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    No no no xxx Apart from the fact she's really far too young to leave her mum, you need to nurture & protect her. I would seriously check just why the mum rejected them.. and how old is mum?! Was this her first litter? Have you seen her papers, and asked for any health checks ref inheritable traits? I won't rant on.. because she desperately needs loving. A little pup this young needs 5-7 meals a day and more nutritious wet than solids but ask on Husky forums too.. Goats milk is more suitable than dairy - again research on reputable dog/veterinary sites. Clean paper down, for house training, but if crated, or nursery penned, keep one half papered, one half with bedding; old towels, to turn around keeping scrupulously clean and maybe a wrapped hot water bottle for warmth and a soft toy to cuddle up to. . If she's biting just move her away and hold firmly. A gentle tap on the nose with a No won't go amiss but the rejection will help her understand that that behaviour is not acceptable. When she's bigger, isolation into another room for several minutes, (no words, just clip on to lead and walk her out). Bring her back in and when she's good praise and reward with a small tasty treat. Successdogs.com shows you so much for good behaviour and positive reward training. She would do this to her siblings and if it got too rough Mum would intervene by separating them. You can potty train by stimulating her genitals in a stroking motion with a soft tissue and also, (as mum would while still nursing); when she's bigger, you can put her out on the grass outside but supervise and bring in when done. Also she will need worming regularly and should be microchipped ... and checked over at your vet. Obviously innoculations will be needed too, and your vet will advise. Lots of loving and gentle handling with a routine ref feeds every four hours minimum to eight weeks then at least 5-6 times a day from 0500 through to 23:00hrs but if she cries you'll need to seek something a little more substantial at 23:00 hours to get her through the night. I used to feed mine soaked weatabix but I'm told this is not right. Never hurt my Westie pups though! However : Soaked Xcel 32% protein (Red Mills brand) is perfect for nursing mums, weaning pups through into adulthood. It is wheat, gluten & grain free (corn maize is good!) and mine two HuskyxMals have and are still fed on this. You can order online. A guideline is : overall daily portion/s ref their adult predicted weight, spread over several meals a day. A teaspoonn of Kefir keeps their gut healthy, and a teaspoon ACV diluted into their water bowl keeps their immune system healthy too. Ask google ref benefits too on these, plus a peasize dab of coconut oil. A raw egg won't hurt and let them chew the shells too - extra calcium! No bones or rawhide. Frozen carrots are great for teething & treats. Research wrong food for huskies /dogs. Many are toxic, incl plant bulbs/roots. Raw Bones, after their second teeth come after six months, but never unsupervised & remove all splinter bones. Large good quality rope toys are better than cheap stringy ines - these can be lethal. 🤗 Remove uneaten food. Clean bowls daily & fresh water always.
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    See this is why they need to stay with their siblings until at least 8 weeks 5 weeks is when they should be weaned off mum and onto solid food so I doubt mum actually rejected them, it's illegal in most areas to allow pups to go before 8 weeks too Yelp like their brothers and sisters would do if she bit them too hard Never scruff and pin her , outdated methods that will end up causing more harm than good Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    With Lunar and Bernie - they used to jump up on our laps for reasurance, climb over us in panic, bark, howl etc. I started the first year with just not accepting that behaviour, not fussing him when he came up, making him get down from the settee, not letting him try to hide behind a chair. I also opened the curtains and stood by the french door in the lounge and watched the fireworks. I had some high value treats in my pocket and any time Lunar came up to me I gave him one - providing he wasn't in a panic etc. I did the same at New Year's Eve but had him outside on his lead (although Lunar has never been the athletic type or one to try and escape) - it was more for control so he wouldn't hurt himself in the dark. By this time I had rescued another oldie - Cane a 10 yr old black lab - happy go lucky - and just really, really appreciative of a new home. He was also in the garden, off lead so Lunar could see he wasn't bothered by the noise (been there, done that attitude). It did take around 3 years - there are not that many opportunities for fireworks after all - but last night both dogs went outside (OK I went with them as well which I do not normally do) Lunar hardley even flinched at a massive bang - just moved closer to Marley who was stood watching the light show. Neither dog came to me for reassurance.
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    Better to clip on lead & walk out of the room putting them into an isolated room for a few minutes, and/or until they are quiet. No words, no smacking or shouting, just 'the silent treatment', and no harsh or painful tugging, just quietly & firmly walk them out. Bring them back in. Repeat if same behaviour occurs. WHEN they stop biting, nibbling, or behaving in ANY undesirable manner, reward instantly with 'Good dog! Be nice!' And a small treat within three seconds. They are highly intelligent and one or two isolations per 'bad behaviour' is usually enough to teach them. Remain quiet and otherwise non responsive - do not create shock or fear or hurt.. as defensive aggressive behaviour will come out eventually. Positive reward training all the way. Successdogs.com Absolutedogs.com Praise the good. Ignore the bad however 'react' with quiet removal/isolation. 🤗
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    When angels are near Walking the dogs, texting my partner I just happened to look up and over to my left and spotted this, After loosing my girls I like to think this is them telling me they're ok and they're still with me , watching over me . My guardian angels [emoji171] Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    A beautiful sky for your beautiful girls.[emoji295]️ What a beautiful remembrance collage!! It shows their individual spunk, happy personalities and beauty. You have been the most caring & loving Mom, and I think they knew what true love was. They are your angels and they'll always be deep within your heart. Prayers to you. [emoji120][emoji304][emoji175] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Mine at 7 weeks we’re like Puranas!!! I am not kidding!!! Couldn’t touch them to save their lives without getting shredded. My male out grew it. My female.... LOL. Will still take your fingers off. They are 8 months. DO NOT SCRUFF, flick them, or any of those out dated stuff. Once the teeth make contact, scream out in pain and pull away. Move away from the pup. They will learn that doing this (bitting) will get them no attention and will stop the behavior. (my female is special and loves the reaction) But has softened her mouth a little. If I remember correctly it sucked for about 2 months and then they started controlling it
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    Hi, shame the mum rejected the pups, they shouldn’t really go before 6 weeks as they miss out on learning important social skills from the mum. I definitely would not grab a pup or a dog by the scruff of the neck, positive reinforced training is the way to go if you want to have a healthy relationship with your dog that’s built on mutual trust. The days of showing your dog who is the boss by dominating him is an outdated way of training and your dog won’t thank you for it. Pups biting is a little like babies when they’re teething, but it’s something that needs dealing with before the big teeth arrive. With mine I had chew toys to hand and if they tried to bite my hands I’d say no bite and then give them the toy, with consistent training your pup soon learns. Training a pup should never be done with him fearing you because he may turn out to be an aggressive dog. Good luck [emoji6] Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    Behavioural issues is a husky thing [emoji33] but I wouldn’t change a thing about them. Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    I would also report it to the Doggy Day Care, they will want to check records and inform owners to have dogs vet checked as some one brought in a dog with an infections and all dogs need to be seen by a vet They will also need to ask owners not to bring in dogs that could be infected until they have a clean bill of health This is a problem with day care, you have to hope they day care and other dog owners value dogs health, all it takes in one person to being ina sick dog and a whole lot of people end up with vet bills
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    I have never had these behavioral or medical issues with any of my others. But this is also the first time I have done puppy classes, daycare, and taking them everywhere. So maybe this is a sign that I need to stick with the old school of boing things.LOL Since they are still aloud out (just no physical contact) and it is cooling off, I am looking into Hiking paths up in the hills to take them. Need to wait about a week or two though because their immune system is being strand.
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    I’d look at 4 months of no doggy daycare as a positive, I’ll bet you’ll see a difference in their health. Whatever illnesses other dogs have it’s usually passed around to the others, just like nurseries for kids, my other half’s grandson has been ill on a monthly basis since he started nursery, he’s only 2 and he’s been going there since he was 6 months old [emoji33] Glad they’ll be ok. [emoji240][emoji240] Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    Good advice! Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    That sounds so much more appropriate and a great way! I am going to try that with mine. Last 4th, they were so young and just slept through it. Great idea
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