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  1. How do you recommend me to transition her to raw? She is a 4 month old puppy should I wait til she is 1 ? Or what do you recommend? How do I find the perfect diet for her
  2. They gave it a 4 of 5 stars second tier
  3. Yeah it’s large breed puppy so was making sure it was a good brand cause read nothing but positive things about it
  4. I went to my local pet store family owned business and all that and asked about food for my 4 month old husky and they recommended NutriSource! So my question is any of you guys feed this brand to your baby? Reading up on it heard nothing but good things about it!
  5. What’s the best recommendation for training her like sitting waiting for me to tell her to eat when I put her food in her bowl stuff like that ?
  6. Had a question my 2 and a half husky female weighted in at 21 pound on Friday at the vet is that a good weight for her at that age she turns 3 months on the 12th?
  7. My name is Leo and I just recently became a parent to a beautiful 2 and half month old Siberian Husky named Maya ever since I got her we’ve been unseperable! Any recommendations on how to train her and all that? Would be appreciated she has got down the whole potty going outside she lets me know when she Wants to go potty

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