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  2. I give ice cubes. Get a kiddy pool and fill it with water and ice cubes. I am running a humidifier and air purifier in every room. But you already have serious humidity so humidifier would not be a good idea. Wet towels for him to lay on. If he won’t eat them. Keep a fan circulating to keep the air moving. Good luck.
  3. From what I have read, (mine are only 1.5 years) they are just coming out of their teenage stages and are hitting a more mature stag and their coats can go through a change. ?. I give mine Omega 3. It seems to be really helping this season.
  4. Welcome Very cute picks. Ask away
  5. 2Huskyfun

    Reading time!

    Sky O’Malley series. Beatrice Small Novels are awesome! The Clan of The Cave Bear by Jean Auel is fantastic! Currently reading The Seat of The Soul by Gary Zukav. My daughter (16) is reading Red Queen series by Aveyard and loves it.
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  7. I don't have much money either, so I've always had to find the cheap ways to do stuff, DIY or do without. What you're looking for are dog lovers, so, my first port of call would be a vet charity (PDSA in the UK) or I'd google for specialist forums like this like you've done or the nearest dog rescue centre. Now a rescue centre isn't a vet, but it will have dog lovers as carers with experience of all sorts of dog problems so if you phone them, explain the money issue and dog issue, they might be able to take a look or send you somewhere better. BTW some vets might cost cut drastically if the dog is desperate and you are broke as I was cited 160 ukp by a vet to put my last dog to sleep etc then when I said that's more than I get to live on for a fortnight the price dropped to 60. I ended up getting help for free at the PDSA.
  8. Any tips on how to keep a husky cool during this crazy heat wave? I am trying everything and I am currently in the process of trying to install an A/C in the basement where my husky stays most of the time. Any advice would be helpful[emoji4]
  9. Teona

    Reading time!

    What are you reading now? (not only litterature about dogs, of course :3) I really love comic books and blogs format. What about you? I do a research about what people read nowadays so I would be greatful for your answers. Have a good day!
  10. We use a shedding blade, and it works great. The blower is a good idea as well.
  11. Looks normal to me too the lighter fur is the undercoat the darker is the guard hairs as hes blowing his coat hes getting rid of the undercoat so leaving only the guard hairs behind making him look darker/patchy , the fur will grow back in as the seasons change Even tho my girl is pure white she looks like a completely different dog when shes blown out her undercoat
  12. TO. ask away...a general tip, do not let your fur baby of lead...
  13. robke


    Looks normal to me...what brush are you using?
  14. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 233 votes towards this years awards and 28336 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
  15. So, my husky is currently shedding, we adopted him from a shelter and the first six months of shedding his coat looked very nice. We've had him for almost 2 years now and the more he sheds the worst his coat looks, it gets very patchy and less of a solid color. He gets really dark spots and then some lighter, more blonde spots and he is very young, three this year. I want to know if this is normal, also if I can do anything besides brushing like using a certain shampoo or taking him to the groomer more often and seeing if that will help. Let me know.
  16. Hi all! I am a husky owner to my handsome husky who is about to turn 8 months. I joined the site to gain more knowledge on general husky information! Any advice or general tips are helpful. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Husky Owners mobile app
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  18. Welcome to the pack, what is your question , we will help if we can
  19. Welcome to the forum .............................. what is your question?
  20. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 232 votes towards this years awards and 28335 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
  21. Hello! I am Melissa and I have a Husky baby (Meiko), well hes almost two this November 8th. I picked him out at 4 weeks old and he has been with me since! (Few pics included) It is nice to meet everyone! I joined to help me learn alittle more about training and to share with everyone as well! I do have a question I would love a opinion on:) If anyone is willing to help
  22. Not sure what type of show you are entering her in. Requirements can be different. But show standards here are the first picture. My female carries like picture one and can be shown. My male carries curled and would be disqualified. How fun and good luck.
  23. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 231 votes towards this years awards and 28334 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
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