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  1. ay, i see your a fellow indy husky owner~!

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  4. hi, yeah im good, I sent you the message and was then away for the weekend :rolleyes: got your messages ok and all is well :) Thankyou for asking

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  7. Hi, we hope everything is alright with you. I'm sorry I had to send the info you requested in two parts if that is ok, if not, I will redo it, don't want ot cause you any work. I hope everything is ok :grouphug:

  8. :wave: Wanted to stop by and say Hi! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  9. :grouphug: I hope things do go right for you for a change also~smile, things will get better :)

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  11. No, we're saving it for you....Nanci says it will have to be cooked in my camper! LOL So we should both get to "enjoy" it.

  12. Have alot of fun, Becky! Are you going to try some Lutefisk while you're up there?! :D Give Ryn a hug from Czar and us and hope she has fun playing with Nanci's 3-video perhaps!

  13. ​6865 !!
  14. Hello, I was wondering if I could also add you as a friend on FB

  15. 6809~this ones for Czar Demon Dragunov for being a real Hero!