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    Hey folks, how are you all? Quick update! We've now moved and settled in, and the dogs are very happy! We don't have much of a garden (just a tiny slab of concrete) so we are out 3 times a day, and there's so many cool places to explore here! Wales definitely beats Suffolk for walks! We have just started an ongoing giveaway, the winner will be drawn on the 28th of each month and the prize is a £10 shopping code valid for 3 months. To enter just post a pic of your dog on an adventure to FB/IG with the hashtag #madeforadventures Dogs must be wearing Indi-Dog gear in the picture and we may use your picture for advertising. Open worldwide, US/Canada winners will get the equivalent USD/Cad (at the time of winning) to spend on the US/Canada sites Now we have moved we are based in Powys (on the Shropshire border), and we'll be attending camp. If you would like equipment to be delivered in camp or to book your dogs in for measuring by us then drop me a message on here There's a website code that will remove any shipping if you want to collect from us (either from our home or camp), the code is COLLECT
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    What type of harness where you using? The only harnesses which are escape proof are ones which have a second belly strap around where their tummy tucks up. I make one called the Houdini, which is very popular with escape artist dogs, and can be customised with added extras like front rings and grab handles They start at £20 (use the coupon code INDI-HUSKY for 10% off) and we ship worldwide
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    Thank @Emma and @ARMANI & ALINAH This is how he sleeps
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    Welcome to Wales . lol this is funny but your living close to me for the Second/Third time as i used to live in Needham Market and then moved out closer to Diss
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    Thanks it was the Videos from an old husky camp that actulay led me to the forum a couple years ago
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    ok this is old news to some but thanks to recent changes in UK laws its worth putting it out again as the bite of the sugar tax kicks in replacements take affect if you feed sweet treats or other sugary human foods CHECK the ingreediants listing over the next few months just in case they swap in the dangerous stuff without warning you
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    Happy Anniversary to one of our long time members here Lee ( @Husky-gunner ) and his wife Lorraine. Some of the husky owners crew at the reception (we were probably drunk lol )
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    get the cold shoulder everytime I coma back in the house and do not give them their treat for watching the house in their alloted time....LOLOL
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    We're not stalking you, promise! 😂
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    Hello all my name is Carl and where proud owners of our new son Blizzard. 3month old Husky. Where in the U.S.A. All.is going well on his training, as I'm training him to sit at all cross walks. Potty training is on track. Only issue I'm having its his food. Do I mix raw and hard food or do I just do hard. We rescued him. Just want him to be healthy as can be. He has water poop. And is on iams. I read a lot of threads and just want or son to be healthy as possible. I found this group on Google. Looking forward to the reward that is husky. Thanks and hope you all have a good day
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    Awww... I think they are so used to their routines that they get upset when anything changes.
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    Knowing u lot there was no probably about it lol Happy anniversary guys
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    My boy Blaze sulks every time my mum goes out with my dad , she used to be in and out of hospital a lot sometimes staying over for weeks having operations and dad would always take her so now whenever they go somewhere Blaze thinks she's not coming back n sulks , if me and my mum go out he's fine lol
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    Hello all!! The bossesname is Cleopatra, Cleo for short. We rescued this amazing girl in November of 2017, she has been a delight to add to our family. Although she can be a handful! We live in Tacoma, Wa.
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    It was heart-breaking. I'm glad he's back to himself now. I will be going away for a few days over the summer, and I made arrangements with a very nice lady who provides care in her home, one dog at a time. I took Olaf to visit her and he seemed very comfortable there with her, and she has experience with huskies. So, hopefully, that will be a better experience for him.
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    I'm a new member, my husky's name is Obi-Wan. He's about 2 years old, loves the snow (of course) and my kids and wife. Looking forward to the advice and community!
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    Trying to get pics of skyla for the comp but she's not skinny enough yet lol
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    I will measure mine and let you have that info for me to collect at camp..
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    The tax is indeed only on drinks, so not sure where the food based stuff has come from. It doesn't affect foods at all (yet). It should be noted though that people really should be checking the ingredients of anything that they feed to their huskies. Anything at all can contain xylitol, and as companies get more and more 'healthy version', the more you will see alternative ways of sweetening things.
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    sugar tax is only on fizzy drinks like coke and stuff not on food stuff...
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    Australia is trying to bring in the sugar tax as well but it's met with resistance. But yes, definitely watch out for peanut butter ingredients list. Ideally it shouldn't have anything but peanuts. #TeamNaturalPeanutButter
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    this was mostly for the UK members as the UK gov just brought in new laws on sugar content in foods and drinks. so things like Coke will either have to reduce sugar levels and add non sugar sweetners this will suck as i find sweetners taste funky
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    The only peanut butter I ever buy are the "natural" ones. If you're not used to them, they look weird and off because it comes with a separate oily layer on top that you need to stir through. Both we and our pup deserve better -- buy natural peanut butter, not sugar/sweetener- and salt-laden peanut butter!
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    Yes it's a reflection, she loves to sit on our bed and stare in the mirror!
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    No Dunc. That’d be cheating, wouldn’t it? 😂
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    full pulling I would wait till 18 months... commands you start with now while walking... running next to you with no strain I would not do until about 12 to 14 months for not a long distance... I would however say as well that once the outside temp reaches 13 cel. I would stop the training with a bike or kick bike overheating is not nice...
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    Welcome may the force be with you
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    Welcome to the nut house

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