a few months when the prey drive kicks in, the fun begins! Enjoy your pup [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    So after my girl went for a 45 minute free for all yesterday after breaking her collar, she slipped through the back door and was loose in the backyard. For the first few minutes I didn’t mind and even allowed her brother to romp around with her (without their muzzles). I kept the slider open to keep an eye on them and once they were done I called them in with no issue. Well, this morning I noticed that a blanket that was left out on the couch looked a little funny. yep, two big wholes!!! I couldn’t find the peace’s anywhere and the edge was still wet. Now, I knew it was the girl because the boy was asleep with me all morning. But still loaded up both and went to the emergency center.... 💰💰💰 First her; got her to throw up, but no blanket! Instead the vet informed me; lots of food, grass, a piece of paper, and a LARGE PEACH PIT! 😖😫😵 which would have at the least have caused a surgery in the next couple of days. The boy; will since she didn’t have the blanket pieces it had to have been him 🤔. Got him to throw up, no blanket.... food, leaves, grass, and pebbles. (my poor pups, they are still high from the APO morphine) 🤪 So, we are on watch for the next couple of days and will be going through 💩 to see what passes. 🤢 If anything we probably just saved the girl, at least from surgery. So much for slacking off of them a little since they were being so good lately. Back to restricting access to rooms if I am not there with them and being muzzled the second they go in the backyard (if they slip out again) One good thing though, hubby has finally agreed to let me chop that damn peach tree down and redo are whole backyard to Husky proof it! 😄😝🤗 Would love to know or see pics of you guys backyards for some ideas.
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    Voted - what's the matter with you guys - are you blind! These guys are gorgeous! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to pick just one
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    Lamb bones kept mine occupied and still do, before I started to give them the bones I was forever watching what they’d be looking to destroy. I came back from town one afternoon when they were younger to find they’d completely destroyed the waste pipe that runs from the kitchen to the outside grid, so when my washing machine emptied it ran all over the garden and flooded it at the bottom. Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    My girl eats the fence. Never throws it up but poops the splinters. 😖I am normally good about catching her so she doesn’t get too much. But hubby forgets sometimes to close the doggie door and she will got out for a feast in the middle of the night. We have a few perfect little circles eaten out of the carpet, couple of baseboards with teeth marks, and she started in on the plastic doggie door flap, cabinets, and shower door the last two days. I am trying the Barkbox that auto ships once a month. But this first box is taking forever to get here. Chewy and Amazon has spoiled me! LOL I think that they may be getting board with their toys. Hopefully getting new toys will help.
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    Thank goodness the peach pit is out of her stomach, the chewing everything they see does get easier as they mature. Cai was worse for destroying than Luka blue and we had to have eyes in the back of our heads when they were younger. I love gardening and had some gorgeous plants in my back garden.........not for long! The pair of them dug everything up apart from one tree so we decided to slab all of the garden, we were fed up of the muddy digging, especially when it rained. We’ve recently put fake grass down and they love it, it’s easy to clean and for me I love to see colour in a garden, I’ve put planters with flowers in them all around the tops of the fences, out of paw reach! It really is essential to husky proof house and gardens when they’re pups. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Ya. So do I but it’s part of being a part of a Husky pack. They are 10 months and we have 14 more months at the least. Just got to love them.
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    Wow thats incredible. Well I certainly hope they stay well and dont run into too many more concerns like that. Sent from my SM-T837P using Tapatalk

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