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  2. Does she play fight with your other dogs ? Maybe they could have bit her by accident
  3. A while back now Ice got into a fight with a fox one night and had a few small scratches on his muzzle. Over the next few days the fur began to fall out and he had angry red skin there, so we took him to the vets. Our other two dogs were unaffected. She admitted that if we hadn’t mentioned the fox altercation, she wouldn’t even have considered the possibility of mange but focussed more on something like ZRD. She said that the scraping samples needed to test for mange were quite deep so it would be easier just to treat it given the information we already had. We were prescribed one meat flavoured tablet that he took quite enthusiastically and that was pretty much it treatment wise. May have been a follow up tablet at some point but I honestly can’t remember. His skin started recovering pretty fast after that.
  4. Welcome to the forum I've had terriers, borzois, labs, collieX, Utonagans (Husky/Malamute/GSD) etc ......... NOTHING prepared me for a husky - the most challenging breed on the planet - and the most rewarding. So much personality, a mind of their own (and they use it), a definite "what's in it for me" attitude when you want them to do something - if they feel like doing it they will, if they dont feel like it ..... there's NOWT you can do about it. I dont think you will find anyone on the forum who would want any other breed. Oh, and they are master escape artists - par excellance. I LOVE them
  5. You also have a very big heart Markulous
  6. Possibly a hot spot? If so, dilute solution Hibiscrub and keep clean/dry (no problem with washing it but dry afterwards)
  7. Well done on rescuing Loca 😊 Of our 5, 4 are rescues, though nothing like as poor condition as Loca: Luka, far right, dumped on moors aged 5 after 3 owners, now 13 1/2 Skye, 2nd from left, came into SASD rescue aged 9 months, now 6. If you raised your voice at all, she'd roll onto her back and submissively pee (now you can shout at her - and she takes no notice! LOL!) Bolt, 3rd from left, came into SASD rescue aged 12 months, now 5. Had terrible food aggression and cowered from feet when he came in (is fine now) Granite, 2nd from right, came into SASD rescue aged 2 years, 24hours before being shot as he'd been feral on waste ground for 6 months and was considered unrehabitable. Barked at me non-stop the first 3 days when I entered the room (fine with women and kids). Is fine now (and greets me every morning, jumping up into my lap)
  8. Does she wear a harness? Could that be rubbing the same spot? otherwise I would go and see a vet...
  9. I’m thinking maybe it’s alopecia? I heard that huskies are prone to it
  10. TO. having had gsd’s in the past...forget everything you know...huskies a breed apart...😁
  11. My girl Freya has a bald spot on her chest, I noticed it whilst bathing her, she hasn’t been itching but it the outside of the spot has what looks like reddish brown dried blood bits in it - is this mange?? Only thing is, she’s not been itching it & her sisters haven’t got it, so I’m thinking it’s not mange as isn’t it contagious?? Any ideas? This is the best picture I can get of it — also she’s wet from a bath.
  12. Meet Nikita picking her up this Thursday new to the world of huskies . Coming from years of German shepherds. Any advice appreciate
  13. It sure is a hot one 25 cel here at the moment so the finished picture will have to wait taking it easy getting everything the way we want it...
  14. Looks great! Easter weekend is going to be a hot one, enjoy! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  15. Your beautiful Loca is very very lucky - and you and your husband have very very big hearts. The people you got her from are obviously just in it for the money without any care for the welfare of the dogs - if they were in the UK they would be prosecuted and the dogs removed. I am my husky's fourth owner, as detailed on his vaccination card - and he was only 12 weeks old when I got him. He had no issues with weight or disease when I got him, just the usual issues of being taken from his mum too early. Still has horrendous separation anxiety so he is never, ever, left alone, if we both have to go out for any reason, he comes with us. Bless you for taking pity on her and welcoming her into your home.
  16. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 128 votes towards this years awards and 28231 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
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  18. Hi , im sorry if this is on wrong topic.. have anyone else a rescue dog? here is my story -> August 2018, me and my husband was looking for a new husky pup for our puppy so he wouldnt feel alone, as i heard huskies are pack animals.. i looked and looked and found an add of a husky puppy that was so adorable on the picture and we called the seller. the seller told us she had hotspots on her whole body so they shaved of the fur so she dont look that nice right now. Me and my husband said we will go and check her before we buy her. so we went to the seller, and when we arrived we was met with a pup that was NOTHING like the picture she gave us. this was an entire different dog , the one she showed us was a devil masked black/white husky. this is an angel faced husky.. we was meet by an awful bad looking husky yes she was shaved but thats not why i said awful bad looking, seller told us she is 5 months old, they demanded 13.000 philippine pesos for her, we got the pedigree and i checked the health card and last time that was updated was in early june (she was born end or march) so i told my husband and we wanted to get her, we cant leave her there the way she was looking.. so we told the seller 12.000 philippine pesos and she agreed, the seller told us that the dam is in the back of their house, and when my husband asked to see her, they totally refused! we just wanted to bring that husky home , and god that awful smell in the car from this dog...when they have hotspot they produce some kind of oil in their skin,. and the seller never washed that oil away, it just kept building up over and over.. but when we finally arrived at home, we took her to the vet, and we was so angry when the vet told us that this husky was 5months old and was only 5kg!!! yes we took a big risk to pay that much money for a bad conditioned husky, BUT we couldnt just leave her there after seeing her condition she got along really well with my husky puppy as well, they have been together until she got her first heat, since then they have been seperated so no unwanted pregnancies today she is soon 13 months old, and she is so cuddly and social, yes she was heavily malnourished so she is developing slow i suppose considering the size of her face and body is not as big as other female huskies. but that doesnt matter, what matters is that she survived just weighing 5kgs as 5 month old pup, and today she weights 18kg and we never regret we took that risk to try save her here is she before and after my husband named my husky male Loco and this female Loca, he said they would be a cute couple hahaha ,, and the amazing thing is that she is bi-eyed AND tiny bit partial eye on the brown eye, (i asked the vet to check her eye as some huskies might see bad on eyes thats cloudy, but it turned out its a so called partial eye, its not much blue there its just a tiny tiny bit) on the left pic is how she was when we got her, i have to admit, i even doubted she was a pure husky on second pic is how she is at 11 months old pls note she was tied when i cleaned the yard as they always try to eat everything they can reach Looking on the pictures-how can anyone mistreat a husky or any kind of dog
  19. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 127 votes towards this years awards and 28230 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
  20. Yeah sounds like hes only after money, she's a lucky dog to have found you, I'm happy to hear how well your doing with her and wanting to get her spayed too
  21. I sleep with my dog in the tent. Never had any problems with the floor of the tent. Sometimes Spyro want to go outside and paw at the door ripping small holes in the netting. I always have a sheet or blanket on top of the floor of the tent anyway and I've never had problems. However, I would be more worried about your dog bringing in ticks. I always check him very thoroughly before cashing in. Also, dogs are amazing heaters. And don't forget to take a medical kit as Markulous recommended - better be safe than sorry! Happy camping and safe travel!
  22. Well, I can agree that from time to time our Spyro is acting like a cat... We have him and a cat, and also I have long hair. Our vacuum is a Bissell, which works great if you just clean it after you're done. Need to mention that I vacuum 2 times a week really good and then roomba the rest of the week. So carpets are clean. But back to the topic - we also have a cat mentioned above (name is Luna) and three anonymous fish. Cat is older than our husky, so - to my surprise - they are getting along and there's no big fights.
  23. Congrats! Your little Ace looks so wonderful. Guess, he'll stay parti.
  24. Funny thing - Google search brought me here as well. Being a husky slave for three years already yet just found you.
  25. Last week
  26. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 126 votes towards this years awards and 28229 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
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