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    My baby lap dog! 55 lbs of a husky means more loving [emoji173]️ Stephanie Gonzalez
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    I took this picture just to see how overgrown my bangs really is. Well, I must say that they almost make me blind on one eye! *now* I'll go to the hairdresser's
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    My ' stand up to cancer' selfie
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    Cody (referenced fiance) likes to get down on the floor and be attacked by the group
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    Well, after walking around aimlessly, I found a hairdresser and got my overgrown bangs trimmed. I think I look funny, but if I keep it long I'd be blind
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    Nix that pic definitely makes you look in the wrong place HAHA Here is a smart pic of me
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    LMAO you won't look as good as Olivia
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    Can always count on you to find a pub, no matter where you go!
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    Dunc You look so Moorish....
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    My new friends and my fav mat... sorry pre hoover.
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    Here's me relaxing with Kira, she's extra cuddly when we get home from the vet.
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    LMAO "Bangs" sounds like your head is exploding !!!!
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    Your just old wheres Liv is well with it
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    Not yet you don't but give it time even for me its not the 1st time I heard um called that
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    Looks great Though we dont call them bangs here!
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    Staff are not allowed to win, you must make normal member (like me) happy lol And I will be happy if I win.
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    I've put one up a few weeks ago
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    I did one a couple of pages ago! Bit more recent than yours.....by a year or two! Lol Hang on and I'll chuck up another one...... Me when I've washed my hair. And me when i haven't, lol.
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    Well where's your mugshot then?! Ha ha
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    HEHEHEHE...same as you would not forget the crazy thread...
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    Was hoping you had forgotten this thread so I could sneak in an easy victory. [emoji6]
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    see I go out walking the dogs and you all forget about me LOL
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    You do a great job of talking considering you have no lips
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    VERY!!!!! Well done you! You totally fooled me!
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    Of course, they won't like me much making them walk all that way, especially giz and Marley (they love their home comforts lol) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Emma did you say you think Bear might be Husky x GSD? She really looks like one of Molly's brothers.
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    Mine are always doing the same thing. So here's Brooke sleeping in her safe spot....safe from the husky butts anyway, lol
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    Would only let me use 2 of my pictures because the rest were too big apparently... I love Cara sticking her tongue out though.
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    Two huskies One girl. The struggle is real [emoji26] Grumpy huskies dont like their baths, but at least theyre easy to brush And they always take a nap afterwards Stephanie Gonzalez
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    he stands on me and was staring at me for a good five minutes with his toy in his mouth until I'd play with him aha. Wake up call Moony style.
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    Molly fell asleep after playing with the blanket.
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    Chilling on the playstation, how mature am I
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    Me last Saturday evening...

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