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  1. Can't check in till 2pm so see you then if anyone gets there sooner give me a ring and I'll come down
  2. If you'd read my reply this morning I said about a dozen of us and about same in dogs
  3. You chatting me up Noting planned going to wing it like last year it worked out great having said that we might go walking Conwy on the Saturday and go on from there other days
  4. As far as I can see Maz there is about a dozen of us Phil are you coming today or tomorrow ? Any ETA,s ? I can be there anytime
  5. Nowt like doing shit last min I just booked the pitch lol Sold our caravan so rented one for the week
  6. Think we might as well all just stay in your caravan Andy
  7. They in and in bed lol
  8. I will be there Phil can Checkin anytime with Security m8 will send you a pm om messenger with my number give me a ring when you get there OK.
  9. Times it looking like now m8 ?
  10. We won't leave you and anyway trying to get everyone ready before 12 is a nightmare lol
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/9883941
  12. He was but I meant the grandkids lol
  13. Tee-shirts all day and the kids been playing in the garden all day still not come in yet
  14. Been a really nice sunny day