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    WE are soul mates. Been married now for 44 years, our Kallie makes our life complete. And, oh yeah, we have 2 children & 8 grandchildren.
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  1. That last picture is exactly what we see all the time. Our Kallie does this every time she meets people. Also, we were having the stucco taken off the house, quite a noisy job, and the workers never knew she was there.
  2. No carpet here except for scatter rugs ans runners done the long hallway. I hate all over carpet, too dusty! The other type are easily removed for cleaning. We have 1 Siberian and 3 cats, one with a penchant for peeing on the dog's bed. They all have their own beds but mostly sleep with us, lol.
  3. Awwww. What a sweet face!
  4. Huskies like to be "denned". A little hidey- hole, so to speak. It makes them feel secure.
  5. Don't you love how they smile & laugh... and they know they are doing it!
  6. That.... is ..... the most wonderful thing that I have ever seen! We have a wolf facility not too far from us here, now we will definitely have go visit these great creatures.
  7. Tbt

    2013 1st time our Kallie got wasp stung, lol
  8. our Kallie with MuuChee's toy. It does look like she has been sucking on it. She does that with her own toys when she feels sucky.
  9. I know that he wasn't a Husky, but he was a wonderful part of our family for 8 years. MuuChee and our Kallie had this really amusing love- hate relationship, and she was so tender with him the last few weeks as he got weaker, even bringing him bits of food and laying next to him to help keep him warm. Our 17 year old Rag doll- Himalayan cross kitty passed away after being pretty sick with a really bad asthma related infection. We sent him over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon after it became really apparent that he wasn't going to recover from this. Run free, my little old man, I'll miss you, every day. Is it possible that our Kallie is mourning for MuuChee? She is off her food and has been making a little woofling noise in her throat and looking for him all over the house. She found one of his toys and has been carrying it around, normally she would tear it to bits in an instant. And has been a real suck, has herself glued to me, every time I take a step, she will. This is really unusual for her as I am NOT her favorite human.
  10. Our Kallie is absolutely dedicated to my husband. She imprinted on him when she was three weeks old and has not wavered in her love for him, 4 years later. It is so adorable the way the two of them love each other.
  11. Kallie was named after the Hindi goddess of destruction and rebirth, Kali. Also means the returned one as we believe she is the reincarnation of our Lady Akita dog, Keisha, who passed away after many years with us. When we were at the breeders, "just looking", our Kallie was about 3 weeks old, and she came toddling over to my husband and sat on his lap, claiming him as her own.
  12. She will get fluffier with winter coat, she looks about the same as our Kallie. Deffo depends on the climate. Some years Kallie was very thick, this winter past she blew her coat in January. Very mild here in southern Alberta this winter. On a side note, my grandparents were from Wigan! Winstanley & Reid
  13. Oh, don't worry at all! Our Kallie is 4 years now and only this past summer she put on 5 lbs, so now weighs 42 lbs. She was slender up until then, now looks perfect, still a little slender, but a great weight for her.