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  1. Jay

    Meet Luca

    Hello and welcome to the pack! You are not too far from where I am at! I know that I am in the minority here, but I do use the pinch collars, however I learned how to use them from my dog trainer and mine have never been injured. I think the problem is that people will throw them on a dog and just expect it to just work, which is not the way to go. They know when it's on and will not pull. But I get why people would not like them. If I ever thought it was hurting them I would find another way. Anyway, I would talk to a dog trainer or maybe enroll in some obedience classes. I used PetSmart and was very happy with them, but I heard it depends on the store. I was lucky to have great trainers.
  2. Jay


    Hello and welcome to the pack!
  3. Jay


    Welcome to the pack!
  4. It is time for the August Husky of the Month competition! This month's topic will be "Dog Days of Summer". To enter, post a pic of your dog (or a group shot if you want to enter multiple dogs) by July 31st.
  5. Congrats to Sakura, July's Husky of the Month! @mattman17
  6. I forgot about it lol. Poll is CLOSED
  7. Jay

    What series?

    Love Ozark! I have been watching quite a few shows: I'm Sorry is very funny. Plus you have the favorites like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and the NetFlix shows Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Sense8, Grace and Frankie, Bloodline, Stranger Things, The Crown, The OA, 13 Reasons Why, Mindhunter, Santa Clarita Diet, Dear White People, On My Block and American Vandal (very funny!)
  8. Jay


    hello and welcome! I think the digging thing is a phase for young pups. Mine would constantly want to dig in the mulch resulting in mud everywhere! Luckily he grew out of it but given the opportunity he would love to
  9. The daily routine sounds sufficient to me. Mine get walks at 6am for a half hour, and again in the evening for a half hour. Some dogs will require more, some less. One of mine would be fine with no walks, but I make him go so he doesn't put on weight. I know many people that take their huskies on road trips for long periods, and I think as long as you stop for potty breaks and to stretch your legs it will be fine. For the heat, mine sometimes will lay out in the 95 degree heat! What I would worry about taking them to the beach if it is very hot is the sand could burn their paws. If it is too hot on your bare feet, it's too hot for them! When it is very hot, I try walking very early or after the sun goes down. And for the raw food, many people feed their dogs raw eggs and chicken. I have given the raw egg shell and all to them. If I do raw chicken, I prefer the wings but I think they could have a leg too. I am sure you know already, but make sure if it is cooked you don't give the bones as they can splinter. If raw, you can give them bone and all.
  10. Hello and welcome back to the pack!!!
  11. Sorry to hear that he is not well, hoping for a speedy recovery. Also I wanted to mention that we are extremely supportive of every member, but we just are not able to promote or allow fundraisers because of past issues, and is no way a reflection on you. I know how it is to have a large vet expense and I know how stressful it is. We truly hope that he is back to normal very soon.
  12. I would recommend Taste of the Wild. They have many different formulas, and it is mid priced. If you want to go with a most expensive option, Wellness Core RawRev is a good bet, both are grain free.
  13. Apply for Care Credit in the US. You can use it at most vets and at least it will allow you to make monthly payments.
  14. He looks like a handsome young pupper!

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