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  1. Weather was not bad we all got sunburnt!! lol
  2. The first time we have done breakfast every morning as everyone enjoyed it and it made a focal point for meeting up. We managed to do it at £1.50 per breakfast which was fab so not costly at all , the whole weeks holiday was busy from start to finish and well worth all we did, will look for more events for next year !!
  3. Cider,Flavoured Cider, sometimes wine
  4. So sorry to hear this you must be devastated , she will be playing with Saskia and all the others that are having the time of their new lives over rainbow bridge. Lots of hugs x
  5. Thank you everyone xx
  6. Thanks everyone , will bare that in mind Sarah, he has settled a bit more tonight, he starts again if one of us goes out, I think he thinks we are not coming back. Thanks Jen , he is lucky to have 3 other playmates with my daughter-in-law . Hoping all the walks will calm him eventually but it is still early days so gonna take each day as it comes and get him a bed for our room so we at least get some sleep. On a plus side he has eaten a little tonight
  7. Well after Saskia taking her trip over rainbow bridge Wolf has been lost without her. I think he is picking up on our grief too. Has anyone else gone through this situation ? We are sticking to the same routine with a little alteration here and there and we only get sleep if he comes and sleeps on the bedroom floor. We are not considering another dog as this has been heart breaking for us but want to Help Wolf through this difficult time.
  8. Thank you all and a special thanks to Marc and Sarah xxxx
  9. Well trying to get over the shock. We are back to the vets tomo morn , they are going to determine what levels of insulin she needs, when we pic her up they will show us how to inject her with her insulin twice a day. She has had incredible thirst but not urinated any more. Taking the day off work tomo so I can settle Wolf on his own, and also I will be on pins!! Its not good
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  11. Make that 229!!
  12. 178 voted
  13. You have done really well with her she looks stunning! Nice to see she has a good home./ Enjoy all your fun with her they really are worth it.