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    Hi there if it is anxiety then I don’t think classes will be any good, I would definitely recommend getting a behaviourist round though to see what he is doing and make some suggestions, and also help you to help him prepare for the baby. I really wish I had done that before my baby was born, I had to rehome one of my huskies because he wasn’t coping Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Sorry to hear that, I lost a baby last year too before I had the baby I have now. I think that’s what started it off with Astro, he could sense me and my boyfriend were grieving, he was a very sensitive dog and I think it affected him more than I realised at the time. Then I got pregnant again and I was very anxious throughout my whole pregnancy, again I think he picked up on this because I noticed he wasn’t his usual self at all. I never thought rehoming would be an option for me, he was my world too! But when he started to go for my other dog right next to the baby, and a few other things, I had to do what was best for him and from what I’ve heard he’s loving his new foster home and I’m just happy that he’s happy again. I would sack the vet off and look for a good behaviourist, antibiotics aren’t going to help the underlying issues Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    I am sorry I really don't know the answer to your question. My older dog has dementia and began licking constantly at one front paw - to the extent that one toe pad split apart. I tried stuff that tasted nasty - made no difference, I was constantly bandaging the paw, then he was taking it off and I would find him trailing the bandage behind him. This went on for months - then I found a doggie boot that he could not get off and the pad finally healed. When I removed the boot he started licking it again - so I put the boot back on. I did this every time he licked his paw - and eventually the obsession lessened. Now I enly have to show him the boot to stop him licking. It really does depend on the root cause, whether it is boredom, a hot spot, an allergy etc.
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    I was just on that site. LOL I'll need to figure out how to walk him with two leash and still keep her on the other side... she may be ready for hands free. Thank you
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    We had our first winter storm last night and it made me realize just how spoiled my pups are. ❤️🥰😂 We woke up this morning with two feet of snow ❄️ on the hills. Can’t wait to get them up their to play this weekend... But this morning when it was potty time my male just sat at the doggie door whining. Then he would run back and further from the front door to the back door. His brave sister went flying out the door and quickly came back in. LOL Their dog ramp was solid ice and there was a a small amount of water/ice pooled up in the middle of their run. Both sat there with a puzzled look on their faces. Kept sticking their heads out the door. The girl thought sliding down it was fun but wouldn’t touch the ground... I ended up having to go out and get all the ice off the ramp and dried it. Then had to drain out the water/ice. (They had over half their run that they could have used that didn’t have water/ice) Once the ramp was dry and most of the water and chunks of ice was out, he finally came out and was very happy. LOL 😝
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    Kofu has grown and changed a lot! He is beautiful. My guy likes his stuffies too...
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    Lol.. i get a fair bit of criticism, on muzzle.. tough. It's not cruel. All brilliant ideas and every everyone of them could work; to crate train is better in the day when you have the time if you are at home and that is by getting them in with a toy or a treat... once they bend down to pick it up, shut the door and give it 30 seconds don't make a fuss of her if she's whining but be around so she can see you; let her out and carry on. If you can get her tired that will really help and then back in with a treat thrown in.. as soon as she bends down to pick it up she may watch you this time! but when she goes down to pick it up THEN close the door quietly and again, leaving for a bit but lengthen times slowly... and by all means give her a treat while she's in there through the bars to say 'good girl! bed! ok I'm doing it with a new foster now 16 months old, and actually I always thought my two are quite often dippy but they're proving to be Perfect Angels lol... compared to the 16 month old little monster cos he's bigger than my big boy and he's learning already by day 3 here with me that the crate is his bed and it's there to wait in as it's also there for 'time out' when/if he's decided to go potty in the house and I mean going dipshit & doing zoomies and playing indoors, that he goes back in there, so he knows already he can't romp around - the bungalow is too small and they got a huge space the garden areas to run out the back; I let them out twice in the day for 45 minutes or even more and they run themselves ragged them back in for some 'time out'; my girl and he are wearing basket muzzles because she's a really cranky cow and she also goes back into the big crate we have for 'time out', with her muzzle off in there, and he then has the muzzle off so he can play with my boy and feel a bit more free - I swap him around so my girl has muzzle free space too. It's very true - they do want to be with you and a slightly smaller crate or pen in the bedroom may be a really good idea but gradually move it out or towards the door, because ideally you don't want to be too disturbed and they will learn to settle down by themselves.. if they're in the hall, maybe not downstairs, but you can set the routine for time out 'bed now' downstairs while you're busy working. Sorry it seems a bit lengthy - I'm actually dictating cos it's quicker and ..then I go back and try and put some punctuation in; you can only take your time and you need time off at home to work on it because she is still VERY young, missing her litter pack and Mum probably too .. and she's been used to having some form of company around ...so if you can both organise some separate extra time off to be at home with her then you can get her into a regular routine and ...don't forget she needs to rest and sleep too so putting in the crate for time out when she's been running around for a couple of hours is a useful time for getting her to 'settle down' and sleep; classical music seems to work well and if you're worried that she is feeling anxious, apparently humming when you're around them can help to relax them because if you've got vibes then they will certainly sense it very quickly. Do look at successdogs.com and absolutedogs.com - they are both very good sites for training and while she's young this is the best time to instill a regular training routine for sit, down, wait, bed, - whatever you feel you need to teach her around especially also to leave! If you don't I can probably 98% guarantee you will have problems by 18 to 20 weeks old so get the training in, study the sites, listen, watch and learn, and then put into practice; they are so intelligent that they will outwit you before you even realise it and then huskies get handed in, abandoned, or given up ... and it's happening every day with anywhere between 8 to 10 huskies a day, in the UK... don't let that happen with you. Good luck and.. enjoy! Use only positive reward training. 🤗 If you if you can please look on my Facebook page under Marianne Cottee .. they also have their own Facebook page : Chester and Eski Cottee so have a look there and see what I was doing yesterday which was only day two with my new foster - he has no social skills because he's been a dog on his own and because his owner's work hours have increased massively... so he's in temporary Foster; he may well become a 'failed Foster' and we'll adopt him.. maybe, but I have yet to run a few weeks trial with him and also maybe his owner can can changes hours .. I don't know but if you look on that on my Facebook timeline, my most recent video is is quite lengthy because Blu was not getting to stay still & wait.
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    So, just as an update to this in case anyone else ever runs across a similar issue - I purchased Banixx spray on amazon and it seems to have done the trick. Her hair is growing back in white, but it looks sort of funny because she has white roots and pink tips at this point. The fur on the back of her leg is coming in, too. I have absolutely no idea what is in Banixx, but it got good reviews and it worked for Chula. Hopefully the bald spots don't come back, as it's kind of expensive to use every day multiple times a day.
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    Skyla prefers her beef seasoned with mud too Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    I know, I've got someone coming to lay turf soon. He has to level garden god knows what will pop up.
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