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    My new 8 week old puppy, he's more photogenic than I am haha.
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    Hello Everyone, Would like to say thank you for all the support already and I've only been a member for a few hours and I already have a good feeling about this community, so I thought its time I introduce you to my 8 week old puppy Meet Leo Me and the misses got Leo a few days ago he is an 8 week old puppy full of energy and very mischevious with such an amazing personality, Leo was the runt of the litter was the smallest out of his litter mates, he is a tad under weight but I'm sure we will get him up there; currently weighting at 2.7kg. We loved Leo the second we seem him he just felt right he was the one that ran straight over to us and started to lick us and would cry if he wasn't getting attention so he is a right attention seeker! Although Leo has a beautiful face don't be fooled he's a little shit but we love him very much. Hope you like our pup will definitely be posting his progress on here we also have a instagram account for his progress aswel those that are interested in his life and his life with us! Thanks for reading. hope to be hearing messages and seeing all your poochs over the forum!
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    Kira wanting some of my food Sent from my Note 8 using Tapatalk
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    The lady who rescued him from his owner and surrendered him has contacted me this week. A whole year this boy spent in a yard in his own mess. In 105 degree heat or pissing down rain. No shelter and a concrete slab as a bed. Sometimes they threw food at him and sometimes not!! He drank dirty rainwater. His name was bear, however he was never called by it as he barely had any human contact, apart from the lady next door through a chain link fence. One day he cleared the fence and was attacked by a mastiff cross that near ripped his nose apart ( stitches still dissolving) The lady rushed him to the vet and told them his name was Shiloh and gave his owner money to buy him to surrender. I've cried reading her messages, how this boy is so sweet and loving and still trusting is beyond me. My boys adore him, and in return he adores them. He's learning to walk to heel, very well too. And he's learning basic commands. I've toilet trained him and he follows me everywhere. I'm just waiting for his chip papers and vet records and he's all ours [emoji170] Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    Don't you worry about that I will be posting photos quite often of him. me and the misses can't wait till he grows up too he's so cute, really appreciate your comment.
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    A part solution to the cats vs dog problem would seem to be to never leave food down (something we never do anyway with our cats/dogs - if they fail to eat it after 10 minutes, it's removed) but we've found that it's difficult for Huskies not used to cats (i.e. grown up with them) to totally accept cats. We never mix our cats and dogs, ever, as we wouldn't want even the slightest risk of a disaster (and heard of way too many) Separation Anxiety in Huskies is no more or less common than in other breeds but unfortunately it's usually displayed by howling and they're often destructive, worse cases over-salivating through stress and ignoring the water bowl - and certainly of the 100s of dogs that I've seen come through the rescue, a good 10-20% display it to a greater or lesser extent, when they first arrive. Easy to spot the difference between SA and attention seeking: SA will continue after you're no longer in sight but stops when you're visible and close, attention seeking (usually whining, sometimes barking) when you're in the same vicinity but are ignoring the dog(s). One of ours had terrible SA when we got him (aged 5) and even now, 7 years on, he still can get a bit SA stressed. And a few years ago we had 2 Bouviers, one of which used to get terrible SA in the early days (barking and destructive), whilst the other was totally unfazed by not having us around - but they both demanded attention if we were!
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    He’s adorable, cant wait to see him grow up, lots of photos please [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    He's gorgeous!![emoji847][emoji252][emoji191] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Hello. I think you will do absolutely great as a first dog owner the tips these people have gave you are spot on. I also have just bought a new pup since my last husky girl died 1 year ago at the age of only 2 due to a cluster of seizures bless her. but now I'm raising a new pup and he is amazing never had a husky male before so I'm kind of in the same boat as you. but your apart of a brilliant community here I've only just became a member but to see how helpful people are on here its really good to see. best of luck with your new pooch there an amazing breed
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    There will be people on here that are experienced with young puppies, I changed Marley over to a raw diet at 12 weeks old - I would not be happy about doing it earlier - but in the wild they go onto raw immediately as they are weaned. I personally have a problem with any sort of kibble because of the amount of starch (and other things) but that is purely a personal opinion, - we are all different and we all do what we think is right for our fur babies. Have you tried a wet-food puppy food (tinned)? - I started by scrambling eggs for Marley with a little raw mince, a week later I tried him on a little lamb with raw egg (just whisked up) - I cooked chicken breasts until he was 16 weeks old. For cutting his teeth I gave him raw lambs ribs (he's still addicted to them now and he's 2 years 4 months)
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    Depends on what you wanna use the police leads for, I use mine just to have the adjustable length and the close control handles aswell , but if u wanna use it with the vari-fit for non pulling attach one to the front ring and one to the back or if it's just extra safety you can clip one end to the harness and the other to a collar Incase they try to slip one or the other so they're still 'attached' so long as the collar isn't too loose Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    This sweet boy is about 1 and a half and will be coming to us for a 2 week trial this week before we finalise his adoption. The rescue has brought him from California to Canada this week as there are so many being surrendered there. He has been left in a back yard, which was disgusting. He was drinking dirty water and basically walking round in his own mess. The neighbour bought him from his owner purposely to surrender him so that he had a chance of a better life. We will need to housetrain him and teach him some manners , he barely responds to his name. But I am so looking forward to adding this boy to our family I've spent the weekend in -15 conditions in a foot of snow fixing fences and getting our yard ready to take him in. Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Now that’s a happy husky! 😍
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    That what concerns me about keeping her intact, yes puppies would be great, they would be beautiful and great tempered but the thought of not knowing their future scares me half to death. I think I’m going to get her done later in the year......... for both of us. You guys are fantastic, thank you so much 😊
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    Lovely pics! Look at her smile [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    @Kitten:D ~ I live in USA. Veterinarians in the USA go to College/Grad School and Vetenarian School for 8-10years to practice Veterinary Medicine...they help animals, reptiles, etc. USA Vets absolutely do "not" recommend shock collars, e collars, remote control collars, electric shock collars, fear inducing collars, etc., and they want them banned. Your Vet must not care much for the well-being of animals. I honestly thought you would have cooled down by now...but maybe the Shock K9 Collar you tried on yourself zapped you and caused you to became aggressive or gone mad?? I don't know. Hey, have you tried the shock collar on yourself at the highest setting?? Does it hurt?? I highly doubt you called 300 Vets because none of them work on Sundays. Last question: Do you work for this Shock K9 Collar company from home?? Lastly, you brag that you don't have to work, say you've never shocked fear into your dog or yourself. But why do only working people have to shock their dogs?? And if you are fortunate to not have to work, then you do not have to shock dogs. Please stop promoting these Electric Chair Collars. This debate from you is discombobulated.🤪 Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app

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