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  1. my sarah is only leashed if i have to take her to the vet. she is 8 months old. other than that she has 37 acres with a 7' fence and 3 1/2 ponds to run around on. she now comes when i call her and jumps in my truck when she realizes i am going somewhere. i used to have to trick her or tackle her to get her in my truck. my only training method is using different tones of my voice and locking her in the bathroom for awhile when shes bad. she now understands my different voices. i havent had to lock her in the bathroom for over a month now.
  2. this brought a few tears. https://imgur.com/gallery/OKtmyA0
  3. after a ruff day of getting as dirty as possible.
  4. i know the feeling. my arms had hundreds of wounds. keep a lot of neo sporin around. you have to let them know whos boss early. my sarah knows whos boss now.
  5. its my ball and i can fight if i want to.
  6. Jimdc


    sarah was chasing a lizard today and got herself stuck in 1 of my home made tomato cages. i had to cut it open completly to get her out. before i got to her, she was really freaking out. i should have taken a picture but couldnt leave her to get my camera or she would have went ballistic.
  7. i finished the fence and put sarah in it. when i went outside the fence, she carried on like i was beating her. she tried chewing through the chain link, tried digging up the concrete and tried to squeeze between the bottom of the fence and the patio. when i walked out of sight, she started howling. she doesnt like it at all. she doesnt carry on like that when i lock her in the house and leave. the fenced in area is around 3000 sf. with 1/2 of it dirt and grass so its not a cage.
  8. sarah enjoying 4" of rain water in a tub. she does the same thing in mud puddles.
  9. sarah using my chop saw cord as a pillow after a hard day of chasing snowflakes.
  10. this will be sarah this summer.
  11. i am building a fenced in area around my house and most of the fence runs along a concrete patio so no chance of digging under there. about 20' goes across soft dirt so it would be easy for sarah to dig under. i plan on taking solid concrete core samples[6" x 12"] and line the fence with a row on both sides of the fence in that area. if she tries to dig under them, they would fall into the hole she dug. they weigh around 25 pounds each so she couldnt move them easily. someone can do the same with rocks.
  12. this guy ate on this tomato for 2 weeks. never moved.

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