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  2. Nice one...will upload ours when we get home next week...interweb speed here is not so good...
  3. See everyone in 2020 Anyone any more pictures ?
  4. Please log in at https://www.husky-owners.com if you are having problems with the app, as that is the direct site
  5. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 159 votes towards this years awards and 28262 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
  6. I just downloaded this app it won't allow me to post pictures of Husky puppy I'm not sure what I'm doing can you please assist me Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    My Sofa
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  10. Its a scooter the dogs pull Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk Welcome to the pack hunter Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  11. Andy


    Just look through the members media section and see all the different types of Husky. I'm sure you'll see some that look like moon. Sarah and Marc (owners of the forum) currently are fostering Kevin/Khaos (we call him Kevin they call him Khaos lol) he looks similar to Moon and member Guinnesman (Phil) had a young boy named Logan (RIP) who was a short haired white like moon
  12. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 158 votes towards this years awards and 28261 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
  13. Last week
  14. Hi Thomas, hi Marc thanks for the response 🙂 and yes you're right, I've seen many different huskies. Most people have also only seen the black and white and would call a malamute a sib. I love my baby and love watching her grow 🙂 thanks for the reasurance. Ill post more pics of my babies soon, my male is kyloh he's 1 1/2 🥰
  15. Hi Andy 🙂 thanks for the warm welcome. And well the first few comments came from just some people at PetSmart who were calling her a hybrid and "mixed" it did throw me off a bit but I didn't pay much attention to it, just knew my baby was still young. But another time I had both our pups with us while picking my bf up from work (kyloh is my male he's 1 1/2) and his boss walks out to see kyloh and starts saying how his daughter has two huskies and taking pictures of him. He asks if he's a boy or girl and I say "kyloh is a boy and moon is a girl" he then goes, "but that one's not a husky right?" And my bf is like well we think she is, he shakes his head and says "na it's not" then continues giving kyloh attention while basically pushing moon aside because she's "not a husky". It just made me feel pretty crappy.
  16. Well i just lost my job so i have started working from.home, im earning more money than i was for anyone else and i have more time for walks, i use a walking belt so think i will manage walking the 3 of them i also have a dog scooter Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  17. Do you have time for a new one? Do you have space? Do your other furbabies need another playmate (don't answer that - of course they do) - at the end of the day only you know the answer to your question. For some (not many) one is enough - I thought it was - but it isn't and have just had my homecheck for another one - don't know how we did - but Marley my husky passed with flying colours - so am hopeful
  18. Im thinking about having another one, his owners a rehoming him and his just beautiful Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  19. Is there an upper limit??????? Providing you can care for them, feed them, and give them what they need - have a hundred!
  20. How many huskies is too many? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  21. My husky has long fur (woolly) but has the characteristic black and white colouration. I checked back on my photos and Marley did not develop the curly tail until he was around 5-6 months old - not one picture before that showed him with his tail curled. My boy also has brown eyes. I've seen many huskies with big ears - the dogs usually grow into them. Each dog is different - as are we - we are a composite of our genetics - you saw your furbaby as a puppy with his siblings and his parents - don't let other's who probably dont know the breed sufficiently well make you doubt - i.e. do they own huskies? Have they seen the vast range in colours from black, red, agouti, white, blue eyed, bi-eyed, brown eyed? Are they experienced dog breed judges? 95% of people cannot tell a husky from a Malamute. At the end of the day does it really matter what other people think? There is a senior member on here who also has a pure white husky. Love your gorgeous white husky furbaby and foget those doubting Thomas'
  22. My heart goes out to you and Luna - wishing her the will to keep fighting, and a speedy recovery. Fingers and paws crossed for her.
  23. These few different people saying that he is not a husky. I'm assuming they all have DNA tests? Some huskies look different to others. I've seen some with quite long fur, just as an example, who have full papers for them.
  24. Andy


    Welcome to the forum From the photo looks full Husky. The people telling you that Moon isn't a full husky do they own Huskies? If not then they are talking from a position of Zero knowledge about the breed. Huskies come in many shapes, sizes, colours of coat and eyes and different fur lengths. They are all full pure bred huskies.
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