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    We'll raise a glass in toast to your noble sacrifice
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    We had an interesting letter yesterday from our vet asking if we are interested in Solo becoming a blood donor. I never knew this existed so phoned the coordinator. It involves a simple test/screen then the hard part keeping him still for 10 minutes whilst a pint is taken. She was very reassuring, if at any time he is unhappy they stop and half of donors dont give on their first visit as they want it to become regular so keeping the dog happy is paramount done usually with treats. As a reward he will get a new toy. Im waiting now for the service to phone and make appointment (it will be in June) and will let you know how it goes. I think Charlie relieved he's too small lol.
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    (blue) berry Rattata Bandit Pancakes Doe And remi and harley just because I can't leave them out
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    Ice was running around the garden and playing with Bear's ball. Think he's tired himself out now. Sent via the power of telepathy.
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    Took Ghost and Niko to the dog park today, even though it's raining (they NEEDED the room to run.) Pretty sure it's safe to say they had a blast, considering they're both sound asleep now. They had all the sticks to themselves (like I said, it's raining so nobody else was there) Forgot about the wet dog smell that is likely going to take FOREVER to get out of my truck.... But look at those happy faces.. it was worth every frozen finger and every day it takes that wet dog smell to leave...
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    Just a quick one saying hello from liverpool, this is Kai and Jess
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    Guess we'll just have to light the fire and drink the beer while they all warm themselves in the pub.
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    We'll be there from Friday onwards. Really looking forward to seeing everyone! Rich is well up for golf and we're in for any walks. Won't be able to do the meal unfortunately as we'll be in a tent and can't leave the dogs. Will be awesome if we can do the off lead day again!
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    My Cain who went over the bridge just before Xmas was a blood donor since before we rescued him - it was a disc on his collar that let us know it was possible. He donated right up until we found out he had cancer.
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    4 days after the slicing, that made me chuckle! I hope you feel better soon the nurse told me to leave dressing on for 3 days, I might leave it a bit longer then!
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    Couldn't resist this. No, this is not what our garden usually looks like - actually we are clearing out one of the sheds in order to incorporate it into another extension of the hen’s run - to give them additional protection from the rain and to house their new giant sized dust bath.
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    Hope you recover soon xx
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    Rats in a domestic setting at least bond together. They have hierarchy and will pick on each other like any other sibling but they are a pretty tight nit little group. Now hopefully those are all either female or male otherwise poor Nix is going to be overrun in a little bit of time. Congratz on your ratz Nix.
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    How did I miss this!? Hope you're ok
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    Have you ever noticed that you're never aware of any part of your body until it becomes injured and then it bangs, thumps and pokes into and at everything. . . constantly
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    A group of rats is called a mischief so not quite sure what we've let ourselves in for lol

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