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  1. How scary for you all hope they get the balance of meds sorted quickly xxxx
  2. My boys are always secured in car at start of journey,I say start as Solo is able to undo seat belts at buckle end if I forget to cover them he's good though as he releases Charlie as well!!
  3. Hoping she's OK xxxx
  4. I'm in UK please xxxx
  5. Lovely xx
  6. He's gorgeous xxx
  7. Welcome xxx beautiful girl xx
  8. Never knew about the cat she is beautiful xxxx
  9. Get better soon gorgeous Harley xxx
  10. Welcome to the forum. 2years is a good age to adopt (post teenage lol)
  11. You've summed it up with the line "he's well behaved when he wants to be" welcome to the wonderful world of husky lol. He looks gorgeous a full picture please xxx
  12. We've had one sitting on our fence when we had a pond lovely looking birds
  13. As the owner of a mixed breed (aka mongrol) he has had more health problems than the husky. His ulner plates closed prematurely as a pup causing his legs to bow. We had one operated on (horrendous they have to cut a chunk out of the bone and he is full of metal) and we know he could be prone to arthritis in a few years. Being a mix is definitely no guarantee of good health.
  14. Beautiful xxx
  15. Very close for fun would go husky and practicality car x thanks for sharing