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    Ava, Zuko & Buddha, had a fun day digging holes and playing chase, they took a break long enough to let me take a couple of pics!!
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    I just did a search on gumtree and found 9 huskys within 15 miles of my home, 1 was sold 3 months ago at 6 moths of age, and is now for sale again at 9 months. the others vary from 6 months to a year old all with the same tired reason i need to home my husky as i do not have the time to look after it or i am moving and new home will not allow dogs. the addverts should read I wanted a cute husky after watching game of thrones or some other movie didnt do research and have a dog that is driving me nuts as i am not able or willing to give it the home it deserves I am not saying you will be a bad owner but I feel it is important to point out just how much time, effort and cost (time and money) you will have to devote to yoru new husky, even to the simple fact even when you are sick with flu feel like you are dieing, you will have to get up and take your husky for a walk and exercise not just the body but thier mind a bored husky becomes a bad husky. you will also have to be ready for coming home to find the house trashed couches ripped to shreds holes in carpets doors ripped off kitchen cupboards floor boards and doors chewed. huskys can demolish a house ina short time. one of our members went out side for a few mins and came in to find an arm gone from a chair. if after all the bad thinsg you still want to get a husky maybe you will be a husky owner, if i have put you off the idea of getting one i have stopped another husky ending up on some sale site like gumtree or craigslist or being dumped in a pound as most pounds are not trained or equiped to look after huskys and a lot of shelter dogs are put to sleep as they see them as un rehomable as they do not understand the needs of such a time comsuming breed
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    Diego sounds very comical, that's a good trait to have...hahaha Here is Zuko hangin out with his favorite toy in the pool.....
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    I got Marley as an extremely cute gorgeous pale grey and white 12 week old pup (that's him now in my avatar) - but that is not why I got him - I became his 4th owner! He is now 2 years old - extremely high maintenance (and not just his long coat), and has so far eaten his way through a sofa and a chair. Most of the rest of the house is husky proof as I have an older Utonagan (husky/Malamute) - who did over £3,500 of damage by age 3 (he is now 12). I had a fairly good idea of what I was letting myself in for because of Lunar - but Marley is like Lunar on steroids. You will never tire him out once he gains adulthood - and one other thing, a bored husky is something to fear, if you do not keep them amused they will amuse themselves........................................... and its usually very expensive (as I know only too well). If you want a dog to be happy at home alone for hours at a time, - get a Lab, if you work and he is alone - you will come home to a wrecked house and looking for a new home for him inside 12 months. Having said all that - if you are prepared to put in the time at home and at least 3 walks a day - preferably of 3/4 of an hour or more each one once he has grown up, never being able to let him off lead unless in a really secure dog park, spending time keeping him occupied and amused when not walking him, you will end up with the best companion you could ever wish for.
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    We are a very passionate bunch of husky owning crazy [emoji12] dog owners who love there animals more than most people. Nmayi: my advice would be like most of the above. Read as much as possible about the breed. Their well behaved and cute as puppies but this does change and they become hard work. I didn’t release how much until I got mine. He has taken over my life (for the better) he cost a huge amount of money to keep and look after (but worth it) and he is only listens which he wants too. Have you considered getting a rescue instead. This way at least your know what it will look like when older. This would mean diving in the deep end. What ever you decide, the members of the club will help with any problems or issues you may come up against. Just remember most people on here have owned the breed for a long time and know what they’re talking about. Just ignore everything it say as I am still a newbie [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Ava loves her pumpkin too.... Haha, it must be a riot to watch them play fetch with apples, I can see it now, my only question is how long does the game last before they eat the ball.....
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    Weeeeeee, where’s the pool gone??? Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Buddha loves to play fetch with sugar pumpkins, they are one of his favorite things!!
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    "Honey, where are you going? I said my mom's on her way over."
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    Coming from a person who's main job is to rescue and train huskies for a living. The main reasons huskies are put in shelters is simply because people don't know how to take care of it. They also don't have enough time. They put the dog on a line and just let it do whatever. I've researched everything about huskies every year and talk to lots of people about this breed. I also find them homes and get them trained within reason before sending them off. Usually around about 7-12months or older is when a husky is put in a shelter because they become a handful need much more work and sometimes you have to retrain them things because they get really hard headed and stubborn. It's reality it's not all butterflies they are cute and sometimes cuddle but they require lots of work to get them where you want them to be it's not going to matter their eye color or coat color when you do that. It's just the way it is. You can't take the husky out of a husky. They escape, they chew the heck out of things, and they also are very energetic and friendly but they take lots of time. Lots of effort and they are not just for anyone. If you can handle the work great if you can't don't get one just that. [emoji4] Sent from my Pixel using Husky Owners mobile app
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    For a show dog it doesn't matter what colour eyes they have or markings? I'm not being negative, I'm being realistic and trying to stop yet another person buying a husky for the wrong reason and them ending up being passed from home to home Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    My image!! I didn't know this was here or I would've went all the way down this section a long time ago. Great game!!! [emoji4][emoji4] Sent from my Pixel using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Just had a pat. She definitely still has way too much padding. I'll do more rib tests once she gets below 30 kg; still a couple of kilos to go. We try to limit high impact exercises until she gets her weight down, but we let her run when she leads us into it on walks! Yeah. Her previous family loved her the wrong way and overfed her -- from her old vet records she was 42.8 kg at her heaviest! Unlike other huskies she's also not too picky an eater, only pickier the time she eats than what she eats. We know we can get her back in shape, and the forums will see her progress!
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    Thank you so much we think so too... It's only been 4 days but we love him so much already Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L22 using Husky Owners mobile app
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    We got a tiny bit , by the evening it had mostly melted but was still abit icy out so i wore my snow boots to keep my feet warm n so i didn't slip on the ice were supposed to get A LOT tomorrow tho so fingers crossed Sent from my E6653 using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L22 using Husky Owners mobile app This is our boy ^^^^ his name is Kenai Kyregma Benson Albert Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L22 using Husky Owners mobile app
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    I stole mums red bull but to impatient to wait for my wings [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Love these pictures!!! 😍 How adorable is that! Thanks for sharing them.
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    Yes, Diego pushes himself up against me like I am a leaning post. And when I pet him he pushes against my hand as if to say scratch harder, I want to feel it mom. When he gets excited about something he spins around in circles. Like he will do 2 complete spins and stop and look at me to make sure im watching and then start again. Popping up once in a while on his back legs for affect. 😂 But always stopping to check to see if im watching him do his thing. He is crazy.
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    It's so funny they are so much alike, Zuko is a little cuddle monster but mostly when he's tired or if you go out in the dog yard and sit on the porch he will come up and snuggle into you for pets!!
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    That is just too cute!!! 🤗🐕Now I just want to squeeze Zuko! 💕 He is like my Diego. 😍 He has been doing that since he was 12 weeks old. Lol😂
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    OMG...it is so funny you say that because Zuko hides his toys in the pool, Ava won't go in the water and Buddha hates water logged toys lol...I taught Zuko to jump in the pool when the other dogs were being to rough when he was little, so now that is his escape, he will even lay down in there and put his head over the side, sometimes he puts his face in the water and blows bubbles hahaha
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    Jonah sounds like a great pup!!! A swimmer and fetch 😲 that is awesome. You were lucky there. I am sorry he is gone. It is not easy. Mine will go get the apple I threw and bring it back to me and drop it in front of me. They stand waiting in anticipation of what direction I am going to throw it next. The girls eat all their toys but Diego he loves his toys. He would hide his outside toys in the water bucket. I use to think the girls ate them all but one day I saw him sticking his whole head in the bucket of water. Curious I got closer and realized he was retrieving them from the bottom of the water bucket. He knew the girls wouldn't stick their whole head in to get his toys. He had found himself a great hiding place. I was so proud of him to outsmart the girls. Huskies really are very smart.
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    It's funny my Jonah loved playing fetch, he would play all day if he could, he also loved to swim he was more like a retriever than Buddha haha... Buddha will play but I have to initiate the game and when he brings it back he wants me to chase him around, so the game doesn't last long, where as Jonah would usually initiate the game and when he brought the ball back he would throw it to you...miss him so much!!
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    Love his stories 😎 Mamma's little bad-boy 💓. Well not so little anymore. 😁
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    Oh Ava looks so cute with her pumpkin too!!! 💕 🤗 Mine play fetch until they ware me out 😂. You know huskies once in a while I end up the one fetching the ball. I give the command "Go on" and they know it's time to eat the ball! Usually about a half an hour because it is nonstop fetch with 4 (now down to 3) dogs. It truly is a blast! 🐾😁🍎🐕
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    Waiting patiently will be good practice, you’ll need bucket loads with a husky [emoji23] Fingers crossed Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Update: last Thursday 7th December the DogsTrust manager spoke with me, we discussed everything about Manny and the lengths I have gone to in order to hopefully welcome Manny back into my home, I was asked to call the DogsTrust just after lunch today Saturday 9th December for the centre to make the final decision. Having spoken to the centre I have been informed the manager is not in today and should be back in one day next week, so I have to wait patiently now, not knowing one way or another, until I get that call and decision I can do no more.
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    Great photos. [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Yes he is a beautiful boy and he has a great personality, but he can be one of the biggest mischief makers in the house, he jumped on the kitchen table once when he was just a wee pup, I had only turned my back to him for less than a minute, then turned around to see him standing there, I was like holy crap how did you get up there... he also used to be an avid counter surfer, and did indoor zoomies so fast he would hit the wall running but he's super smart and learns very quickly, he's my little fluff muffin!!
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    Yup we have been keeping in touch with the lady from the rescue selter we got him from and she is wonderful she told me that he did the same when he had been put into her care Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L22 using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Aw Jo, I feel for the both of you Luna, who we got at 6 years old, howled, panted, soiled indoors and would be up at the window if we went out without her. We've had her 3 months now and perhaps as an older dog she is very much better, we did all the usual of leaving the radio on, going in and out several times without actually leaving and then crept out the back door quietly without alerting her. I think the dog flap has helped a lot too, she spends a lot of time outside now which seems to make her happy. I'm sure you'll get her calmed because you want to, as a rehomer of a dog past the cute stage you obviously care about the dog which is more than seems to be the case of the previous owners. My daughter has a Merle Collie with blue eyes, he's pretty high maintenance and quite excitable, very complex dog. I find him difficult to gauge because I can't read his eyes at all. He could be about to rip my throat out or just giving me a look of love, I've no idea. Luna's brother is completely different to her, he has the very dark to black coat with big blue eyes.
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    Winter and her puppies saying Goodnight [emoji177][emoji179][emoji179][emoji179][emoji171][emoji171][emoji8][emoji8][emoji191][emoji252][emoji191][emoji191][emoji191][emoji252][emoji252] Sent from my Pixel using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Thank you all for the advise you have all given I have taken my boy to the vet and there is nothing wrong with him. The lack of eating must be from him being home sick .. have a lovely day all
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    I will have to try that next year. I grow pumpkins for the grandkids now 😁 I wonder if my huskies will like them that much. Wehave an orchard and grow apples and peaches. They love playing fetch with the freshly picked apples and then when we are done they get to eat the ball (apple) without getting yelled at lol 😂.
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    They are all gorgeous but Zuko is stunning!!! 😍 I love his head! Sorry if that sounds weird but he has a beautiful head. I love his colors, his markings, and by the look on his face I bet he has an awesome personality! 😀💕
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    Yeah, they each get one every year, they play with them then rip them apart!! lol
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    Thank you! Ava is a rescue from Alabama, and Buddha is a rescue from NJ...but Zuko is from the breeder I got my last three huskies from, he kinda reminds me of my Jonah Boo who passed away 2 yrs ago!
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    I can honestly say I have never seen a dog fetch pumpkins before. This is a first for me. Thank you for sharing that. 😁 That is so awesome!!!! And such great pictures! 💕🐾💖
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    ADORABLE!! You have quite the stunners! [emoji171][emoji92][emoji252][emoji171] ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
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    People often leave chicken bones on the ground and my husky could never resist it! She'd only leave half of it when we tell her drop it. If only people would stop littering! Hope the vet finds nothing wrong with your dog!
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    Just to add, research is absolutely key to having a husky, as already mentioned, and commitment to caring for this breed, a lack of both is the reason they end up in rescues. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    It really annoys me when people want to buy a husky based on eye colour and markings!! It's impossible to tell what markings will be like when fully grown, when you look at my dog as a puppy compared to now you wouldn't even think he was the same dog The questions I hope you are asking are these: can you see at least the mother? Have both parents been hip and eye tested? Is the breeder going to keep the puppies until at least 8 weeks like they should do? Have you researched huskies properly? Do you know they can't be let off lead? Do you know how much hard work they are and they aren't just a fashion accessory with pretty eyes and fur? Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Welcome to husky owners [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    @VICKIE~ I think you are doing AWESOME with MAYO, especially since you've only had her 6weeks!! Some times, all that dogs need is a change in their food diet alone, which you are doing. It sounds like MAYO is getting plenty of activity daily. I can tell you really care & love your MAYO Baby and are doing everything possible to correctly help her. You have a huge heart VICKIE!! MAYO is a beautiful gal and is so lucky she has a great Mum like you!! [emoji171][emoji92][emoji171][emoji274] ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
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    These photos are adorable!!! 💕 They are already busy setting out their "Santa" traps. 🎅 😳😂 Your fur-babies are gorgeous by the way 😍 all 3 of them! 🤗💕
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    I think it's perfectly fine if someone wants blue or brown or green or purple eyes, etc. They may want a show dog with specific details, and really, it's their business not ours. In addition, there are too many negatives on here and too many people having pet peeves. So let's just stay POSITIVE and HAPPY ... Sounds good to me!!🤗 Always remember, "The heart wants what it wants."[emoji171] **WELCOME ABOARD NMAYI** ~ALL THINGS ARE PAWSIBLE~ ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
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    "Don't become blind to your surroundings while chasing your lifelong dream. One day you might find yourself in an awkward position otherwise..."

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