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  1. Angie beat me to it! I was also going to comment on the elevated bowls.
  2. I've also heard "Is that a wolf?!" exclaimed by one teenager to another when we were out walking Mayo. The other teenager did know that she's a husky. Haha.
  3. Yes vet, and keep us updated!
  4. My husky can't resist fresh fish and kangaroo! Sardine is super fishy and kangaroo quite gamy, so if you ever find yourself needing to revert back to dry food I would give those flavours a go. From what I hear in the dog park not many dogs turn their nose up at a can of sardines. And fresh kangaroo is probably easier for me to get because I'm from Australia. Also, I only feed Mayo once a day in the evening, when the humans are having dinner. She doesn't ask for food during the day. But I don't know what life stage, activity level and health condition your Jasmine is in so that might not be practical for you.
  5. Mayo with her swan! Yep. That's swan stuffing all over the floor. Haha.
  6. I don't have any advice, but just wanted to say that the husky/lab cross doesn't sound very attached to the humans at all! My full husky can be quite aloof with humans, but always watches us closely at the dog park, and if we move too far away (for example to throw her poop in the bin), she would immediately run after us. That half lab sounds more husky than my full husky! And now back to people with helpful advice. :P
  7. I think @PaulG meant they could have got it immediately after the incident if they were informed there and then, not now! I don't think the morning after injection would do anything when she's actually pregnant. :)
  8. We'll be travelling for a week after our wedding at the end of the year, and have been quite worried about this! If Olaf would act like that in only 3 days... Mayo was adopted from the shelter; we're worried that if we board her she'd think she's being abandoned for the second time! We might look into getting a house- and petsitter to soften the blow.
  9. Australia is trying to bring in the sugar tax as well but it's met with resistance. But yes, definitely watch out for peanut butter ingredients list. Ideally it shouldn't have anything but peanuts. #TeamNaturalPeanutButter
  10. The only peanut butter I ever buy are the "natural" ones. If you're not used to them, they look weird and off because it comes with a separate oily layer on top that you need to stir through. Both we and our pup deserve better -- buy natural peanut butter, not sugar/sweetener- and salt-laden peanut butter!
  11. Seeing as how my husky would for many weeks follow the rules perfectly and consistently, and one day she would just decide to test our boundaries... So unless your cat flap is much smaller than what your husky could possibly squeeze through, your pocket pets could survive for a good few months, and one day they could be gone.
  12. Mine doesn't mind being cuddled too much unless she's tired. When she's very sleepy, she pulls her head away or gets up and walks away when we try to touch her. She definitely still loves to be very close to us. We tried to get her to sleep in the lounge room in the beginning, and that night she cried and almost tore down the door trying to get near our bedroom. She sleeps right outside our bedroom in the corridor now.
  13. Mayo has a hot spot on her paw that's healing with the vet's prescription, but another one started up nearby probably from her constant licking. While it's true that the weather has been more humid than usual, I wonder now if she could have zinc deficiency... Does any of you use supplements, and how do you feed it? Would it be easier to feed lozenges for humans (checking ingredients list thoroughly, of course) instead of tablets?