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  1. mine do the same thing when its too exhausting to stand up and drink!
  2. Once everyone is matched with a secret santa participant, you will get a message from me telling you who you have been matched up with. The only suggestions is whether that person would prefer a gift for themselves, their dog, and if it is for the dog, what kind of treats/toys are off limits (such as rawhide, string toys, etc.) That info will be in a separate post that you would be able to view. Then you will go purchase the gift and send it to the person, whose address will also be messaged to you. You can elect to ship it yourself, or if you purchase an item from a store, you can have them ship it directly to the person. If you have any further questions please let me know.
  3. That is amazing!
  4. Great pics!! I love husky play dates!
  5. So sorry this happened, I know first hand how scary seizures are. Yukon has had epilepsy since he was 18 months old in November 2013. It's been a challenge getting the medications right, and he won't ever be seizure free. We started him on phenobarbital and it worked great for the first 7 months, and now he is on phenobarbital, Keppra, Zonismide, and Potassium Bromide. There is an excellent resource, http://www.canine-epilepsy.net that gave me some great information. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out. I have been through a lot over the last 4 years with Yukon's seizures. Good luck and I hope you can get them under control!
  6. A couple other things I would suggest. Are you using special cleaner to get rid of the scent? Even though you might not smell it she might be able to and will continue peeing in the same spot. It can also be the teenage rebellion. I think some training will work along with making sure its completely cleaned with a good cleaner.
  7. Great, hope we get a good turnout this year!
  8. It's that time of year again! Last year we were a tad late and didn't have enough participants so we will try again this year. Anyone interested in participating in our Secret Santa gift exchange please comment below. This is how it works: The spending amount is $15 USD (or approximately £10). Use a shipping service with tracking information (like FedEx, UPS, etc) Add your name below if you are interested, along with what regions you want to exchange with. The options are: UK only US only North American only (US, Canada, Mexico) Anywhere In the past we asked that only people who have joined after a certain date be able to participate. I will not make that requirement this year, but you MUST be committed and be an active member. If we end up getting people who do not get any gifts, we will no longer put this together. Since we are sending gifts and spending money we want to make sure everyone gets a gift. Post a reply and add your name and location to this post. I will accept names until the end of October. After I have a list of people who will be participating, I will post another topic to ask everyone what their likes/dislikes are. For example, if you would prefer gifts for yourself or your dogs, and if your dogs are allergic or don't like a certain product (such as rawhide, grain free, etc.) I will then message everyone for their address and I will be matching the members with their Secret Santa, and sending everyone a message with their secret santa. Please remember this is SECRET so don't announce who you have. Once you have been matched, you are free to purchase your gifts and send them whenever you want. I would suggest to try to make it anonymous. How you work that out is up to you. You can purchase from a store and have it delivered right to the person, you can send it yourself, or however you want. Just make sure it gets there in time for Christmas. We will add a topic to announce when you have shipped it (again, not saying WHO it is for!) so we can keep track. Then, on Christmas Eve, everyone can open their gifts and post pics and/or videos here to show everyone what you received and who it was from! If you have any questions, please send me a message, or ask on here. Thanks!
  9. For November the topic will be Thankful Huskies. To enter, post a pic of your thankful Husky in any pose that you want to. There are no requirements of certain activities or topics. You must include the name of your dog with the post to enter, and you can only enter one pic per dog. Entries will be accepted through Sunday, October 22nd.
  10. Congratulations to Skyla! October's Scary Siberian! @BingBlaze n Skyla
  11. Poll is now CLOSED
  12. This month's topic was Spooky Siberians! Vote for your favorites (just not your own!). Voting ends Sunday October 1st. Good luck! 1. Armani and Alinah 2. Astro 3. Blaze 4. Gary 5. Harlow 6. Hazel 7. Kerra 8. Mowgli 9. Nikko 10. Skyla
  13. Happy birthday! If she is anything like Nikko she wont' calm down for a few more years
  14. Happy birthday Blaze!