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Monthly Husky meetup in Central London

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Hi! I have a 7 months old siberian husky called Lola! I live in Central London so Lola rarely sees and plays with other huskies :( but when she does, she is so excited and has the best time ever! So I've created a monthly meetup for huskies in central london! If you are in the area and interested please comment and let us know a preferred date and time!

The location is at a dog park I usually bring Lola to! It's in Kennington and its completely fenced! But we are open to other suggestions! 



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I have a 3 1/2 month old Husky boy called Jimmy. Really wish we could have come to meet Lola on Sunday. I think Jimmy would love to have husky friends. I will definitely bring Jimmy along to the next one. Unless you could meet before then? 

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