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  1. I wasn't sure whether he was a mix of husky and malamute.
  2. I've put another image of him here as you can see he has a pretty thick coat.
  3. He is parti eyed. One eye is two colours blue at top amber at bottom the other eye is blue. I've attached a couple of images hopefully you can see his coat.
  4. Hi, I've attached an image of my pup which I was told was a sibe but no paperwork it was taken at night so you can't really see his eyes which are parti. He has a thickish coat we he has not shed he's just over 8 month old now. I'm wondering has he got malamute in him. He's was weighing about 45lb at 7 month old. I have not weighed him lately as I will take him to vets in a few weeks to get weighed again. He's got a thicker coat than a lot of other huskies and it seems to be getting thicker. Just thought I would ask others opinion.
  5. I'm not looking forward the shed I'm pre planning 😁
  6. My sibe is 8 months now apart from a few odd dog hairs on the laminate floor he has not had this big shed of fur I hear about. When does this happen at what age.
  7. I have put him in dog daycare today to have a break and fix the fence lol. He's full on pure naughty. I'm hoping this passes soon. I'm on him all the time when he steps out of line which seems non stop he's 46 pound of pure hell on legs.
  8. He's with me all the time as I don't work and everywhere I go but he is so badly behaved at the moment it's unreal. He's really hard work.
  9. I've got a raining lead nearby and he's back to boot camp lol. How long does this phase last.
  10. Trust me he's far from cute he went 'through' the fence tonight and into a neighbours house. I heard screaming. Anyway apparently she shooed him out onto the street. I ran round and he came back to me thankfully. I have repaired the fence.
  11. Thanks it's back to basics and I can't wait for him to grow out of this phase.
  12. I started training my pup at 8 weeks he picked it up pretty fast. He knows the commands but all of a sudden now is ignoring me. He has stated pulling on a leash won't sit, he knocked me off my feet the other day. He's started jumping up stealing food. It does not matter how many times he's told he will do it. My pup is 7 month old settled in he gets plenty of exercise. He's changed. I know they can be stubborn but he is not a nice pup at the moment.
  13. Thanks yes my older dog is the weaker never thought of it like that. If I tell him to leave him he stops straight away. I can separate when I go out but will he grow out of this or learn not to do it if I keep on at him.
  14. I have a 7 month old male sibe. I have other dogs and can't seem to get him to leave one of my dogs alone. He starts to play rough my other dog is elderly and does not want to play. He gets too rough I tell him to stop and he does. It always happens when I'm not there as he knows he is not to do it. My other dog does tell him off but he takes no notice as he only has two teeth. How can I get him to leave my elderly dog alone. Like I said he does not do it with my other 3 dogs. All my other dogs are smaller than him.

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