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    well i have been lurking around but not posting, anyway i have a dslr at last (having wanted one for as long as i can remember) So here are some of the pics we went camping in the new forest and the wildlife just walks up The beginning of zoomies this picture of amber sitting by the lake was taken on an old iphone so the quality isn't that great but it's a smashing picture.
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    Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Neil & I have just adopted an 18 month old called Nova. New to huskies but not to northern breeds as we previously had a samoyed. Looking forward to to meeting you all!
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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and a first time Husky mom. I found this forum while researching my new 3 month old Husky, Ice. I live in Miami and look forward to becoming a member soon. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    Omg! 🤣🤣🤣 This response helped so much. Now, I'm not so afraid and traumatized. Your husky went EVERYWHERE! I had taken him out just five minutes before he defiled me. Lol. I will continue to train him. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    Is he neutered? Have you taken him to the vet? Maybe he has an UTI? My pups get excited when I come home and tinkle a little. My male cat marks (pees) on my husband’s work cloths. Does not like the smell of them after he comes home from work. Are you guys around an unaltered dog?
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    At this age I’d take mine out every 20-30 mins so as to reinforce peeing is outside only, sometimes they’d pee sometimes not but lots of praise and a tiny treat when they did it. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    🤣🤣🤣 Yes, the link works. Funny gif. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    At 3 months old his bladder control won’t be the greatest so it could be something he grows out of. Ice once got so excited to see me that he peed on me and my non husky pup once peed on the sofa when she woke up and didn’t realise she needed to go toliet in time. keep going with toilet training, taking them out often to help prevent their bladders getting too full and keep going with the toilet training. Hopefully as they get older and gain more control and awareness over their bladders then the accidents will lessen. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Not sure - however I have been peed on many times by many puppies of all breeds. My husky however took the peeing to a whole new level. He marked everything - and I mean everything, bed (whilst I was in it), laundry basket, setee, chair, dehumidifier, each and every carpet in the house, if it had a corner - he peed on it. I got him at 12 weeks and this continued until around 5/6 months - when he finally realized he was here to stay - even though the marking scent he laid down mysteriously disappeared within hours (washing powder works better than most bought scent destroyers), and every time he was caught he got unceremoniously taken outside and dumped on the grass, and the evidence was gone by the time he was let back in the house. I put the excessive marking down to him having three previous owners and the chopping and changing in his little life. We never told him off - just dumped him outside and got rid of the evidence a.s.a.p. It was a phase and he got over it. Patience, love, and more patience will win the day
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    Googled Husky information and this site came up. As I read through the threads, I realized there was also an app. So, I downloaded it. I'm very happy to be here. It takes a village to raise a Husky. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    I'm truly sorry for you losing CHARLIE. This breaks my heart.[emoji26] CHARLIE has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is up above anew. His beauty & spirit will always remain in your heart. My deepest sympathy to you and sending prayers of love and comfort. [emoji304][emoji173]️[emoji191][emoji119][emoji252][emoji173]️[emoji304] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Ya, I would have been skiing behind mine. 🤣 And those leaves. They would've been all cleaned up. Right in the pups bellys.
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    First tandem walk. We made it about a block. Chula kept trying to jump on Jolene and I was afraid I was gonna lose one of the leashes. So NOT a success Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
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    Darwin was up in the Garden ( in the Dark !!!) So here's Daughtry and Echo
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    WOW. . . That's a postmans leg
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    This is my 2 and my mum's 2 dogs right now waiting patiently for my pizza!
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    Some great pictures have already been posted so here are a few pictures of three members of our 'pack-' this afternoon - apologies for being a little late! There's: - Luna - 'To Infinity & Beyond'. Skye - 'Not sure if I am tired or just hungry'). And Cassie - 'Just as scruffy as ever - but still totally adorable'! Lisa became camera shy and ran off into the kitchen!
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    I'm sorry, did you say "down."
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    Rosko and my boyfriend are taking a nap after a day in the dog park :3
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    Lazy day for us. When I say us I really mean me. He's already been out this morning.
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    Bumping this one with a few photos of Ares just a bit ago
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    We call that the slutbag position. Lol Sent from my Windows Phone 8S by HTC using Tapatalk
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    we call that slutty slut around here...
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    Dana has assumed - what we call here - the red light district position
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    Wish I could get a better picture of it but right now she's really not in the mood to get her picture taken So here's one taken sneaky through the window, lol. I'm sad to report the tennis ball has already passed away. It had a short life but at least it fulfilled it's goal I suppose...
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    and a happy wodak is a noisy wodak??
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    Got a photo of Dana. And Wodak is happy to have his ball back, lol
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    Tried making a photo of Glala but with a slow camera like the one on my phone this is the best I could get. Meanwhile Wodak lost his ball under the coach and is looking at me for help.
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    Alpha has just been to the vet and Bindi has missed him...
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    Love this thread!! No idea what Kodi is up to at the moment as I'm at work but I'll get a picture later for you all
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    Can't leave Wodak out of it of course, lol
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    Currently in a restaurant after a long walk with Wodak
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    Just got in from lovely walks in the sun! Breeze is chilled out And so is Keiko!
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    That floor looks nice and cool
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    Enjoying a beautiful afternoon. When it's nice outside she will stay out in the yard all day by herself. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
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    Total bum. Sleeping on my leg with my other knee as a pillow.
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    Couch wrestle time! Shh don't tell daddy! -Jai
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    This is them right now being good while a clean and rearrange stuff Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
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    Ours have not long had brekkie, so Ice is currently out in the lean-to where he eats his meals. He's been waiting patiently for me to open the kitchen door and let him back in again, lol. Bear has finished her brekkie and gone back up to bed. She's laying upside down underneath it and Paul's still sleeping and got a bit narky with me for messing around with the camera, he reckons I'm up to no good, fancy that! Brooke too has finished her breakfast and has gone up to Callum's bed (my teenager). He's playing oblivion on the x box and she's laying on his bed watching him.
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    Alpha is trying to get some sleep after morning walk and breakie... Bindi is wondering: what are you doing old man leave me alone need rest after my walk....
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    Fast asleep Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
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    Mine have gone upstairs to bed lol.
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    Sleeping Drinking Being a princess

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