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Found 22 results

  1. Hi! My partner and have debated at length for the last year and a half about getting either a husky or a husky collie mix. We currently own 4 cats and 4 guinea pigs. We live on 6 acres of land (which we can use for doggo) that are horse exercise paddocks along with a back garden of about 700m2. My in Laws own and live on the land in a bungalow next door with a Wheaton and a Miniature Schnauzer, both love other dogs. I run fitness boot camps in the garden and visit clients in a gym for a maximum of 1-2 hours per day, but my partner in normally home when I’m rarely not! We’ve done a TONNE of research, although I know that we will never be 100% prepared. I grew up crate/agility/obedient training dogs and have no problem being an alpha, stern with positive reinforcement and providing 2+ hours of exercise. We want a husky because of the work; we understand the reward! We’re prepared to be in snowstorm when the coat sheds and have already looked in to the money for stupid amounts of toys, raw vs non raw food etc... the elephant in the room is our pets. Ultimately I don’t care how much I want a husky if I think my cats will get killed it’s game over. We have a “cat wall” which would be great for them to climb up and hide in hidey holes and on ledges. We’re talking about putting a cat flap on the lounge door and keeping it as a no husky zone. I understand that no matter how much I trust my dog after a decade we can never leave them unattended together. My question is, I’ve heard horror stories and successes. Even with all my plans, daily classes, training, exercise, toys, crates, cat escape routes and hyper vigilance.. am I living in crazy town thinking this is possible? Thanks in advance (sorry about the length of the post!!) Maddie
  2. Hello! My 3-month-old puppy had an interaction with two dogs today. The first went well. However, the second interaction didn't go too well. The other dog snapped at my Xilonen- not 100% sure who instigated the snapping. The other woman just said "it snapped." I apologized and we went our separate ways. On the way back from the walk, we encountered that dog again and it started barking at us (I made sure we kept our distance this time) and my puppy wanted to approach, but was not aggressive. My puppy is usually very playful, but I didn't feel her snap at Coco or whatever his name was ... I know this is a dumb question, but is it hard-wired in a dog how to approach another dog? (dogs don't approach each other face to face or make eye contact etc.) 🤔 Or does my puppy not know how to greet other dogs?
  3. Hello everyone! I'm new here, just found this site today. I need help because I'm at my wits end. I have a 3-month-old husky, named Xilonen. I have had her for a little over month. Training is going as well as can be expected. We were doing really well until about 2 weeks ago- out of nowhere, she started biting me HARD- my hands, arms, calves, ankles, she has even jumped up to bite my bum! Her teeth get caught in my clothes and she won't let go! She growls and pulls, even if I don't pull back. I don't care about the clothes, but sometimes she catches a body part, and it seems like her grip tightens on me. The breeder claimed she was 8 weeks old. However, we failed to ask if she was being kept with her mother the entire time (1st time buying a dog from a breeder). I know we didn't ask the right questions, but I suspect her mother never taught her bite inhibition. Also, I have noticed that sometimes when she opens and closes her mouth, I hear her teeth grinding, as if her teeth didn't align properly. Is that normal? Xilonen also jumps on me and no matter how much I try to get her to stop, she proceeds to hump my leg. And won't stop. Once in a while, she obeys the "OFF" command. Or she jumps on me and proceeds to bite me hard and pull, as mentioned above. She only does this to me and not to my husband! I'm assuming it's because she knows he's the alpha. I don't know what to do! (I spend the most time with her!) What am I doing wrong? Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance. -Vanni and Xilonen
  4. Hello everyone, we have 2 white huskies, Aria and Apollo, who are 11 months now. We have been trying really hard with their training and they are getting better every day. However, getting them to come back to us when using their recall (i.e. 'come') is always a hit or miss. We can never be sure that they will respond and its clear that they choose when to. It is very stressful sometimes, especially when going to the park. Any good ideas/tips please let us know. Thanks.
  5. I know there's plenty to train on, but my first priority is potty training and not being aggressive about food with my other dog. He goes every time we go outside, but also goes when he feels like it inside. I feed my dogs separate but he growls and charges at the other dog while she's eating when he gets the chance. I want to curb this now cause he will get bigger and I don't want him being food possessive anyway. He does it with the water bowl too. Any tips? No idea if he's full blood, saw both parents last weekend when i got him, they don't looked mixed breed, he'll be 8 weeks old on Saturday, 02/03.
  6. Hi Everyone, We have had our gorgeous boy for just over 2 weeks now and he has settled in so well! One thing that we are having a bit of trouble recognising a cause for is our little guy pooping inside. (I realise he is still very young so please bare with for explanation) Within the first couple of nights he was able to make it through the night without wee accidents but still pooped - he's got the hang of asking to go out and now rarely wee's inside other than small ones which he can stop when we say No to him and take him outside. Poops are a bit different - we take him outside every two hours then immediately after eating or sleeping. He will wee straight away but we give him longer to poop. He usually poops outside after a lot of encouragement - however, sometimes he won't poop at all but within seconds of coming back in side (we let him stay out till he wants to come back in) he will poop inside - this can be a few seconds or 5 minutes theres no pattern that we can see. If we say no or try to pick him up he continues to poop so we have to wait for him to finish as to not drop it round the house, we then take him out immediately and give the usual wee wee command. He also seems to know that it is wrong because he will try and get under something as if to hide. I hate to think we've scared him or been too strict!! I've read that they can associate certain rooms as a toiletting spot because they don't spend enough time in that room but when we are in we have been leaving the downstairs open for him to roam around in to help him recognise it as his living space. He is kept in the kitchen if we go out for a max of 2-3 hours (he doesn't have accidents in that time) and at night where he sleeps in a crate with the door open. He never wee's or poops in his crate or the kitchen. Like I said I know he is very young and he has been doing very well but I don't want to be continuing causing the behaviour through something we are doing? Any advice would be really appreciated! Our stunning boy at 9 weeks!
  7. Hi! I've had this issue with Odin since he entered puberty; he's sort of aggressive towards young puppies - but ONLY husky & malamute puppies. He gets along fine with small dogs when off leash in the dog park, but once a husky or mal puppy comes in I have to chase him around to make sure he doesn't hurt it. The first 'greeting' he does towards the puppy would be to run straight to it, wrestle a bit then bite the neck. The puppy was terrified and crying and he still won't leave it alone. It's scary to look at and scary for the puppy owner too. He'll growl and try to pin the puppy down, and bare his teeth when I pull him away. He'll go back to chasing and biting the puppy's neck if I let him go. It seems like he's turned into a playground bully and I'm really concerned about it. How do I correct this behavior? We don't always meet husky or mal puppy during our visit to the park so I have only few chances to correct him so I need to do it right.
  8. I need some ideas for my 7 month old Akira. I have had her for about 5 months now and she is moderately house trained. I crate her if im going to be gone for anything over 5hrs. For the most part she is pretty well with holding it for about 4hrs if I am home. In these instances I usually leave her in the living room with some toys and come home accident free. On the otherhand, I will occasionally leave her in the bedroom if I'll be gone for a few hrs as well. On multiple occasions she went from peeing on the floor to peeing/pooping on the bed! I am at a loss on what to do because i hate leaving her in the crate as I have another dog who i can leave out forever with no accidents.
  9. Hi there, we have a 9 week old Siberian and she was introduced to our home two days ago. She has not yet learned how to use her puppy pads and hasn't had her vaccinations so we can't let her out to go to the toilet yet. This means that we have to keep an eye on her at all times in case she goes on the carpet. When we can't keep an eye on her or we are busy, we put her in the conservatory (which we have carpeted with puppy pads!) her cage, bad and blankets are I in here too so we are trying to make it her 'den' area and she likes it but if we shut the door as we have to and walk away for even just an hour or so she howls and screams and scratches until you come back. I know that it is done because she knows if she yells loud enough she will be let out and we have been ignoring her and firmly telling her 'no', but i need to know if we are doing the right thing and how we can train her to be more comfortable with being left alone for short periods of time. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  10. In 10 hours, I should be picking up an 8-week-old Husky puppy. I've done a lot of research (as this is a major life commitment), so I think I got the broad strokes covered, but as with all things in life, the theory and practice are two different things, and I don't want to bang my head against wall for doing a stupid mistake that could have been easily avoided (especially if all I need to do is ask here). Here's what I basically want for the puppy: - on one hand : make sure I don't traumatize the poor creature unintentionally (due to my ignorance) - on another hand: make sure the dog is properly trained (primarily for his own good, but also mine) Short-term questions: (next 8 weeks): - 1. Can you properly teach husky obedience just from reading a book ? I haven't found a local neighbourhood class yet, but time's running out so I think I just gotta start doing some training by myself, or I'll run out of time when it was still easy. - 2. Is crating really necessary ? Is it bad for the puppy, if it just runs around the apartment ? I don't really care if it breaks my 60" TV or crunches through the furniture. They're just easily replaceable non-living things. - 3. I have a 7-minute commute to work currently, and presume I can step out (say, for an hour - to walk him) at least once, but I believe I could arrange to be able to do it twice during 8 hrs (e.g. be home every 2.5 hrs) during next few weeks. How long should this period be ? 4-6 weeks ? - 4. How soon can I start cooking for the puppy ? - 5. Why is it a bad idea to let puppy sleep in bed with me (so it feels connected and safe) during its first few weeks at new home ? I mean, if it wants to go find a different spot (say, a cooler kitchen tile floor), I'll let it. I might be wrong, but I don't believe that this negates puppy's notion of me as a master (assuming I'll be consistent and firm in training and rewarding, which is easier said than done obviously, with cute puppies) Long-term questions (~1-2+ yrs from now when it grows up sufficiently): 1. Ultimately, starting with very short hikes (and slowly progressing to longer ones), I want this dog to accompany me on my multi-day hikes through frozen mountains and wilderness - how soon can I subject it to, say, 16-20+ hour hike up snow-covered hills/mountains (total distance ~25-40 kms). I've read very conflicting experiences, so it's hard to say, if it's just those particular individual dogs, or it's a breed-specific feature. How soon will Husky's stamina build up to be able to keep up with me ? 2. Will it be able to handle **safely** temperatures of around -25 Celsius, if 99% of its life is spent indoors at +25 Celsius ? That's 50 degrees of a difference. Yes, I understand their origin and heritage very well, but humans have the very same problem. For example, I don't have issue outside until it drops below those -25 C, but 99% of people I met, bitches around +5C how 'cold' it is, as they haven't been exposed to it during early childhood. I have to presume the same holds for dogs, as their body behaves extremely similarly to human body (in so many ways), and they cannot layer up (unlike us). When I was a kid, in our village, the neighbour's dog (not a husky, though), who was outside his whole life from birth, froze to death the night it dropped to -28C. We were always arguing with the neighbours, but they didn't listen. Unfortunately, at that time&place, there was no such thing as animal police. 3. I'm having a problem finding some hard data on their thermoregulation. I understand the signs of human hypothermia very well, but have zero idea on how husky internally experience cold and most importantly - hypothermia (as it's fundamentally dangerous, especially out there, when you're 10-50 km from civilization). I don't have a problem walking for hours through brutal blizzard (in fact, I love it and drive long distances for every single experience) - but can a domesticated indoor husky survive one ? I am absolutely NOT willing to find out by risking his life/health. One one hand, this is what they were born for, on another - it's got zero experience and exposure to cold because it's kept indoors - so the common sense dictates that its genes don't really matter that much anymore at these, relatively extreme, temperatures (since they were born to and acclimated to the +20C indoors). On yet another hand, wolves must obviously be able to survive multiple blizzards in their lifetime (and in my childhood area they indeed did), so theoretically, a blizzard should not kill a healthy Husky either. Now, if you never saw a documentary on how [incredibly quickly] a strong cold wind drains the human body of heat, you might think this question is absurd, but I assure you it's actually not (plus, check my question 2 on that poor frozen dog). 4. When we'll go for a hike, there's obviously not going to be a leash. Is Husky ballsy and crazy enough to wander far alone and try to attack bear or wolf pack ? I'm asking, as I actually survived encounter with a hungry wolf-pack, in the middle of a cold January night (yes, I know now it was a stupid idea to take a short walk at 2am, knowing very well that a wolf-pack operates in the area, but I was very -ehm- young at that time). While I somehow stared the alpha male down, and he eventually slowly pulled back (I was too big for him and not worth the risk apparently, despite the pack aggressively barking at him), not sure what a Husky would do at such situation, as he could probably just escalate the situation and make things life-threatening for both of us. 5. How soon can he fly on a plane without being traumatized ? While I am currently in U.S., and can drive to Canada/Newfoundland from Jersey easily (usually within 20 hrs, but try to keep driving to a minimum - e.g. not more than 30-50 hours during a week), some great places (e.g. Iceland, where I'd just love to take him) you have to fly and I heard horror stories about dogs that flew. Considering Husky's temperament, I am of the opinion that it suffers tremendously during the flight, but don't really know. I honestly believe I can provide my Husky with some great adventuring experiences, that he was born for, throughout his life, despite him having to be indoors majority of time. But I must be 100% sure his safety is not compromised by me overlooking something or pushing over the realistic (for the breed) boundaries. Please feel free to answer any question, even if it's just one. Thank you.
  11. Hi, I have a 6 month old husky called Lyla and my partner has a 2 year old husky called autumn (both girls) which we adore!! Both dogs are so friendly to both people and other animals and love running around and playing with other dogs at dog off leash areas! However, recently the 2 year old husky autumn has been really rough towards small dogs when they begin to run away or growl back, even to the extent of picking them up and thrashing them in her mouth :/ it hasn't gotten to the stage of her actually injuring any small dogs but the behaviour is often unpredictable and you can imagine how upset the owners of the small dogs are! We growl at her and put her straight on the lead after this happens and she knows she's in trouble but the behaviour still continues I also have a small fox terrier dog that she would never do this towards (she knows to leave him alone) I have read a bit about high prey drive in huskys and am pretty certain this is her reaction towards small dogs Just wondering if anyone has seen this behaviour in their huskys and had any luck or recommendations of training this behaviour out? We would love to still be able to take them out to dog off leash areas and not have this concern!! Thanks
  12. Hello! I just got a husky puppy about 2 weeks ago. She's currently 2 months old and very lively. The one problem I'm afraid i have is that we live in California, where its really hot lately and I'm not sure on how to cool my puppy, Winter, off. She's not allowed in the house yet until she's properly trained to not bite everything in site.(We let her in when its close to bedtime though and she sleeps with me in my room.) We have lots of shade in our backyard and we got her a kiddie pool that we fill with water and ice for her to keep cool in but she doesnt seem to like that as much. She spends most of the day sleeping until the day is cool enough for me to go take her out to play for a good 2 hours. Any suggestions or advice? Thank you in advanced!
  13. Wolfee


    Anyone got any tips on socializing excitable dogs for me? I'm going to start taking my Staffie and Husky on walks where there's a lot of people, I'm just gonna sort of walk through, and ignore the distractions (people and dogs) and hope that they copy me in time, and the more I do this they will get used to ignoring dogs and people when out on walks or just in general, like if we have guests so they won't jump all over them and be calm instead... Will this work? :/ Thank you
  14. In my family there's my 6 year old lab, Holly, my 2 year old husky Freya, and then there's the 1 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Lexi, who is technically my brothers dog, but tbh I've taken her on from the moment we got her, as he's always working and had no time for her. For Christmas, my dad dog my mum a male Pomeranian puppy, that's Elvis. He's a lovely little lapdog for my mum, though a yapper, he's really sweet and cute. Just to say, I think that what happened was totally my fault, I didn't introduce them the correct way, I take full responsibility. So basically, the first time I introduced Elvis to the girls was about 3-4 days after we got him, and I took him into the kitchen with me, holding him, and let the girls in to meet him one at a time. They're big dogs, so I didn't want to overwhelm him. First was Holly, because she's been a mother before and sure enough she was totally fine with him, they were playful and everything was fine. Then I brought in Freya (took Holly out, so it's just one at a time), and she was fine with him too, she was great with Lexi so I didn't expect anything other than that. Long story short, Lexi didn't take it well. She displayed some dominant behaviour, putting him on his back, her ridges were up, she looked tense, alert etc. So I took him out. I'd done this a few more times over the course of a month, and she seemed to be getting better with him. The other day I took him into the garden with me, where the girls were playing. I thought, maybe if they played and had a little run around in the garden together they would get along more and get used to each other better, I was completely wrong. It was fine at first, until Elvis went towards the girls, and Lexi just became dominant, and she grabbed him by the neck and shook. She wouldn't let go, so I had to put my hands into her mouth and pry her off of him. Thankfully, I think she just got his fur not his actual skin, because there wasn't a mark on him and about 10 minutes later he was happy as larry again. I, of course, was freaking out, shouting to my brother that she had to go and all this, he got very upset with me and started accusing me and my mum of 'blaming' Lexi all because she was a Staffie, who unfortunately have a bad rep. After I was able to calm down and evaluate the situation, I realised that I had allowed Lexi to become a possessive and dominant dog. She obviously doens't feel like I'm the pack leader, and that's the problem and why she felt the need to protect her territory... Because in her world, 'dog-world', she didn't do anything wrong... She was in the space where her pack lives, her space, and this strange dog comes into it, so she feels 'I have to protect/defend my territory and pack', so I can't really blame her for being a dog. She acts possessive of me and food. If I'm giving attention to the other girls, she'll butt them out of the way and nudge my hand for me to pet her, she jumps on people and me, there's been times where I'm sat on the floor with the girls and she actually sits on me, and the other girls don't come near me, she looks very alert on walks, she jumps on furniture, and she steals the others food... I've began some training with her, where I correct these behaviours when I see them, so on a walk if she's alert, ears up, tail up, chest out, I give her a slight touch with my heel to snap her out of it and she usually looks at me, and takes a few steps back... She's fairly good on the leash, she doesn't pull me, she just looks too alert at times, and when people/dogs are there she pulls to go towards them and then it becomes a fight to keep her back as she's a big bag of muscle. I've began this feeding routine where I feed them all together, originally we couldn't do this because she ate all the others' food when she was done, we thought it was because she was greedy, so we just fed her separately. What I do now is feed them all together, but I feed the oldest members of the pack first, so it goes Holly, Freya and then her. She's tried to go for their food at times, but I keep her back, and she usually just sits there and watches them eat, which I think is a good sign... I want her to learn that there's a hierarchy, and I want her to be at the bottom of it, just because she's the most dominant, not to mention strongest, dog in the pack. I've began working with the commands 'watch me', 'heel' and 'stay' to get her attention on me, I want to teach her to be aloof to distractions and to just ignore other dogs/people, so she doesn't feel the need to approach them if they don't ask her to... I've also seen her snap at Holly and Freya, so she's dominating herself over them too... She actually got hold of Freya's cheek today whilst I did this feeding routine, and they fought a little, but I stopped it, and 10 minutes later they were fine, best friends again. I was actually a little surprised at Freya, she can hold her own... Freya snaps back and has little fights/tiffs with her, but Holly isn't a dominant dog by nature, so she just lets it happen... I've been trying to establish Holly as the eldest, so she's like my co-alpha, but I don't think she's the right temperament dog for that... Am I wrong, or will Lexi not see her as an alpha? I need to know how to establish myself as pack leader, and how to make her see that she's at the bottom of the hierarchy in our pack. I don't spend 24 hours a day with my dogs, they spend the majority of their time outside, as they don't do well indoors and my parents don't want them in the living room etc. due to their size and shedding... I go out to them at least 3-4 times a day, and they get walks whenever I have the time... But I have started to religiously stick to the at least 1 walk a day rule, as I'm sure this is part of the problem << even if it's 10 minutes at night, I'll do it. Anyone who has had similar problems, what would you suggest I do to ensure that she doesn't get aggressive and over-the-top, I don't want her to leave, I love her so much, I would die for her, but she can't be allowed to carry on like this, because I'm scared she'll do something that causes her to be put down, which is my worst nightmare Any advice will be greatly appreciated, am I doing things right? Any other tips you can give me? Another question, I suffer from Depression and social anxiety with people, so will this mean that I can't be a pack leader because they will see me as weak? How would you recommend I introduce Elvis and Lexi the next time? Should I even attempt that? Thank you!! I'll put in some photo's of the new puppy and some others ^_^ Freya's muddy on that one, so excuse us ahaha
  15. I have no idea what to do, my staffy Lexi is 1, so she's still a puppy, but it's becoming a problem now that she's still play-biting because her teeth are obviously bigger and she's a lot stronger now, and also she's still jumping. It's to the point now where when she see's other people she's running over to them, jumping up and biting them (not aggressively it's ALL play, I assure you, she's the sweetest dog ever and not any of my dogs have ever done anything aggressive towards people). I've done everything I can possibly think of to correct her, I've yelled at her 'NO' because I get frustrated when she grabs me a little too hard, or jumps on me, I've tried completely ignoring it, i've tried blocking her, I've tried calmly saying no, I've tried redirecting her attention, I've tried everything but hitting, which I absolutely refuse to do. However, my dad thinks that doing the 'tap on the nose' is the only way to get her to stop... But I disagree, I really don't wanna 'tap' her on the nose, there has to be another way. Can anyone tell me any ways of stopping her? Training Techniques, anything? Thank you Some pictures of my girls, they're loving Autumn ^_^
  16. Hello everyone! This is Luna, my 4 month old Husky i've had her from 9 weeks. We always have had a problem with her not liking her cage, we introduced it slowly, gave her dinner in there, treats, gave her her favourite toys in there and it seemed to be going well. But only when we were in the room.. As soon as we leave she whines, even if were only upstairs. She had a few nights where she only cried for a few minutes and would sleep right through, then other nights she would scream for hours and then wake us up screaming early hours, but as soon as she came out she would just go sleep. Its very annoying. We thought it might be the cage, which i though ok some dogs dont like cages thats fair enough, so we put her in the kitchen but that hasnt helped at all, same thing. Its also affecting her toilet training as she gets so worked up she wees, i leave her plenty of toys, a comfy bed, its not to hot and if she is abit hot the floor is really cold. Im just abit stuck now not to sure where to go from here, its not just a little whine either its a VERY loud scream, like shes desperate to get out. Any help? Shes such a lovely dog, shes well behaved on and off the lead, i just cant get her out of this one.
  17. Hello! (: Brand new to this forum, and I have an interesting question to ask. How do you socialize an adult dog if they were not properly socialized as a pup? The reason I ask this is I have recently adopted a 1 year old husky/malamute mix from a family that lived out on acreage for that entire year, and all I can say is when I asked if she was house broken, they told me she just "stays in the garage". Now, she is not dog aggressive, just very VERY motivated. She does not care for people (she grew up with a very large human family), she is sometimes food motivated, but if we walk down the road and she sees another dog, she is high alert, wants to go see that dog ASAP. Even when we go for a drive in the car she will turn around, fully in her seat, and stare out at the dog, even when we have turned the corner and the dog is long gone, she's still staring. I understand her longing to be with her fellow people, as she was restricted from seeing or meeting with other dogs her whole life so far, and to suddenly be brought out from that old environment and see things are much different then she thought before must be mind-blowing and very exciting. So I bring her to work with me to meet people and hear the sounds (I work at a gas station and she sits behind the counter with me), we go out to dog pools and have her swim with me and the other dogs or even dog parks and run around with other dogs, which are truly the only times I ever see her happy. For the 2 months I have had her, she has been very obedient for a husky/mal mix, at least in my opinion. She knows her sit, down, stay, high five, shake, knows her new name and will usually come when I call her name at the park or anywhere else, but if another dog comes running at her or distracts her, bam she's off like a lightning bolt until I can try and call her back to my side again. This might all be in my head because she's still very young and it's her rebellious stage, but I still feel like I need to socialize her more as she is just so obsessed with every other dog for lack of a better term, even if that dog won't even give her a glance, she will not break eye contact and she goes so stiff, almost like she's about to chase down a squirrel. I just moved cities, so I do not have any close friends with dogs I trust to teach her calm and collective manners, and when I let her run free at the dog park, I still feel like she isn't learning the proper way to socialize. I eventually want to get a second dog a couple years down the road, mainly so maybe having a buddy at home that grows up with her might make her feel better, but I fear he might gain some of her habits and even worse when that time comes, if that time should ever come. What are your guys opinions? And please don't hold back, I'm open to all suggestions as I want to help her as much as I can. We're going for training lessons, I'm just trying to figure out if she will benefit from a one on one session with a experienced trainer, instead of a group of dogs? This is her, with her cat friend Harley. I call her Kida. (:
  18. I've been toying with the idea of doing some kind of sledding activity with Freya. She loves to run (like most huskies) and I feel like she'd love sledding, so I looked around online and came across Bike Joring and something called Husky Scootering (maybe the wrong name for it).. They both looked amazing and kinda like a modern version of dog sledding, but since the scooters are hella expensive, I decided on Bike Joring. Only problem is I've got no idea how you go about training a husky how to do it. Apparently you need commands like 'gee' and 'haw' and all this, does anyone do Bike Joring or sledding or anything? How do you go about teaching your dogs the commands and bike Joring with you? Just incase it matters, my girl is 1 year and 9 months old Thanks for any advice! ^_^
  19. Hi everyone, I'm after some help. I have an eight month old husky boy called Tikaani. I take him to puppy classes every week to help with his obedience and train him a little everyday. Recently I've been finding that training is becoming, shall we say, a little over stimulating. We train for around 20mins and in that time he is good as gold (for the most part) however towards the end he starts to get incredibly bitey. He ignores toys and will charge and bite my arm. I'm not sure how to deal with this, I've been told to put him in a crate or quiet room with something to chew on to calm him, BUT (and this may be where my inexperience comes into practice) would this not be rewarding him for biting behaviour? Or is removing myself from the room enough to make him think that biting is not acceptable? This doesn't only happen during training but also when playing as well, after a time he'll ignore the toy and then think I'm the better option. I remain calm and don't flap my arms, push him away or make high pitched noises so to encourage him, unfortunately I can't say the same for others in the house that he will then pursue relentlessly. Most of the time he's a lovely lad but his biting is getting stronger. Please help! Thank you
  20. I have three dogs, a Lab, Sibe, and Staffy. They are all extremely strong and two are puppies, so I can't take all of them out at once or my arms will come off. So, I take them separately, or sometimes I take Freya and Holly (Husky and Lab) as Freya is the more manageable one of the two pups, and then take the staffy afterwards on her own (where she is mostly good, but needs work, on the lead)... Even when Freya has already been out and well exercised, she still howls/cries bloody murder whenever I take another dog out without her. I've tried everything to distract her; giving her food when we go out, a kong filled with treats, toys, keeping her inside but none of it works. When she's inside, she's actually louder and she disturbs my family, who end up putting her outside, where she carries on... She doesn't stop until we get back, and I'm worried that the neighbours will hear her and jump to conclusions or something << this has happened before... I was giving a christmas card to one of our neighbours for my mum, and we got talking, and Freya was (of course) howling because I had taken along Lexi (staffy). The guy asked me about her howling, and I told him it's either because she's hungry (she knows her times... it's weird), I've just come home from somewhere (she doesn't shut up until I go out and say hi to her), or because I've gone out on a walk without her. He replied with he thought it was something serious, like she was hurt or something. Can't blame him, she does sound like she's lost a leg sometimes she's so dramatic. Has anyone else got/had this problem? Any ideas on how to get her to chill out? :/ Thank you for any advice <3
  21. ! Just waned to start off by saying how happy I Am that i found this page, I will be a new Siberian Husky owner in the beginning of next month just waiting for the full 8 weeks to bring my baby home. I am an experienced dog owner I've had 4 dogs in my 22 years of life and trained everyone of them, but from what I'm reading Siberians are absolutely so different from any dog out there from training techniques to their personalities so i know for a fact that i sure do have my work cut out for me. I posted here because i was hoping if you guys could possibly give me a list of supplies that i would need that you think specifically work for puppy huskies. which toys work best what brush to start them off with before moving on the defurminator also any tips for the first day what are all the right things i should be doing. also I will be putting my dog in a doggy daycare twice a week those days my boyfriend and i will not be home he works a 9-6 job but only works 4 days a week and I am a flight attendant i am usually home for four days and gone for 1-3 at most. do you have any advice on what i should look for when checking out daycares? and anything else you can throw in there for a first time husky owner would be absolutely wounderful & greatly appreciated

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