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  1. So just back from the vets, Micha likes to stick her nose out the window. don't worry she can't reach out any further
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  3. Hate Monday's hate people who are incapable of doing the simplest job.......... Rant over
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  4. They are still keeping me waiting. On the plus side we have lamb's and a calf, Yep still in my little caravan lol
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  5. LOL that would be "he's constantly laying around" but then again I don't know how to take action shots!
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  6. Diesel saying whatcha doing mom lol x
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  7. I am turning. For them. I live in the country (well..midlands). I want to give my dogs a chance to run pulling a dryland rig. This comes with the inevitable risk that they may see a critter off the running track in a forest, and I'm on the rig with good brakes and my weight too, however I KNOW they could easily still keep pulling. I would definitely feel safer if they will respond more reliably (and thus all of us remain safer too!) if training with these... So, for those of you out there who have used them and with success, can you recommend a brand name please? I've seen a 2 dog pack that gives up to 300m cover and is rechargeable. Around £26.00 and for large dogs. First one...HY UNDYE I think...- need to go bk and look again. I'm prepared to go up to maybe £75 but no more. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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  8. Couldn't agree more. Improper use, as can be done with just about any training tool, is found everywhere and with an e-collar, the ease of misuse makes it a big target for animal rights activists. However, given the temperament of most users on this forum, I doubt many would end up misusing an e-collar. Provided you take a careful approach and research how to properly use the tool, it's awesome for teaching a bulletproof recall- you could all have off leash huskies while retaining your peace of mind.
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