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  1. Really sorry to be reading this Nix Bings was a lil star. RIP Run free xxxxxx
  2. he is a sweety
  3. Happy days xx
  4. nice idea Dune is that your one brain wave for this year xxxx love ya
  5. lol it's gonna be a night mare
  6. oh bless him i hope all goes well Nix but stay positive hun xxxx how old is Bings now ?
  7. Well tomorrow i'm guessing is going to be costly some thing i don't need. but i have a dog who wont walk on concrete always pulls to the grass and that's when he'll walk for more than 1/2 hour before pulling you home. bless him soft bugga he is, but unfortunately his nails have got way to long and he has a foot phobia, he goes from laid back softy to evil teeth bearing monster if you try to get his feet. so he's off to the vet's for his jab and vet thinks he'll need sedating and a stay at the vet's for his nails, some thing he's not going to like one bit. best is we've never been able to get the big lump through the door of the vet's, he has his jabs in the boot of the car. gonna be a strange day lol
  8. Happy Birthday have a fab day xxxx
  9. bless him xx
  10. show pic's peeps lol
  11. just the glitter card Emma then glue the crayons on top, use a hair dryer low speed top heat
  12. and cheaper
  13. kids love it lol
  14. lol nice to know i'm not alone xxxx