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  1. Bought them both a 10 meter leash. It's nice because now I can connect it up somewhere and get some nice pictures of them
  2. Haven't really been staying at a camping site with dogs but when I travelled with Dex through Sweden I would usually just stay somewhere secluded in the forest. I had this 5 meter rope that I could easily attach to the car or a nearby tree. I placed my tent in such way that he could come inside, but not walk around it (and get tangled up). He could hide underneath the car for shade as well. He could do his thing and I could do my thing. This summer I'm thinking of going on a camping trip again with both Dex and Pixel. Dex is pretty laid back but together they're a bit crazy. I bought two 10m lines and we'll see how that goes
  3. Pixel and Dex are enjoying the summer. Since the summer is only about 3 months here everything grows and blooms super quick. It's amazing the changes that happened over the last few weeks.
  4. Was flying my drone. Most of the dogs don't take any notice to it, except for a few. These two were following it around. It kept them (and me) occupied for a few minutes .
  5. It's warm, everybody is chilling. Including the puppies.
  6. The tufts are real here too! The thickest coat I've ever seen on Dex.
  7. So from the other perspective... Dex is neutered. Don't know at which age but if I had any control over it I would never have done it. We have two other neutered dogs in the kennel and, like Dex, it's incredible hard not to have them become obese. Throughout the winter season when Dex was working we give the dogs meat and high quality dry food. And I had to stop that with Dex before he turned into a balloon. He is strictly on diet food, in small amounts. He's still on the overweight side but if I give any less he wouldn't get anything. Very very frustrating. As far as humping. He's going nuts like any dog with the females here. Dex and Pixel are now separate for the time being because my neutered dog can't get his paws of Pixel.. Neutering didn't change anything for him in that aspect. As far as what's common, in Europe it's commonly acceptable to do the operation after they're a year old, but some people prefer to wait until they're 2. In the US it's more common to do it very early. Everyone has their own reason for what they think is best.
  8. The snow on the ground and the ice on the lake have finally melted. Pixel and Dex came to take a look...
  9. Kiruna in Northern Sweden.
  10. So after a couple of nice summer days with the snow having almost completely melted away... Winter is here again.
  11. Woke up just now with this on my chest. She was so waiting for me to wake up.
  12. So I gave Dex his food and... You know what, I'm not even going to question it [emoji52]
  13. Oh she tried that too, lol
  14. Came back inside and found that Maisy had decided to take my place. Guess I'm not needed anymore [emoji28]
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