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  1. It’s seemed like a long wait but Dakota’s finally here. She is our family’s first husky but we’ve done lots of research so hopefully we’re prepared as much as possible ? but I’m definitely expecting a fun/challenging few months (years ha) Quite interesting when we first viewed her she was black she’s now seems to be a lovely brown colour!! We absolutely don’t mind either way though and look forward to see the different changes whilst she’s growing ?
  2. Dakota waiting patiently until she can come live with her new family
  3. Hi, I received my Safe Snap Police Lead and Vari-fit harness today, can somebody please share a pic on how to use the lead correctly with a harness! I just want to make sure it’s all set up right ? xx
  4. Hi All, Just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce Dakota to the forums! She’s still with her mum at the moment but will be joining our family mid March