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  1. I too follow that , just today I gave him for a change . Will stick to basics
  2. Hi guys, I gave a slice of thin crust pizza which had veggies n cheese. Is one slice too not preferred?
  3. Huskies are quick learner’s. One strong n stern NO or next time when he does that, drop a hard steel plate or something which makes noise n do that couple of times, he will stop doing that then.
  4. It was just routine bath. I met a surgeon for his teeth issue n he said it’s enamel deficiency n wil give him calcium tablets for a month n if it gets better then will work on it. Thanks all
  5. Hi all, met the doc n he says this could be genetical n currently he needs to further do research to get remedy I won’t give hope, will continue n show other doctor’s too. I took him fir hid bath today , gearing up for Christmas n new year
  6. Thankyou all , I will reach out to my local vet n again consult on the medication n what can be done . I will share the outcome with u all.
  7. Thanks all, I have tried brushing n giving him the dental chews as well. He is fed meat about 300gms which is boiled n then served . He also feeds on Royal Canine maxi junior .
  8. Hi all, My SNOW is 6 months old n his teeth are dual colour(lower light yellow n upper part white) . The doc say it’s something what they saw first time . I need assistance to solve this . Any suggestions