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  1. Hey all, Simka here barking that I hope everyone has a warm safe place to go since it has been brutally cold lately brrrrrr!!!! Mommy has had a sinus aflection thingy and has not felt well for the past week. on a good note, I heard that GrizzLee and the crew made out like bandits last week! The first night Rachel and Kristen stayed over to doggysit, the boys all waited until they were asleep and then snuck over to the dog gate, got it open, and had both their pairs of delicious new sneakers for a late night dessert! Boy oh boy I should have bet money on the boys. I would be a rich husky!!!! I knew those yummy nikes and Reeboks would not last long at all! Yikes! Simka
  2. Hahaha Perfect! ps Simka loves you!
  3. Good evening all! Simka here barking that I hope all you Huskies and humans survived the holidays! Well, We had not heard from Grizz Lee and the gang for a couple days so mommy just had to call Carol and be nosey, er, I mean find out all the latest news. Well, it just so happens that Carol left yesterday on a trip and Aunty Rachel and Kristen are doggysitting until she comes back. Well, because the girls are totally awesome and did not want Grizz and the Gang to miss their mommy, they brought the boys the most delicious holiday treat I have ever seen: Kristen’s new Reeboks and Rachel’s new nikes!!! The boys went right for them as soon as the girls set foot in the house. They actually had to dog gate the sneakers into the kitchen to keep the dogs from eating them up! So the girls are doggysitting for 5 days. Mommy and me are taking bets as to how long you think those sneakers will last. I would bet Grizz and Crew can have them devoured for dessert in one sitting! In fact, here is Rusty and Snickers getting their teeth sharp and slobber flowing: All ready to eat some new sneakers. Yikes! Simka
  4. Happy New Year! Simka & Natalie
  5. Merry Christmas to all! Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday! Natalie & Simka
  6. Merry Christmas to all! Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday! Natalie & Simka
  7. Hey all Simka here! Hopefully My human family gets me and Grizz Lee and crew some delicious new nikes or Reeboks to chew on for a little holiday treat! Yikes, paws crossed! Simka & family. Ps Emma, sorry to hear you have been sick
  8. A beautiful family! Love it Natalie & Simka and the gang.
  9. Hey all! Simka here barking that I hope everyone had a grrreat holiday! We spent the day surrounded by family and friends and LOTS of yummy stuff to eat! My friends GrizzLee and the gang had a totally awesome time today. Carol invited Kristen over to dinner this afternoon, as her parents live far away. Well, Kristen just got these delicious looking Reeboks the other day and decided to wear them over: Well, as soon as the boys saw them they went nutso. They hid under the table, just waiting for her to sit down so they could trap her and eat her new Reeboks: Well, in the process of getting her plate she “accidentally” splashed some turkey gravy on the toes of them. Once she finally sat down the boys trapped her and spent the afternoon enjoying the Reeboks while all the humans had dinner. Grizz and the boys LOVED slurping them making them nice and slimy and chewing them right off her feet! Such a yummy chewy Thanksgiving treat for Grizz and the gang! Carol says that the boys are definitely thankful for family, friends,good health, and new Reeboks! Simka
  10. Happy turkey day all! Hope everyone has a super-duper thanksgiving! Natalie & Simka
  11. Simka: Meaning great happiness or joy....What better way to describe him? Natalie & Simka
  12. Beautiful pics! You have a wonderful family Natalie & Simka
  13. Sweet Babies Natalie & Simka
  14. Beautiful pics AND beautiful family Love it! Natalie & Simka
  15. Good evening all! Simka here barking that it sure has been waaaaay too long since mommy and me and Grizz and the boys checked out this site! Hope everyone has been well. Well, unfortunately for most every human living in Maine this past week, there has been no power. We had some sc-sc-scary wind and rain storms last Monday and the power went out There were so many trees down and power lines that some humans are still in the dark Fortunately it is still kinda warm out and not the middle of winter! Mommy has this thing called a gemer, germa, er genamerator thingy that kept the lights and heat on at our house! GrizzLees house still does not have power, but they have a wood stove thingy for heat luckily! Poor Grizz and the boys! They pretty much laid around all week as there was not much to do. With all the trees down in their back yard it was too dangerous to play Poor Rusty Well, as a totally awesome surprise for them, Aunty Rachel and her room mate Kristen went over to visit this afternoon! AND, they brought some yummy treats with them: Grrrrrrrr Slurp! Kristen’s yummy chewy new white leather Reebok’s! It’s been like months since the boys have tasted new sneakers (an eternity in doggy years!) and they went bonkers. Rachel and Kristen sat at the kitchen table talking to Carol while they boys shimmied underneath it and proceeded to chew Rachel’s new nikes and Kristens new Reebok’s right off their feet. They then spent the evening curled up next to the wood stove enjoying the yummy new sneakers for dessert. Snickers and Rusty LOVE the taste of those new Reebok’s while Grizz can’t get enough of the new nikes! Soooo chewy and delicious! Well, hope the boys had a super yummy distraction from the storm and no power and all. They totally deserve it! Simka