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  1. Good afternoon all! Simka here hoping all you huskies and humans are doing well! What a beautiful weekend. Well, we spent most of the weekend outside. Mommy took me to the dog park yesterday where we got to be with some friends we had not seen since last summer. AND today we opened up our pool and I jumped in! Yikes! It was only 70F!!! But since it was 93F in maine today the water felt grrrreat!!! Grizz and Rusty and Carol are doing well. We need to get over there and see them more often. Oh, by the way, do any of you humans know where mommy can get me an awesome husky size life preserver for the water???? She is not sure if the ones on chewy.com are good quality or not. Thanks and hope everyone had a good weekend!!! Simka
  2. Hey all good evening! Simka here barking that i hope every human and husky had a grrrreat holiday weekend! The sun FINALLY came out in Maine so we could all enjoy spending some time outside. In fact, me and mommy were invited over to Grizz Lees house yesterday for a barbecue. His mommy Carol had not seen us since winter. Their family has still been greiving the loss of their hound, Bluedog. Both Grizz and Rusty have been down in the dumps all spring, missing their brother Well, yesterday turned out to be a grrreat day for them: At the barbecue, they got to eat their first new pair of nike sneakers for the summer! So yesterday morning, Grizz's doggysitter Rachel stopped by their house to help Carol cook and set things up. The boys were sleeping downstairs when she arrived and she and Carol talked out on the back patio. Well, all of a sudden there was a commotion and Grizz and Rusty dashed out of the house and right over to Rachels feet. From what I am told, the boys totally went nutso for what they saw: http:// Rachel had heard the boys had been having a bad time and she wanted to spoil them with a little treat to chear them up. Rachel laughed as they crowded around and sniffed and licked and tasted her shoes. Well, apparently the taste of new leather nikes worn on fresh cut lawn was too much for them and they instantly turned into big hungry sneaker monsters. They trapped her in the chair where they proceeded to have a good hungry chew and tried to wrestle the nikes off her feet. Carol laughed and she remarked that she guessed that she lost her helper for the morning! The only response from Grizz and Rusty was wet slurping and growling sounds and it wasnt long before Rachel was barefoot. Just then Carol asked if she could go to the store real quick. Rachel had to chase the boys downstairs to get her nikes back, which had been filled with lots of warm gooey newfie slobber and wear them to the store SQUISH!!!!. Rusty just LOVED them! http:// Well, me and mommy arrived at Grizz Lee's right after Rachel got back from the store. I guess the boys were waiting and tugged her nikes off again as soon as she set foot on the patio. They grabbed the nikes and ran into the woods to their favorite chewing spot where they spent the afternoon. They would come back every so often for some bbq food and treats, but head right back after. Boy oh boy, i had WAAAY too many treats there, but the bestest treat was seeing Grizz and Rusty happy again! Carol sent a photo this morning of the boys. http:// They were headed out to their favorite sneaker stash to enjoy Rachels nikes some more. Apparently they claimed them yesterday and Rachel had to wear sandals home! Wow I sure hope Grizz and Rusty get to enjoy lots of yummy new nikes and reeboks this summer. I mean, they had a terrible winter and spring and I just want them to be happy again. Simka
  3. Hey all! Simka here barking that i hope every husky and human is in for a wonderful and safe memorial day weekend! Hopefully the sun peaks out for a few minutes in maine as it has been raining for days!!! Simka & Natalie
  4. Hey all! Simka here barking that i hope every momma out there had a grrreat day today! (Also everyone else too) Simka
  5. Thanks all for the support Simka & Natalie
  6. Hey all, Simka here barking that it has been a very difficult and sad day. My friend Bluedog the hound passed on to the rainbow bridge last night . Mommy and I got the news this morning. Carol, Grizz and Rusty are devistated as are we. He was an older boy, and his health was not the greatest, but he could always keep up with the rest of us dogs and our shenanigans. Im glad that Carol, Grizz and Rusty still have eachother for comfort. Hope everyone out there spends a little more time together with their families today and cherish the time we have together Simka & Natalie
  7. Hello & Welcome! Simka & Natalie
  8. What a sweetheart! Simka & Natalie
  9. Good evening all! Simka here barking that mommy and me sure are glad it is finally the weekend! So I got all the goods on Grizz's appointment. Linda said he did very well and behaved for the vet dude! Well, about those new nikes. Grizz couldn't help himself and chewed on them while they sat in the waiting room. Some of the other humans laughed as Grizz got Linda's whole sneaker and foot in his mouth! Well, as soon as they got back to Linda's house, Grizz turned into a big hungry sneaker monster and ate her new nikes right off her feet. Linda could not even hold still she was laughing so hard! Lots of slobber and growling! So all in all it was a great day for Grizz! I just hope Rusty and Bluedog didnt smell nikes on his breath when he got home! Simka
  10. Good morning all! Simka here barking that if it gets any more windy today in Maine, mommy and me might blow away! Hope all you huskies and humans are having a fun and safe weekend! My friend GrizzLee has been dreading today. See, he has to go to the dogtor or vet person this morning for a check-up. Well, as all you huskies know, its never fun getting a check-up. Especially for arf-ritis. Grizz's mommies friend Linda is taking him. So Carol took Grizz over to Linda's and dropped him off. So as Linda and Grizz were getting ready to leave Grizz gets a whiff of something heavenly delicious and goes nutso: http:// She said that if Grizz is brave at the vets and is good, he can have them all to himself when they get back. Wow! No Bluedog or Rusty to share with! I'll tell ya what, that Grizz sure is gonna have a good day today! Will keep you all posted! Simka
  11. Good evening all! Simka here with an update before I call it a night. So from what I hear, the boys claimed Linda's other delicious new nike and they enjoyed both sneakers all night! However, the boys were not too naughty and let Linda have them back the following morning to wear back home ( although they were REALLY chewed and slobbery!) Im not sure if that will tide them over until summer, or if it just made them hungry for more! Yikes! Well, we will see! Good night all! Simka
  12. Good evening all! Simka here barking that I hope everyone is haveing a fun and safe winter! In Maine, we have LOTS of snow. Mommy had to have our roof shoveled off twice to make sure our house would not fall in!! We sure will be glad when the warmer weather comes! There is so much ice over at Grizz Lees house that the boys have spent alot of time indoors, safe from slipping and falling. BlueDog had a bad slip a while back Well, 3 big dogs stuck inside the house is not a good thing. The boys have cabin fever bad. AND this past week they have been really frisky for sneakers. Their hidden nike stash is covered over with snow so they cannot get to it So Grizz Lees mommies friend Linda went over this afternoon to watch them tonight. So she came in and the boys greeted her, and checked out her shoes. Crummy boots, Hmmph! She got past all the boys and went upstairs to put her stuff in the guestroom. Well, when she came back downstairs, the boys could not believe their eyes and noses: Brand new white leather nikes??!!! As the boys all crowded around to have a taste, Linda said that she brought them for an early surprise for the boys to enjoy and hopefully would tide them over until spring. Wow!!! Well, the boys went totally bonkers and followed her over to the recliner where they layed at her feet and chewed on those yummy nikes. As you can see, it did not take them long to steal one off: Once they wrestled it off, they ran off with it down to the basement. After a little while, Linda hobbled down there with her one slobbery nike still on. She looked around and heard wet slurping and growling coming from one of the rooms. She went in and saw the boys all hiding under a big blanket and enjoying her nike. She caught a glimpse of it in Bluedogs mouth before disappearing under the blanket again. Rusty popped his head out and tried to tug the other nike off her foot, but she hobbled back upstairs just in time: Well, Linda was just talking to mommy on the phone when she heard a commotion. I guess she could hear the boys running upstairs for the livingroom. I am not a betting dog, but I would bet that they are heading up to chew that other nike off her foot! Wow, Linda is a sooooper cool human! Sounds like the boys sure are having an awesome time! Well, I guess thats it for now. I will let you know later if they got the other nike or not! Simka
  13. Good evening all! Long time no bark from! Simka here. I hope all you huskies and hoomans are having a good winter! Mommy and I have been well, but have had LOTS of ice to contend with. Our driveway is like an ice skating rink! . Grizz and family have been naughty as usual, but Bluedog's hip has been bothering him Nikes and reeboks have been scarce since the weather has been bad and all the humans are wearing their boots. Hmmph! It is supposed to be nice this weekend and I am looking forward to playing outside and rolling around in the snow!! Well, bark later! Simka
  14. That's REALLY cool! Simka & Natalie
  15. Well good evening all! Simka here barking that i hope all you huskies and humans are staying warm and safe! It was VERY cold in Maine the past couple of days. Mommy said -31F with windchill on Monday and today it was -17F!!! Cant remember the last time it was that cold! Despite being a husky I would rather curl up next to the fireplace any day! Hope everyone is gearing up for this coming holiday weekend! Unfortunately for Grizzlees mommy, she is going to miss celebrating xmas here because her neice was in an accident and she is out of town helping her for the next week or so. She left this morning. I guess Rachel and Becca are going to watch Grizz and the boys until she gets back. Carol told them to make sure to spoil the boys rotten while she is gone. Well, all day the boys have been pretty mopey and have just layed around. They miss their mommy. Rachel sent mommy a pic of Grizz and Rusty earlier: Bluedog is doing better but still slept most of the day Any of you humans and huskies out there have any ideas to perk these boys up??? I hate to see my bestest buds down in the dumps. Simka