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  1. Can't check in till 2pm so see you then if anyone gets there sooner give me a ring and I'll come down
  2. If you'd read my reply this morning I said about a dozen of us and about same in dogs
  3. You chatting me up Noting planned going to wing it like last year it worked out great having said that we might go walking Conwy on the Saturday and go on from there other days
  4. As far as I can see Maz there is about a dozen of us Phil are you coming today or tomorrow ? Any ETA,s ? I can be there anytime
  5. Nowt like doing shit last min I just booked the pitch lol Sold our caravan so rented one for the week
  6. Think we might as well all just stay in your caravan Andy
  7. It's on 12 may 2017 get booking no excuse you more notice than ever. Ring this number to book for some reason the website is playing up there are caravans available 01745832079 May 12 - 18 2017EHU, shower and toilet blocksNearby eating out pubs etc. . Beach and looong walks.01745832079 - ring this to book/pay deposit. Inform HOF how many humans, and nmbr of dogs. Ty Mawr CampingConwyLL2 9HGSay you're with the Husky Owner's Forum; they may be in The Meadows Field, but check.
  8. So when do you lot think you will arrive at camp ? Most of you have my number but if anyone needs me send a pm on here if anyone needs it Some old folk coming to camp as always those of that can please be there to help out putting stuff up like caravan awnings and tents up ( or at least sit and watch ) I will be about camp from early morning if not the day before
  9. They in and in bed lol
  10. I will be there Phil can Checkin anytime with Security m8 will send you a pm om messenger with my number give me a ring when you get there OK.
  11. Times it looking like now m8 ?
  12. Work in progress Thing have to and will get changed round a bit this is just a ruff guide. Friday camp setup night time pissup Breakfast from Saturday morning at 10am will do till Monday then play it by ear weather depending. Longest drive is 50 mins from camp but I've tried to break these up as I appreciate people have traveled a fair distance but also know people want to visit different places: Saturday .. beach walk to pensarn and further if people want ... pub stop on way obviously! nice easy 3 mile walk to Tides pub 6 miles total. Sunday .. dog show and off lead at aberconwy equestrian. 12 miles drive no walking. Sunday night BBQ night. Monday.. Clocaenog forest walk. 30 miles Drive about 50 mins Ruffly 6 miles country walk. Tuesday... Rhyl to Prestatyn beach walk 8 miles round trip all flat. Wednesday... alyn waters country park 33 miles Drive about 50 mins about 3-5 miles walking Thursday ... flint castle walk with optional stop off on way back to Abercan Friday ...sod off home and let me sleep 22 miles drive about 30 mins not sure how far the walk will be. 1 night during week if people want to gonna do sunset beach walk in rhyl or prestatyn as nice places to sit and get drinks etc but would be during week as less kids about As you guys book stuff like Off lead and zip wire put them under here and I will add them ta
  13. We won't leave you and anyway trying to get everyone ready before 12 is a nightmare lol
  14. From now till camp will be updated Forecast Summary Today 10/4 8c-10c A chilly but bright start with plenty of sunshine. Staying mainly dry throughout the day with sunny spells, but perhaps the odd light shower developing in places. Feeling cooler for some compared to yesterday in a light north-westerly wind. Tonight A dry night to come, with patchy cloud and light winds. Turning chilly under the clear spells as a result.
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/9883941
  16. He was but I meant the grandkids lol
  17. Tee-shirts all day and the kids been playing in the garden all day still not come in yet
  18. Been a really nice sunny day
  19. Today10C/9C Today will be largely dry and bright, with light winds. There will be some patchy cloud, especially in the west later, and the chance of an odd shower, but in the sunshine it will feel pleasant. Tonight It will be largely dry and bright this evening but the cloud will thicken later. Patchy rain will then move in from the north overnight.
  20. I have about 10 pallets at home that need cutting up well before camp ............. Marc .................
  21. Going to bring it all in tomorrow so we 100% know it will be dry
  22. Reply below anyone I missed and I will add you Camp dates 12/19 May 2017 Weekend and day visitors welcome Me and Susan Marc/Sarah 3 dogs Carolyne/Phil/Chestnut 3 dogs Andy/Kells 2 dogs Rob and Di 3 dogs Richard/Lou 2 dogs Akino I see you booked but sorry I don't know your details Racheal 2 dogs Phil/Ann-Marie 2 dogs Marianne. Dave 2 dogs Chris/Jo 2 dogs Gary, Lynn Dogs ? Curtis, Bethany Martin ,tony ,sandi 2 dogs Kathy, Tony 2 Dogs Daniel +1 dog Darren, Jenny 1 kid
  23. Marc your mini hifi was great in October please bring it with some tunes
  24. Anyone any ideas what they would like to do at camp please put them here and we will try put them on the itinerary