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  1. They in and in bed lol
  2. I will be there Phil can Checkin anytime with Security m8 will send you a pm om messenger with my number give me a ring when you get there OK.
  3. Times it looking like now m8 ?
  4. We won't leave you and anyway trying to get everyone ready before 12 is a nightmare lol
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/9883941
  6. He was but I meant the grandkids lol
  7. Tee-shirts all day and the kids been playing in the garden all day still not come in yet
  8. Been a really nice sunny day
  9. Today10C/9C Today will be largely dry and bright, with light winds. There will be some patchy cloud, especially in the west later, and the chance of an odd shower, but in the sunshine it will feel pleasant. Tonight It will be largely dry and bright this evening but the cloud will thicken later. Patchy rain will then move in from the north overnight.
  10. Going to bring it all in tomorrow so we 100% know it will be dry
  11. Shhh Rachael as a secret lol
  12. OK m8 no prob I didn't know will go look at the other one sometime this week
  13. Brill getting it on a Sunday m8 Me and Sue be there
  14. Found this place today looks perfect to me massive track but its tarmac not sure if it can be done on that ? Might be a pay site might not even be allowed on there but giving um a ring and asking can't hurt What you think ? http://www.marshtracks.co.uk/