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  1. Hi, I walk him on harness he's not pulling on harness. The only way I can describe it is he spots someone then starts to get down low. The other day he just stepped in front of me and laid down head up staring at the person. He does not seen scared at all. From being young I have exposed him to as many things as possible when I walk with my partner he does not display this behaviour only when I'm on my own with him.
  2. My siberian is 6 month old. I first noticed this behaviour when he was 5 month old. If I'm walking him usually in the woods or in a field where it is pretty quiet and a person walks towards us with or without a dog he stalks them. He basically starts walking really low almost crawling. If I'm pounding round the street he does not do it. I can only describe it as stalking wolf like. I'm not sure why he would do this but it obviously makes anyone approaching me nervous. Any ideas.
  3. Hi, I can't seem to find a weight chart for husky puppies. I have a 5 months pup and he's 38 pound. I just want to check he's in par with what he should be.
  4. Mine is very much like the photo at the top plus he is parti eyed too. He was a very pale grey now at 4 month a lot of black.
  5. When I got my pup he was a very light grey he's 4 month old now and completely changing colour going black. Will this be his adult colour.
  6. I ordered some Leucillin from amazon. I ordered it as it's a spray bottle. Thanks for the responses.
  7. Thanks I will take a look is it safe if my dog licks his feet after I wash them.
  8. Could people put links as to where I can purchase the disinfectants as I'm sure others in the UK will find it helpful too.
  9. Hi, I'm asking this for UK husky owners. Alabama rot is doing the rounds in my area. Not a lot is known however advice is saying wash mud off dogs feet after a walk. Does anyone know of a good disinfectant that is safe to add to the water to wash my dogs feet. I'm not taking him to any areas where a dog has come down with it but it is in my area so I would rather be safe.
  10. Thanks my other dogs just ignore him they are a lot older. It's my husky that's trying the dominance thing. My other dogs are smaller than him.
  11. My male puppy is 14 weeks old. I have other dogs which are older than him and they tend to ignore him mainly rather than play. He plays pretty rough but I've noticed now he stands over the top of them, literally sitting on top of them. Is this a dominance thing. Foe example he want to sit on the sofa where they are they bark at him so he dives on and literally stands over the top of them. If one of them barks at him he stands on top of him. I would not of thought a dog would display dominance at such a young age he is not playing.
  12. He is 14 weeks old now. He howls pretty loud. Its as if he sleeps with one eye open, the minute I go upstairs he howl like a werewolf. I do what I need to do but at night time I'm worn out. He's not on his own downstairs I have other dogs. The minute I leave the room he's two steps behind. I ignore him but it's no fun at bedtime listening to constant howling.
  13. He follows me everywhere but I won't have him on the beds nor upstairs. None of my dogs are allowed upstairs that's the cats domain.
  14. I've had my pup 6 weeks now. The last couple of nights he cried. I've gone downstairs let him out for the toilet then gone back to bed and OMG he has howled for hours! During the day he follows me every where but I won't allow him upstairs so if I go upstairs he howls. How long are they clingy like this for and how can I combat it especially through the day. I have other dogs also I've just purchased some Adaptil which apparently can help? His training plus everything else is OK.
  15. Hi yes I included treats he's not over fed as I know this can cause a bad stomach thanks. Thank you I have been looking for a chart to see. He is big but lean. I'm feeding correct he eats all his meals. I'm worried as his poop is runny. He was wormed a week ago so not sure whether this is affecting him. I am feeding him on arden grange puppy.