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  1. When we first got Bear, we had a little old staffy lady and she would often stand over Bear to make a point but she would also look out for her too. As a pack expands they try to work out ‘who’s who’ in the pack. You get some who are quite bossy, some who are submissive and don’t care who’s in charge, then there are some that like to test the boundaries from time to time to see if anything’s changed within the pack. Sometimes it can be aggressive but other times it can often be done through play. I’ve always struggled to work out who’s in charge among my dogs. Bear and Ice are on pretty equal standing but Bear I suspect has a slight edge. If she gets up and goes somewhere then both of my others will follow. If she wants something, the others will stand back and let her. They basically treat her as if she’s the centre of their universe and bless her, she appears to be oblivious to it all. She’s just happily plodding along in her own little world. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  2. Fingers crossed ?? Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  3. I also think it’s a bit much that your neighbours are expecting you to rehome your dogs when the baby isn’t anywhere near them and it’s not been proved that this is actually the problem. However, as you’re renting then I’d suggest you dig out your tenancy agreement and check out what it says about pets. That should give you an idea of where you stand legally. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  4. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  5. Sorry to hear this. [emoji20] Good luck with the vets xx Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  6. Welcome to the forum. [emoji3] She looks like she’s a red rather than a sable to me (sable tends to have darker black tips on the fur in places from what I’ve seen). The reds can range from a very pale apricot, to a deep chocolate brown and have the biggest variation of shades. But leaving that aside, whatever colour she ends up being, she’s beautiful [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  7. Oh Nix, I’m so sorry xxx Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  8. Fingers crossed he’s on the mend. The vet forewarned us that Ice could dip back down when the meds wore off (which he did), so we ended up with two rounds of anti sickness shots in the end. The bottom half though, that took ages to come back together,about a further two weeks after he’d finally stopped being sick for good. So I know it can sometimes feel like you’re living in a world full of puke and poop which is a bit overwhelming at times to say the least. HGE can zap them out for quite a while but here’s hoping that it’s onwards and upwards for him now xxx Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  9. Happy anniversary Nixy! Xxx Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  10. Well done [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  11. I can’t add much to the advise that’s already been given but I will say that working on the separation anxiety will help you as I found that Bear would have accidents from that alone as she got older due to the panic and fear of being without us. I’m not sure how absorbing hardwood floors are but if it’s going to soak in urine then personally I’d leave the carpet down until things improve and use a good cleaner designed to remove pet urine scent as otherwise you’ll have to keep replacing the flooring which would be costly. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  12. HGE can last several days, Ice was misdiagnosed with it as a pup. It was about a week of him being unwell and several trips to the vet when he passed a lot of blue roll (giant blue kitchen roll that the other half used for work) when we found out that actually it was that which had made him unwell (we changed vets). Ice had very similar symptoms with pancreatitis and it was several days before he’d eat. We took him twice in a week to the vets for anti sickness shots, antibiotics and painkiller injections, after the second round he picked up slowly but took a good 2-3 weeks for him to be fully recovered and full of energy again. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  13. Agreed. In fact I’ve heard several times now where people refused to believe that an all white husky was indeed a husky. Apparently they don’t come in white and therefore must be a white German shepherd [emoji849][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  14. That’s really cool Nix! [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners