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  1. That's despicable! I'm not a huge fan of cats but I don't go around harming them! Will the knowledge of the potential rat poison help with the vet's diagnosis and treatment?
  2. I collected my first dog. I can't believe I'm already approaching many paws. :'(
  3. I think she's a pure but whatever she is she's definitely adorable! One of our dog park regular huskies has eyes exactly like hers!
  4. Great work! Your Christmas was significantly more productive than mine! (When I saw the "shed" tag next to "grooming", I thought this thread would be about shedding.)
  5. Yay! Congratulations! I voted for Amy!
  6. Happy gotcha day (which I just found out is a thing? Haha)!
  7. Such a handsome boy! We also went to the dog park on New Year's Eve, and were surprised to find quite a few regulars there. We joked that we had no friends and lives, hahaha.
  8. No, Mayo, you can't have that!
  9. I often wondered if these services ask for a photo or breed information of the dog! I was semi-contemplating trying one of these because I wanted to find out if there's a bit of something else in Mayo that made her so big, but... maybe it isn't worth it.
  10. So tiny next to those giant gifts! <3
  11. My dream husky is a female black husky with blue eyes. Mayo is almost like that, but had far more black than a regular husky and her undercoat is very grey. Didn't stop us from adopting her from the shelter! I don't know exactly what markings I like, only that there are some I don't. Happy to say that I think my Mayo has a very beautiful face. In short, I got my dream husky!
  12. Hello from the future!
  13. You have a bunch of very spoilt pups! I hope they appreciate their presents! For Christmas, our Mayo will get to spend a lot of time with us. Or is that our present?
  14. I discovered that site after deciding on the Australian brand Meals for Mutts. Was quite a relief to see that they agree that it was high quality!
  15. Probably because humans can't be trusted to control and clean up after their dogs!