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I see that Residents of the USA seem to be left out of Husky Camping. 

So I am proposing a HUSKY CAMP USA!!!

To include but not limited too, Swimming, Hiking, Storytelling, Movie, Games, Open fire Cooking, and much more!  Also of course bug bites lots of those!

I have no experience in organizing anything of the sort but I would of course like it near me since I don't have a Vehicle right now :P Maybe @ the Lake of the Ozarks Missouri.

So I ask for anyone that has experience in organising or the desire and time to help set something up to speak up and take charge. I will help too if given a task that I can do :)

Let's do it people! let's get this ROCK A ROLLIN! This will be a TON of fun for sure! 


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This is AWESOME.

There has been an annual USA Husky-Owners camp in IOWA most years.

I'll tag Becky @Austinville  and Dave @Mazz 

They should be able to provide you with a ton of info on how to set one up.

see here 

for some pics from a previous USA camp


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@THELCE PHOENIX ~ This is a great idea you have!! (I'm just now seeing this.) We would be interested (we live in Ohio) but could fly to wherever. I doubt we would ever bring ARMANI & ALINAH, bcuz I can barely get them to the Vets 10minutes away (they are petrified & shaking). But yes, that would be really a nice trip to meet you all!!
I think@Andy had said they've had them in Iowa before, but I don't want to contact him at this time since he just lost his Husky ECHO.
Hopefully, it can be in the SUMMER months.. if it's cold out, I get the winter blues & am almost housebound with depression. But we have to definitely keep this ROCK n ROLLING!!!🤗


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