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    A' morning everyone! Simka here barking that boy oh boy I can't wait to see what mommy comes back in the house with from our garden! She went outside with a big bag and I hope when she comes back it is full of cukes, peppers, and tomatos! This was going to be the last year she planted one, because we have not had any luck growing anything for years; unless you consider weeds and ant hills a success Well, I wanted to let everyone know that I am proud of my new buddy Snickers. He had to go to the Vets again yesterday. He managed to get a big wood splinter up inside his paw, and Carol could not get all the pieces out. So Rachel took him over. Oh, and btw: She still has not gotten any more new nikes yet! Sheesh, what is she waiting for?! Well, when Rachel brought Snickers back to her apartment, he pretty much just climbed up and crashed on her couch. It was a long visit at the Vet, and it was painful getting the splinter removed. Poor Snickers was pretty much spent for the afternoon So while he was resting (pouting), there was a commotion and another human came in the apartment. It was Rachel's roommate, Kristen and she had come back home from the gym. She had never met Snickers and went over to see him. Well, as she went over, he caught a glimpse of something heavenly scrumptious: Kristen's new purple reeboks - AND fresh from the gym! He immediately made a dash right from the couch toward them. He chased Kristen around the couch several times until she finally gave up and let him have a taste. Well, it didn't take him long to chew them both right off her feet. He just LOVED the soft leather toes and insoles and went totally bonkers with them! As Kristen tried to get them back, he grabbed them in his mouth and ran out into the back yard area. No matter how hard she tried, she could not get them from him. He would run around with them in his mouth, playing keep away. Finally he settled down in the grass to spend some quality alone time with her yummy new purple reeboks. After a while, Kristen went to check on him. Those reeboks were soooooo chewy and delicious! Snickers got them good and slimy and slobbery and they squeaked as he chewed them. He growled and snorted while he ate them all up like a big hungry monster. Unfortunately, Rachel had to take him back home, and finally the girls were able to get the reeboks back. Kristen even promised that she would keep the reeboks special for him so that when he came over, he could enjoy them some more. Wow! Kristen sure is awesome! Well, despite being a naughty boy, that Snickers is sure a real charmer! In fact, I'm impressed at all the yummy new sneakers he has gotten to enjoy recently. Hope Grizz and Rusty don't get jealous! Simka
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    We recently adopted Keta our 4 yr old Siberian husky. Any tips for caring for our girl. Thanks in advance.
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    ive been away from home for 2 days just shown this to other half who laughed then said he loves him this is one special pup
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    Thank you all she is crate trained already so keeping that going we walk her every day but if I walk more than 45 min 1hour she sleeps all night and even now when we are in our caravan she has a crate but just lies down doesn't look to escape or nag for walks. Thanks all we kept to same food as old owner who was hubby friend from work who had her but no time for her due to son football. Very placid and quiet.
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    How much does she weigh? Has she seen a vet? Please don't take this the wrong was but she looks overweight , my girl was the same which has caused her to have arthritis and is now only comfy if she stands with her front legs further apart to distribute the weight , she's now on medication and a diet Sent from my E6653 using Husky Owners mobile app Edit - I've just watched the video , I would definitely get her checked out by a vet , sadly I doubt she'll be able to be a show dog but so long as she's happy and healthy n loved i wouldn't be bothered about showing her
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    Knew he reminded me of someone limahl lol he is stunning and looks a wonderful handful.
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    She is beautiful, as above lots of love and mountains of exercise, - never let her off lead.
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    Yeah usually fur like that will indicate a longer coat , it's more common to be crazy fluffy like that in long coated German Shepherds etc then in huskies , so i think he's got that mane from his collie side , long coated huskies tend to have a fuzzy face all round Sent from my E6653 using Husky Owners mobile app
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    we have all been there and done that

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