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  1. You have to wear a quality helmet, gloves and goggles anyway Jo. They don't let you take part if not. How old is Amy? This is Sapphire again but this time running with new girl Misty.
  2. Thanks Emma. Some of the pack can't be raced, i.e. Nina, Eclipse. Keiko, Sasha and Sapphire run. Sapphire is the fastest but I can't get her to run on her own at the moment. i didn't have a dog that could keep up with her in a 2 dog team either but I have now borrowed my granddaughters dog Misty so am back to a 2 dog team and 3 dogs that can run on their own. Just thought some of you might like to see some of our training runs. They are all from today 16/04.17 This first one is Sapphires reluctance to run on her own.
  3. C'mon Rachael, you can't bottle it before you try it. Although you might if you see my little mishap today. No problem mate if you don't know, you don't know. You may get an insight into the biggest reason when I post the video of me and Sapphire today.
  4. To dangerous on tarmac Dunc. Doesn't do the dogs paws any good either. Sorry mate. Needs to be a forest trail or failing that a lot of the thin metal fencing posts and a roll of tape like the police aware stuff so that we could mark out a trail on the other field at the campsite. Would prefer the forest trail though.
  5. Beach will be to soft Dunc. Really does need to be a nice forest trail. A circuit if possible but out and back will suffice. I have public liability insurance Rob. There is a place that Sarah found where they encourage cycling on their trails. If they say anything just plead innocent. This is the one that Sarah came up with Dunc. http://www.visitllandudno.org.uk/things-to-do/gwydyr-forest-park-p284621
  6. Any chance of someone checking it out please. Someone that lives in the area with a bit of time on their hands. Uuuuuum................Dunc.. Would everyone be alright with the Tuesday morning?
  7. Anybody know of somewhere, other than the other camping field, where we can do the bikejor experience. Ideally a forest trail. Doesn't have to be big as long as it has a few twists and turns The idea is to give you all an insight into the sport which I'm sure you will all enjoy. Also needs to be fairly close to camp if possible.
  8. Need a morning for the bikejor experience Dunc if possible. Pressing the damn button to post it but it wasn't posting then all went at once.
  9. Need a morning for the bikejor experience Dunc if possible. Need a morning for the bikejor experience Dunc if possible. Need a morning for the bikejor experience Dunc if possible.
  10. We should be there between 12 and 2 PM. All being well. Save us a pitch near the front please Dunc.
  11. Hi guys. While writing little bits on the forum about our fun whilst bikejorring a number of people have commented that they would like to have a go to see if they could get on with the sport. I am planning on running a half day introduction to bikejor at camp and am trying to gauge the number of people that may be interested in having a go. If you are interested in giving it a go please post below so that i can get an idea of numbers.
  12. Me, Lynne and 3 of the lunatics. Sorry for the late reply. LOL. Not quite......... LOL.
  13. Get yourself a merc ML . I can get 2 large crates in mine and still got space. and the diesels aren't that bad on fuel either..............unlike mine.
  14. Tooooooooo bloody right. would like to do the indoor one this time though. What say you?