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  1. My first husky (also my first and current dog) is a rescue and came fully (house)trained, and is quite food-motivated. I have however read from a few adoption profiles that some huskies just aren't interested in treats. So be prepared!
  2. It sounds like the first step is to make sure *your family* listens to you! Huskies aren't a breed out to please you. Can you stop your family if you catch them in the act, or do you only ever find out after the fact?
  3. Work laptop (Windows) if at work. Home laptop (Windows) or desktop (also Windows) if at home and depending on which room I'm in. I don't access the forums through my phone.
  4. Is it me or does something look really off with the teeth? Optical illusion?
  5. And what's your husky's taste preference?
  6. If you're decided on a husky, I would strongly recommend adopting an older husky for your first dog. Our husky is also our first. At 7.5 years old, her being overweight and at the time hot summer when we first got her, she still had very very high energy levels. A younger husky could be way too much for a novice dog parent, even if there are 4 of you. As for your apartment, how do you intend to do the toileting part? Dog poop is very smelly!
  7. More questions to ask are: How high are your fences? Do you have things piled near the fences that will allow your husky to climb? Will your husky be able to dig under the fence? Do your neighbours have small animals that might wander into your yard? My husky is not vocal at all apart from just before dinner. She's never howled and when we first got her, my neighbours were more worried about her attacking their small dogs than her noise. She's never been aggressive either so we got lucky. But we do have a decent-sized yard.
  8. My vet nurse friend also does this with her dogs and cats! Mayo is probably a bit too old to donate blood, but if I ever get a younger dog in the future and their blood type is rare, I'll definitely donate. I'd been a regular human plasma donor myself, until they thought my white blood cell count was too low.
  9. Hahaha. Usually if I just throw something she doesn't care. If she picks it up and asks me to throw it I get two! 🤣
  10. My Mayo fetches twice and loses interest hahaha.
  11. Welcome! My husky has NEVER howled! 😮
  12. Congrats! That's a great pic! I voted for it!
  13. I adopted my husky from a shelter when she was 7, who turned out to be super lovely best pup ever, so I don't have any advice for a young husky. I just wanted to pop in to say that well done on doing all the research and preparing to ask all the questions! If it works for you in the end, the husky would really appreciate that you're home with him all the time! Good luck! I have an IKEA Livlig too! ❤️ It's mine, though, not my husky's.
  14. She's 7 months old so I assume you have bought dry food for puppies. On your food package there should be a feeding guide, including information such as ME/kg, ME/cup or g/cup, as well as how much to feed a puppy aged e.g. 6-12 month weighing 20-25kg. I would follow the guide. They tend to be on the high side of energy for adult huskies, but since your pup is too thin, you probably don't have to worry about it. I checked my favourite brand and the calculation comes up to feeding a pup like yours close to 2000kcal a day. After she hits 12 months of age though they suggest only about half of it. So if they've been feeding your pup based on the adult calculations, that could explain why she's a bit thin. Wow! You have 5 other dogs! 😮
  15. There's a cat in one of the photos! How's the husky pup been with the cat?

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