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  1. Personally, think the white rice-like objects are rice grains (they can't digest rice, like all carbs - it's used as a bland 'filler') and the 'tapeworm' probably isn't a tapeworm as they drop off just segments of themselves (unless for some reason the whole tapeworm's died and has been excreted). But, definitely worth worming - though we only worm ours about once every 6-9 months, despite being raw-fed, as I know the source of all their food plus I keep a close eye on their weight (worms cause weight loss)
  2. He won Senile Old Git - oh, no that was me! He won 'Veteran' and then won 'Best in Show' - his red rosette got washed off in the rain 😪
  3. HaHa! Can't possibly think why you said that! 😁
  4. Very proud of my Luka who regained his crown as 'Best in Show' at Saturday's Leyland Festival The following morning he had a lie-in. After all, it's exhausting, what with being a fundraising, 12 year old rescue and winning 'Best in Show'
  5. Luka, when we were at SASD Husky Camp in The Lakes a couple of weeks ago - not looking bad as he comes up to his 13th birthday
  6. Sounds absolutely dreadful - and doubly sorry to hear it as I lived in Newtown for a couple of years (Vaynor Estate) and it just sounds so very wrong and not the place I remember at all 😞
  7. Granite/Luka on the beach Miele chilling
  8. We take ours to the rescue's offlead which has a 6 foot fence which none have yet attempted (though one of ours has, in the past before we adopted him, cleared a 7 foor fence) Ours love the offlead for the space to indulge in some good dog-on-dog play (of the Husky kind). We get all sorts coming in, different breeds, ages, etc and there's never any problems that aren't just a bit of over-enthusiastic play 😊 Back in the garden, this is 1 year old foster boy Hunter on the left doing his shark impression to 12 year old perpetual puppy, adopted Luka
  9. We have a 12 year old Husky and a 10 year old German - looked into all the possibilities for dogs in their later years and went with Green Lipped Mussel as, of all the alternative compounds, it's the only one I've seen with positive clinical trial outcomes (it's one of the ingredients in Yumove). Neither are bad at the moment but they've both slightly slowed, hence the supplement. Metacam's great for short term results but not a great solution longer term due to the side effects. I'll add that, in the past, I've used Devil's Claw (a product called No Bute) which seemed to be beneficial for the Spaniel to whom it was administered (but it too can have long term side effects).
  10. Mainly suggestions that I should have a sled (as they know they're Huskies) to which I always reply that we're looking for it...... and the snow 😁
  11. I think (but not certain) it's more a puppy thing - like the back legs going all over the place
  12. As Rachael's mentioned, look for the trigger(s) - there's always at least one: jealousy, wanting toy, particular movement, being surprised by something, time of day (close to mealtimes/walk), etc
  13. Markulous


    Granite used to scream like I was killing him when he saw another dog - and once he'd said 'Hello' he'd ignore and start whinging to continue walking. We just used to tell him the "You can't meet every dog on a walk" and he's gradually learned that he can't! Current foster is a barker at men and a shouter at unknown dogs, so is "fun" to walk! But, although we've only had her a week, she's already improving. Just consistently ask them not to. Works for us
  14. Our "normal" everyday is 3 males, 3 females (one of which is a German) - never have the slightest problem, ever, - ages from 5 years to 12 (rescued at various ages from a few months to quite a few years). Granite, who was feral on waste ground for 6 months, tends to be the 'bouncer' of the group but is never mean or nasty and Skye, smallest, is the princess who bosses everyone around (and I swear they let her, to humour her). The group dynamic is tested when, like now, we have a foster come in - and Ice is particularly testing as she sticks her nose in and won't take 'no' for an answer but her judgement is gradually improving as she sees she doesn't get anywhere
  15. We give our 6 Milbemax chewable with no ill effects - ever since Neeka, the German, contracted lungworm when she was young (and was very ill), we've always ensured the tablets are good for lungworm too (caught from snails/slugs - she used to hoover them up, though none seem to these days)

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