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  1. I would try the bell training. All 3 of mine have different ways of letting me know, but the first pup took a long time to potty train, so patience is key. At 6 months he should know better, but I would say if its not better by 9 months then I would be more concerned. Nikko will scratch at the door, Yukon jumps at the door but Kodiak will just stand and wait without making a sound.
  2. This month's topic was Husky at Play. Voting will end on Sunday, May 6th. 1. Alinah 2. Armani 3. Kodiak 4. Mayo 5. Tuff and Aspen
  3. Kodiak with piggy competition is CLOSED
  4. May's husky of the month topic will be Husky at Play. To enter, post a pic of your husky playing and include the name. Entries will be accepted through Sunday, April 22nd
  5. This month's winner is Autum @Luv my husky
  6. The deadline to enter passed a week ago, since there was only one entry, by default the winner is Luv my husky
  7. Hello and welcome!
  8. I agree with the others to stay consistent and keep up with it. 2 weeks isn't really enough time to train. Also, I think you contacting a training would be a good idea, as I would start formal training asap.
  9. I agree with the others, if your pup is teething then I would get something cold to chew on. I would get a washcloth wet and freeze it and it seems to help.
  10. Welcome to the forum!
  11. What an adorable pair you have! You are brave
  12. They did a complete blood panel on him, and did not find anything wrong. I also had a thyroid test done and came back fine as well. I am not sure if a zinc deficiency would have shown up or not, however I do give him supplements as I had found that to be the case.
  13. For April, the topic will be "Spring as Sprung" To enter, post a pic of your husky enjoying spring. For those of you in the southern hemisphere, the topic can be either Spring or Fall. Entries accepted through Sunday, March 25th.
  14. March's topic was Huskies Gone Wild. The winner is... Luka and Skye! Congratulations @Markulous