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  1. I give all the pics a 😍. They are all sooo pretty.
  2. I am sure that is annoying but it's funny too. 🤣 There could be worse things to be obsessed with.
  3. Wishing Puggle a quick get well. Hope he can come home soon. Our thoughts are with you.
  4. She is sooo pretty. My girl has that same coat. I just figured she was taking after her mother. Her brother is way fluffier coat like the dad.
  5. Toys for my two help a little. They talk to each discussing who gets to play with it. 🤔😂🤣
  6. OMG... I can't stop laughing.
  7. Hi, I love the idea of a raw diet. After the initial over load of info, I don't think it is as difficult as it comes off. Really wish I could do raw with mine but,,,, My step daughter has cystic fibrosis so I can't chance any food born pathogens. I just had to switch my pups kibble. They are dealing with Giardia and coccidia and have sensitive tummies. So finding a puppy food that is for food allergies, deals with GI issues, and have the nutrition that pups need has been really hard and everything I research suggests a raw diet. I was able to find one brand that covers everything my pups need and I do add can. I make a gravy and poor it over the kibble. The girl would turn her nose up to plain kibble but since I added the gravy she has not refused it one time.
  8. My two are complete opposites. My girl is quite but my male tells me all about his day every time I walk in the room. Really, every time I come back from the kitchen, bathroom,,,,, Feeding time is the loudest. I am training my male the quiet command. It is slow going and takes lots of patients but he is getting it. *some times*
  9. It takes a few weeks for some to adjust after a big move. Start with short periods of time. Buy your neighbors a bottle of their favorite drink and explain what is happening and to please dare with you. LOL
  10. These guys are full of energy!! How often are you prepared to exercise it and for training? You can't just leave these guys hours on end. 2-3 walks a day. Everyone would have to make sure to pick up after themselves because these guys eat (Hoover) everything!!! Do you have the money to cover a very expensive procedure if they eat something that it shouldn't have or gets sick? In the US it cost about $7500. (I have had to take my male in twice for eating bad stuff and now both of mine are on special food because they have food sensitivity) which is common. It will take a lot of time and patiences to train. Not the easiest to house train. You are young going to school..... I am retired and stay home with mine and it is a handful. LOL Just please be realistic if this is a breed that is right for you right now. When I was 22.... I had a small little mutt that was kinda low energy and just loved hanging out on my bed or coach and didn't mind me having the occasional long nights out with my friends..
  11. Is your home new? Has anything changed? She could be picking up on something? I would keep taking her for walks and keep an eye on the food amounts. But I think it has to do with weather and she just came out of season.
  12. I think I understand what you say trying to explain. In the past when I had multiple dogs. I used the garage with them being able to go in and out as they pleased to the yard. I had fans hocked up to keep the air circulating to keep it cool. But at night or whenever I was home they would be inside the house. Am I close??? In the garage each dog had their own spot. Each had a dog bed or a crate (no top) depending on what that dog preferred.
  13. Is she spayed? Do you have have a female in the house that is not spayed? If she has only done this around the same time last year, could it just be the weather changing? Seasonal depression can affect animals. Do research before trying this: use lavender oil. Does she have a crate or is under the bed her go to normally? Use a few drops on the wood (if she does NOT chew the wood) or on the crate cover (that is what I do) I have a friend that uses it on the training collars. Lavender helps with anxiety and calms. But make sure she does not ingest it and it takes very little. Have you spoke to your vet? If she is of good weight and has no medical issues, not eating a day or two won't hurt her. She will eat when she gets hungry enough. I hope she feels better soon

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