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  1. Thank @Emma and @ARMANI & ALINAH This is how he sleeps
  2. Welcome may the force be with you
  3. Just got TOTW and Blizzard loves it. I'm gonna try this and so more research on raw. Then slowly convert him to a full raw. Thanks for all of your guys help. @Jo @robke @wolfpup
  4. Should I try TOTW?. I read post after post forum after forum. I'm lost on some of it. Most be say this them most say the total opposite. Of course I know this happens. I did research for a long while before we rescued Blizzard. Just wanna make sure this little guy gets all he needs. And I appreciate all of the response to the post. Who better the Husky owners. So for the first few month is it safe to say that his food well be trial and error
  5. Thanks appreciate it. @Marc any time you want to dog ? sit. Let me know lol
  6. Ok. The most treats he gets his maybe 4 a day. As food he is only getting 1/2 cup 4 times a day. And he doesn't eat it most of the time. Which I heard is common. I heard that I should do royal canin. That it's breed specific. But only place I can find it on online. Thanks for the response.
  7. Hello all.and thanks in advance. Were still trying food for our son. But he's stool is like water. I read I should feed raw. Then read that I should not feed raw. He is eating iams at the moment. Because that's what vet recommended. He's very active and plays all the time. As well as walks. But he will eat grass and mulch when outside, so I know they will eat grass of there belly is upset? Any help would be most appreciated thank you.
  8. Hello all my name is Carl and where proud owners of our new son Blizzard. 3month old Husky. Where in the U.S.A. All.is going well on his training, as I'm training him to sit at all cross walks. Potty training is on track. Only issue I'm having its his food. Do I mix raw and hard food or do I just do hard. We rescued him. Just want him to be healthy as can be. He has water poop. And is on iams. I read a lot of threads and just want or son to be healthy as possible. I found this group on Google. Looking forward to the reward that is husky. Thanks and hope you all have a good day