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  1. I was walking my two pups with my son today. A little girl told me "I can speak to wolves" and proceeded to howl.I told her to command my pups to sit and she howled three times over (while I secretly gave my pups the signal to sit). Both of them sat down. Then I told her to tell them to spin. She howled (while I secretly signaled them to spin tandemly). She let out a gala of guffaws...How cute was she? How cute are we
  2. We recently lost one of our (6) cats. Mister was our diabetic ebony loud and snuggled bug. He was fussed over the most over most of our other cats; frankly because he demanded attention with his lonesome wails if he for an instant felt forsaken.Smokey, our husky, and Mister explicitly on occasion would quarrel with each other. Our husky has a heck of a prey drive but Mister would simply roll over and meow at him if Smokey ever partook in his prey like pouncing nonsense. It was quite the spectacle because despite the seemingly threatening nature of their 'fights' one could tell they were the best of buddies...Ever since we lost Mister, my husky does not want to come inside. He lolls around outside or sulks in his crate for most of the day. Am not sure what is going on but it's been like this for a few weeks now...It's odd because our cat was strictly in door (both were although separated for times without supervision).Any suggestions on cheering my ole chap up?Not even Zeeva, our GSD or Tryst, one of our other dear kitties, can get him to behave like his nonchalant old self...How long do you think this will last?
  3. Thanks Andy! We still think about Daughtry and pray you're doing well...(are you...?). Much <3
  4. Just being silly <3 We heart all of you!
  5. Smokey's training grid: 1) say bye! 2) mid spin! 3) keep your eye on the prize! 4) good boy! Such a lovely lil pup isn't he?!?
  6. Andy I'm so sorry. I wish you strength and hope you're ok... We <3 you...
  7. My serious boy... 'I is stuck' Our Christmasy pics! It's a sunny day and he was soaking it in!
  8. Puppy to lovely beast! C:
  9. 'Nom! Are these mine?!?' Holiday cookies! My two boys (Mister the diabetic cat and Tryst) Similarities? Good pups! This is what Smokey does if I try to share the sofa with him. 'Ew mama has cooties!' My sweet heart. Enjoy!
  10. Which one? These are cropped to size But the gist is there...
  11. Love this rule! Will attempt! Lol! What's aperture? C:
  12. She really isn't as innocent as she looks sometimes...C: Can you believe he learned this recently?!?
  13. Smokey went to the pumpkin patch!
  14. Forgot these two: Forgot these two:
  15. I like this heart picture better than the other ones I posted Zeeva balancing on a chair: 'why am I doing this muh?!?'