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    I threw a piece to him like 10 minutes ago so hes sitting way back there waiting... Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    Sleepy Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    I got max from my mom when she passed twelve years ago max has been my rock since then and kept me connected to my mom for so many years i lost him on friday and cant stop crying i miss him so much you all have been a big support by knowing im not alone
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    Hey all! just Simka here with an update: Yup, GrizzLee is doing good and his toofer is working again. In fact, it worked so good that today he got to eat Kristens new reeboks. Yikes! Go Grizz! Simka
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    try feeding just a little bit less also look at the amount of treats...overfeeding is the biggest cause for runny poo...
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    Thank you all for your warm welcome
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    Esp. after the heat we have had the last few days... for Iwan it is just a shame that the cooler is off...
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    Hey all! Simka here with an update: First I want to bark Thanks for all the support for my buddy! Grizz actually had a grrrrreat day today all things considered. Auntie Kristen took him to the veteratrarian (or whatever he calls himself) this morning and he got a piece of something gross that was stuck between 2 of his teeth unstuck. So it will b a couple days of being sore but Grizz will be fine! Well, this morning, Carol dropped him off at Kristens and because he wasn’t feeling well, she decided to spoil him with his favorite naughty snack: Snickers and Rusty were not there so he didn’t have to share and the leather was sooo soft and chewy but as much as Grizz wanted to eat them, he could only sniff and lick and slurp them because of his sore toofer. Kristen told him not to worry and that he could enjoy them all he wanted after the appointment. So, the vet visit was good and Grizz didnt waste any time when they got back to Kristens place: Despite a sore toofer, those new reeboks were no match for Grizz. He had the first one tugged of her feet in no time. When he finally got both, he ran with them into the guest room and spent the afternoon sniffing slurping licking and enjoying them. He even came back out and licked the taste of the reeboks off Kristens feet. She laughed and laughed and tried to get him to stop!: Eventually she reclaimed her reeboks. Because Grizz could not chew them, they were not really damaged just REALLY slimy! Infact, Grizz had pretty much filled both reeboks up with warm slimy newfie slobber. Kristen got as much of it out as she could: Well, she is watching him for the next few days. Hopefully his toofer feels better and he can eat those new reeboks all up for dessert tomorrow! Paws crossed!!!! Simka
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    Update: I've made a temporary cardboard collar. Hopefully this will keep her at bay. I tried a towel and duct tape collar, but I think she felt it too heavy. (Yes, she hated them all.) she is doing much better today.
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    She will hate it but it's better than her pulling her stitches, that or pet shops should sell cones too if u can't get one from the vets Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    with e-coller `I hope you mean cone.... should work just fine...jumping and running is indeed not so good can rip the stitches open. etc...Our Bindi was up and about in 3 days could not stop her...started of slowly with 10 mins walks for 2 days and then she had enough of that...LOLOL
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    So long as she's not running and jumping around she should be fine, just stay with her take her to the toilet with you if you have to , maybe put a t-shirt over her tied at her belly to cover her stitches Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app

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