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  1. Gorgeous girl Dani, off you go to Rainbow Bridge and join the rest of the Husky-Owners pack - say hi from me to my beloved husky twins Taiya and Leon, they will look after you and show you the way - run fast, run far and best of all run free XX
  2. Ok, it's been long enough - where's the new pictures of the fab five plus proud parents?
  3. Well done and Congratulations, now we need and require daily updates
  4. Happy birthday Blaze xx Hey Nix, I bet you never expected to be that colour when her grew up lol! Gorgeous XX
  5. I feed mine raw chicken wings, beef chunks and duck necks (natures menu) which I feed by hand and they stop coming over when they're full up :-)
  6. I would just feed raw several times a day
  7. Hey Gavin! Where in Manchester are you based?
  8. I would guess that's a no all round then, including mine lol!?
  9. Thank you everyone she has left a huge whole in my heart and Ollie and Nanook's but I am so glad I took her and Leon on in 2009 and would and will do it again in a heartbeat.
  10. It is with a heavy heart filled with sorrow that I write that the beloved Taiya, or little Tai Tai passed away on Monday morning 3 April 2017. Taiya became ill over the weekend and I suspected that she had a tick somewhere and was having a severe reaction to it but it was much more sinister than that. I managed to get her into the vet and when she touch her stomach her face dropped and she shook her head:-( No she said it isn't a tick, she could feel a massive tumour and then checked her gums - they were very pale and she surmised that Tai had started to bleed internally and recommend for her to be PTS as she was obviously miserable and suffering. Taiya never showed any signs that she was even ill, so I went from her being ill on Saturday, getting a little worse on Sunday and worse on the Monday for me to have to make the decision to end her beautiful life - I am devasted - but i still managed to hold her in my loving arms until she passed :-( Go now over Rainbow Bridge beloved Taiya (03.10.2003 to 03.04.2017) to be with your twin brother Leon who had gone before you on 25 January 20013, he has been waiting for you for quite a while and I know you have missed each other terribly, you were so close .....run fast my love, run free and hard and never look back, feel the wind on your face and feel no pain - I will always love and miss you forever XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX