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  1. Your dad's a pheasant?!
  2. Thank you very much
  3. Spybot S&D and Malwarebytes are my personal choices :)
  4. It's because it's actually the shortest distance...there's an article about it here: http://www.askthepilot.com/questionanswers/great-circles/ I used to think it was something to do with fuel efficiency...but that's why planes fly higher :)
  5. I think Basenji cross...she's a beaut though
  6. I agree it sounds like a marking thing, and I agree with Rob on this. It's one sure way of eliminating the problem. Sometimes the simplest solutions are often the best and most effective
  7. Glitch in the matrix.... :rofl:
  8. You may know this already but I'm putting this out there just in case, never leave your dog(s) alone with children. The media is littered with the dire consequences of doing otherwise...defnitely not a risk worth taking.
  9. Such an opportunist
  10. Ice cube & Iceberg perhaps They do say that you can tell that a dog is gonna be big when they're young by the size of their paws...definitely the case with Ice...very impressive size indeed handsome boy too.
  11. It's like someone's taking a register and Ronin's putting his paw up as if to say 'present' ....was it a school trip perhaps
  12. Why indeed King's gotta have a seat of power...can't be on the floor with the commoners
  13. Alpha might wanna move from there...certainly not the best place to be
  14. The ears and the face shape makes me think bull terrier..Hard to tell.
  15. Birch effect I think