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    I have 3 huskies Akira, Diego, and Aria. I use to work at a veterinarian office and then went into the human medical field.
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    ❤️ the outdoors. Camping and taking the side by side atv to the mountains is my idea of a good time.

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  1. I don't bother trying to get Diego inside when it is that cold out. He likes to be out there all night. He comes in when he is ready. I love doggie doors.❄️?❄️ Gotta love snuggle bug Ava!!!! ❄️?❄️
  2. Great Pictures!!!! ? Mine love it when it is cold out. The colder the better. ❄️?❄️
  3. Merry Christmas!!!! ???
  4. Very cute!!!! ?????
  5. The dogs loves the treats and toys and I am enjoying a cup of hot chocolate after playing with them outside in all the snow we got yesterday. Thank you secret santa for your thoughtful gifts.?
  6. Everyone's trees look beautifully decorated! ?
  7. Cute pics Markie. ?????
  8. Your welcome.? They will love it!!!
  9. Yes
  10. Diego's favorite ball, aside from the apples ?, is the chuck-it balls. The one with the funny face on it and the rope pieces coming out of the head for hair. ?
  11. That is funny @Olympia7 ??? I love the perfect placement of that ball. Every class needs a class clown ?
  12. All I can get is the whole class photo. Lol ? they just want to play!
  13. So gorgeous!!! I love his markings! ????
  14. Cute! Thanks for sharing ?