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    Marley is so lucky to have you ! You take care of yourself, too.
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    It was a small infection vet said not to let her lick because she could become ill.... (cone of shame for a few days ) they say sometimes when long haired dogs go into heat it’s best to trim them some because bacteria could build up. Plenty of water and personally keeping the area clean. Was a bit worried but glad my angels ok! Next appointment is her getting fixed they say that will stop that from happening along with cancer and pyro risks....
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    December's Husky of the Month Topic will be Holiday Huskies. To enter, post a pic of your husky with your best holiday theme. You can enter one pic per dog or a group shot of multiple dogs. Entries will be accepted through Sunday December 2nd.
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    Thank you very much ^^
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    OK so I only have 6 participants that have signed up, and it is already the middle of November. Given the time constraints and not having enough people, I will unfortunately have to cancel it for this year.
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    That is so awesome! Next 7 weeks will be (tuff 😝) keeping him down. 🤪.
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    OK I am going to close out the competition now. Poll will be up shortly
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    Vets drive me crazy!! You would think that they would’ve already done all the test the first time. Tried to pull that crap with me once, said they were trying to keep cost down, told them I should have been advised of what test was available and not given so I could advise them what was affordable.... They ended up not charging me for three test because of it. That makes me 🤬 for you. That sucks. Keep at it. The syringes are great to use. Water down the cat food, done broth, etc and shove it down him. LOL 😛🥺 I soooo can imagine how your back feels. Slept on the floor a few times for mine and on the couch the past 7 months. Never felt so old and the pain is in a really bad spot. 😖 CBD works great for me. Don't forget to take care of you. Keep the updates coming
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    Glad she's ok , I would definitely get her fixed , wait till 3 months after her season ends to help the hormones settle down Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    1 week post surgery and everything is looking good. We had a quick check in at the vets tonight. He seems to be healing well.....just driving his mom nuts BUT what's new. 7 weeks to go. We no longer have to wear the cone of shame to bed. THANK GOODNESS!!!! Next apt is next Friday.
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    I'm sorry to hear Marley isn't feeling well. You have an appointment in the morning but I wonder if you could take him to an emergency. My girl was like him -didn't eat, didn't move, didn't respond, and the vet took her in right away. She had a high blood pressure and high fever and got IV and stayed at the hospital the night.
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    This is worrying! I hope the vet can figure it out! It sounds like a stay at the animal hospital might actually be good for him...
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    O no, Maybe his body is just tired from having to fight to get through this. Not eating and dark poo is scary. Hopefully just a small set back. Let us know what the doc says.
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    Am I in time? Foster girl Ice (now in her furever home being trained as a Support Dog - and loving it). Post-operative after her spay - my view first thing in the morning (stayed with her so she didn't need The Cone of Shame + she was so good + I've never seen such a small and neat operation site 😊)
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    Better to clip on lead & walk out of the room putting them into an isolated room for a few minutes, and/or until they are quiet. No words, no smacking or shouting, just 'the silent treatment', and no harsh or painful tugging, just quietly & firmly walk them out. Bring them back in. Repeat if same behaviour occurs. WHEN they stop biting, nibbling, or behaving in ANY undesirable manner, reward instantly with 'Good dog! Be nice!' And a small treat within three seconds. They are highly intelligent and one or two isolations per 'bad behaviour' is usually enough to teach them. Remain quiet and otherwise non responsive - do not create shock or fear or hurt.. as defensive aggressive behaviour will come out eventually. Positive reward training all the way. Successdogs.com Absolutedogs.com Praise the good. Ignore the bad however 'react' with quiet removal/isolation. 🤗

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