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  1. sarahs first snow this morning. i could barely get her to stop for a picture. 2 days ago getting down and dirty.
  2. cat wasnt having none of that.
  3. sarah should be tasmanian devil.
  4. sarah is uncle snickerdoodle
  5. dont know if this has been posted on here before. just saw it somewhere else.
  6. the carpet wouldnt let her run out of her forward progress.
  7. i couldnt stop laughing.
  8. i had a problem with sarah taking my work gloves and running off with them. she even left 1 in a puddle. i had been scolding her for that. just now she brought me an old glove that had holes in it and let me take it and inspect it before i gave it back to her. i think she is pretty smart.
  9. i had to go to sacramento today and left sarah alone for the first time. i had to unplug everything that she could reach because she likes to chew on wires. i have mostly cured her from that but didnt know how leaving her alone for 6 hours would effect her. i am glad to report that my house is still standing. she did greet me with MUCH enthusiasm when i returned.
  10. sarah was very stubborn today. i made her run 2 laps before i could get her in my truck. i wish i had her energy. she is sound asleep now.
  11. the meeting didnt go so well. outside they were fine. inside during the super bowl they were not. my friends fixed 3 year old male was very territorial and sarah wouldnt back down and attacked him 4 times, not holding back. we had to grab both. i suggested my place for the next meet. they would have 37 fenced acres to run around on instead of a deck.
  12. thats some amazing critical thinking for a puupy.
  13. how about this escape artist.